Monday, September 14, 2009

Curtain Call

Yes, you may kiss the cook under the condition you don't have any diseases....I really don't have time for sickness.... I like this little sign for over my cupboards.
I needed just a little curtain cover for the kitchen and I bought this cute material and had my good friend Donna sew them up for me.... they give just the right amount of punch!
Here's a darker view...with only 2 windows that's the way it usually is in my kitchen.
This number goes right over my door. Thanks Donna for whipping these up so fast! I had some issues with my computer but now can finally post again after Donna gave me a good pointer for loading my pics again. She's so stinkin' smart! That's the kind of friend to have!


Donna said...


Beth said...

I love them. Donna is talented. I love the kitchen. It feels so good to do some decorating. I'm going to start a guest room soon I'm excited to do some decoracting too. I'll try to post some pictures as I work. Have a great day!

Phil and Amanda said...

I'm lovin' the curtains! Good job Donna! I REALLY need to learn to sew.

I want to start making my own clothes...seriously.

Amy and Craig said...

super cute toile!! I was going to do that print in our "guest room" that is now Katie's room since sophie came along. Love it!

donna said...

You kitchen looks so nice. I guess it's really been a long time since I've visited. Too bad about that!

Your friend Donna does beautiful work.