Monday, October 12, 2009

Faces and Places

My post is a bit backwards....I guess I'll do places first! After I made breakfast for the kiddos and they left for home, Jack and I hit the road to go to a fun festival that's held every year in Butler Ohio...The Prairie Peddler.
It's a fun walk in the woods with crafts and food booths and demonstrators and lots of things for kids old and young to enjoy.
Music is played by various artists all over the place.
We ran into these characters: Terry and Bryn. Bryn and I used to go every year and then we took our husbands one year, they liked it too, and now we gave up going together and go with our hubbies instead!
Sorry Jack, cash for clunkers is over!
After the Peddler we headed off to the apple orchard for some freshly picked, juicy apples to take home...Yummy!
What follows are the faces of silly grandkiddos:
Please make some breakfast YaYa....
Thanks! (this is a early morning funny face of Summer's)
Cameron, you look lovely as a girl...he found Summer's Halloween costume wig!
How pathetic he looks....Cam tries out his "fish lips" look:
Saturday morning I woke up to these bandits making crazy faces in the hopes I'd make some pancakes...well YaYa came through and pancakes were had by all! Good thing we had a hearty feast because the day was busy, full and fun!

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Donna said...

MMMM! I can smell the wonderfulness of Prairie Peddler just sitting here! It was nice to see Bryn and Terry. The kid pics you got were great!! You do fun Fall weekends!!!