Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday Lasagna

Sunday I made lasagna and a few cute friends dropped by to sample it...again with the funny faces for food!
Addy seems to have something on her mind that she would share if only she could talk a little clearer...Maybe she's saying "Look how cute my Mom and Dad are in this pic!"
Or maybe she's wondering who this little diva is?
After lasagna it's a good time for popsickles...
I must show you one of the things I bought at the Prairie Peddler on Sat. It' s a pumpkin holder...I bet you wish you had one too! Looks like a spider and it found a great spot next to my little witch.
It was a perfect night for a fire. Phil, aren't you just a bit chilly?
Jack makes a great fire every time. All that boy scout training I bet. Eddy just wants to help too.
Ahhh, just sit back and enjoy the heat. Soon all the roasting sticks come out and the marshmellows get nice and gooey.
Eddy is hoping for a morsel to drop his way.
Addy got bundled up in a zillion layers, but she is walking so good and had a fun time outside.
The food was good, the company was fun, and the fire was delightful....a great way to end the weekend.


Donna said... your house!!! It always looks fun at your house near Halloween!! I LOVE right over....

Donna said...

P.S. Love your bright, white kitchen...looks great!

Donna said...

Look at these times...ha! I wrote the first one at 6:33 (says 3:33)this morning and the second at 5:31(says 2:31)...must be on Pacific time...Gee, I think I wish I was there...

Phil and Amanda said...

I love all the pictures! I can't help but look at the goofy pictures of my kids and wonder where they get that!? Must be their dad. ;-) You think Phil should be chilly?...I just got chills looking at Jack still in a T-shirt! That was such a fun night! Glad we got to do all the parents' house party hoppin'. ♥