Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Whip It!

With fall officially here and the temps officially cool I can now reclaim the creepy woods from the bugs and overgrown foliage of summer. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the summer as long as it's not too hot and humid, but the bugs really drive me nuts. Anyone whose ever trekked through the creepy woods in summer knows what I'm talking about. But today I was able to get out one of my fav garden tools. The ginormous weed whacker (or whipper) that eats all the over grown weeds and spits them out like butter....I should have taken a before, but here's the after: Eddy is heaven. I didn't get a shot of him running like a little kid (pup) in a candy (milk bone treat) store, but take my word for it....he was one happy dude! Me too! I enjoyed getting the paths cleared and I'm looking forward to some nice little hikes out here.

But I don't enjoy this: If you look close you will see a huge hole that I found with bees coming out and some honeycomb laying at the entrance. I don't know if any animal dug this and tried to evict the bees, but I think the bees won. This is a huge hole. We hate to kill the bees but It might come to that.... What do you think? Should we or shouldn't we. They aren't bothering us, but I do worry one of my Grand kiddos will walk up here and find it. The cold will come and probably take care of it for us. So in the mean time I guess I'll just stay away.
Man, this is a big hole! I don't know if I'm more worried about the bees or what actually dug this sucker out!
Look deep in the hole....those are bees...bzzzzzzzzzz!


Beth said...

Looks great! Taking walks now will be so fun. We had 2 underground bee nests this year. I didn't see one of them until after I got stung 3 times. NOT FUN! I never remember bee stings hurting so much but they sure did it was almost 2 months before the redness, itching and swelling was gone. I vote for getting rid of the bees so no grandbabies get stung. By the way the nest in our front yard was dug out like yours by none other than a SKUNK. The skunk got all the bees finally a use for those stinky things. Have a great week!

Donna said...

I vote to leave them alone. When I stepped into a ground nest ...up by the mailbox...they got me and dove into my clothes...which I shed screaming on the way down to the garage! Not sure what all the neighbors saw or thought but come to think of it they haven't really talked to me lately...hahahaha!
The pic of your purple path is beautiful!!!

Christina said...

I vote to leave them alone, too. Like you said, the winter will get rid of the problem...in a safe way. :) We're hanging out with your kiddos on Saturday!