Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our excellent adventure

After a few hours of catching up with all the family news we all went to bed and got ready for a Friday full of Ashland adventures...starting with a quick flower demo from Midge. She's very talented! She gathered a bunch of weeds from the Pines, added the orange and purple flowers from the grocery store and PRESTO: two beautiful arrangements for our tables. Thanks so much Midge!
Then it was off to one of my fav places, the Parsely Pot for cute and smell good items. Don't you love their little friend?
We also went to a few other places that were fun and of course to Jack's office for some good Chiro care for their backs.
On Saturday we headed down to Malabar Farm for Heritage days. Unfortunately the rain headed down too! We sprung for some souvenior rain jackets and weathered the storms.
Luckily many of the attractions were indoors so we could enjoy stuff without drowning!
The horse drawn wagons had covers too so we could get all over the beautiful grounds without getting muddy or soaked.
Jack was sweet enough to go with us to drive and make sure we didn't get into too much trouble.
Saturday night Jackie, Phil and the grandkiddos came for some pizza and icecream and to visit with Great Grandma.

They enjoyed seeing how all the kids have grown and changed.
Too soon it was time for last pics and hugs and goodbyes. We had fun despite the weather. We laughed and just enjoyed the parent, kid relationship that has matured into adult-parent relationship. Mom did great. She's always up for anything. I'm very grateful for a wonderful sister that is like a best friend.

So long you two crazy kids! Thanks for flying the friendly skies and visiting with us. LOVE YOU!


Donna said...

Looks like it was a great visit and lots of fun dispite the all, always have so much to talk about and giggle about...neat!

Christina said...

O.k., so all three of you look so much alike! I'm jealous that you got to go to the Parsley Pot. That is one of my fav stores. Glad you had fun with the fam!

Amy and Craig said...

Looks like you all had a fun weekend! Wish we were there!

Amy and Craig said...

looks like a fun visit. I'm so sorry we missed it. Maybe we won't have to miss too many more!