Monday, October 19, 2009

Road Trip!

Friday afternoon Jack and I hit the high road for New York...he had a seminar and I went along for the ride and a nice quiet weekend. We drove all night through misty, drizzly rain and even some snow, but made it safe and sound. After sleeping like logs, Jack headed off to his class and I took a look outside the hotel to see what the weather was like...hmmm, sort of dreary, but atleast no rain!

After a pic of the messy hotel room, I headed off the to a fav spot for a bit of breakfast..the Whole Foods Market. Mmmm, some Greek yogurt with strawberries and a scone. Just the ticket to get me energized for a hike to the big mall across the street.

After a few hours of non shopping...yes, I really did not buy a thing, I just walked and walked around this huge, 4 story mall... I returned to a wonderfully clean room. Where is this staff when I'm at home? Oh, I guess that would be me! That's pretty much how the weekend went...eating, walking, reading, napping, walking..well, you get the picture. It was nice and after the seminar was over Sunday afternoon we headed out of the big city. Over the big bridge:Down the city highway and through a bit of New Jersey and then into Pennsylvania where we drove until we couldn't stand it anymore and stopped for the night. When we got up this morning, the rain was gone and the sun was shining and the view was this: Very beautiful the whole ride home! This was what we missed driving all night!Don't pull stunts like taking pics of yourself and the driver while driving over scenic bridges...not that we would ever do something like that! Hey, I'm ready for another road trip!!


Donna said...

Sounds like a great time! You and Jack are too cute, butttt, that pic of you first thing in the morning made me laugh out look better coming in at the butt crack of dawn to the OR every day...sorry!!! Really it looks scenic and was a good getaway for the two of you on Sweetest weekend!

Beth said...

I love the pictures! PA is lovely this time of year! I always loved going back in the fall to see Randy's family. Looks like you two had a good time you make everything fun that is one of your special gifts! Keep enjoying the fall, I'll see you in a couple of weekends!

Phil and Amanda said...

The pictures are beautiful...ya know, the day time sunny ones. How could you resist the temptation of buying something(s)in such a huge mall!? You're a much stronger woman than me. ;-)