Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trick or Treat Night Polk Style

We headed to Polk to see the kiddos get dressed up for trick or treat in their neighborhood. Anthony was Darth Vader (minus the mask)...with both front teeth missing he should have gone as a jack-o-lantern!
I guess even Superman needs help sometimes getting his cape on. Let's face it, phone booths are so yesterday.
Oops! The caped crusader gets a to-be-sure before heading out the door.
Steph made a yummy dinner and this cute number was dessert...dirty dessert to be exact. Made into a grave yard, it's the perfect ending to a halloween trick or treat night.
Look at these scary characters waiting for the festivities to begin. PawPaw stayed behind to hand out candy while we hit the sidewalk for all the treats!
Summer and her friend Tiffany were eager to get going.
Cameron takes 5 to check out his haul. His little legs did great for the hour we were out.
Hey, didn't I see you guys last year???
Can you guess what this is? Did you know Amish trick or treat? Well, they don't but I caught this buggy heading for home during the all craziness and I have to laugh when I look at this pic. It looks like electric lights on the back! Just my weird camera I guess.
After a bath Superman checks out his you know what's really under his cape! It was a perfect night for trick or treat and I can't believe how time goes so fast. Wasn't I just doing this with my own kiddos? Well, Grandkiddos are the best. I get to go home and don't have to deal with the candy high tomorrow! Happy Halloween everyone!


Donna said...

Loved the pic of Jack (PawPaw) sitting on the steps w the boys!! All the kids are getting so big! Polk looks like an adventure for sure! That dinner was too cute, especially the dirty dessert...impressive! Summer looks like a teen...I guess that's because she is nearly there! Your Halloweens are always fun!!

SummerStarkey21 said...

hey yaya, i cant figure out how to change my background on my do you?