Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Going, Going....

Almost gone: The colors of fall are fading fast and I wanted to capture some of the beautiful colors here at the Pines. Not everything here is "pine green"! We have some yummy reds :
Sweet orange on a pumpkin I grew in our own garden!
The browns and yellows down by the creek:
Eddy is one of the browns down by the creek....hey Ed, is that a "kitty" you're checking out???
Yellows against a pretty blue sky
Some of the trees here are bare as a baby's bottom, while others cling to their leaves for as long as possible.
These two dogwoods are side by side...one bare, the other still full of color. This has been a really good fall for leaf color and I hope you've enjoyed your yard and area as much as we've enjoyed it here. Sigh....can't fall just last a bit longer?


Kent and Leisy said...

It stresses me out every morning I wake up and see that more of the leaves have fallen. I just hate seeing the amazing trees turn into barren twigs. At least once the snow arrives- I feel like things get pretty again.

Donna said...

The artist in you is coming out!!! Your place is always pretty... and you are right, the colors are amazing right now. Today it was raining leaves though and tonight the trees are mostly bare.
That Ed...he looks like a hunter and it's that time of year...go get 'em!

Brittany said...

What beautiful photos!! I miss the Ohio fall with trees lining the streets changing colors.

Miss jane said...