Thursday, February 11, 2016

What Will You Do With The Rest Of Your Life?

There are different times in life when the question of what you're going to do in the future comes up.  Getting ready to go into high school you usually have to make decisions about classes that will get you into college.  College comes and you have to major in one thing or another and sometimes that changes before graduation.  Maybe college isn't in the cards and now you will have to choose a trade or job that will support you and perhaps a family.  It goes on and on until one day you're getting close to the choices that will take you to the final days.  I find myself wondering how I'll feel when I'm swiping my badge that lets me into the secret elevator that takes me to surgery for the final time.  When I put my password into the computer that records my in and out time for work for the last time.  Will I find another job perhaps? Will I sit in a rocker and let my joints go stiff?  Travel? Blog?  I'm still pondering those decisions.  Today our newspaper ran a lovely story of a beautiful lady that goes to our Church.  I think I may have mentioned this in a previous post. Estelle is 94 years young and has published her first book.
It's not a subject that most would think of writing about.  Weeds...not the kind that will get you into trouble if you smoke them (ha!)...but the kind that you can find in nature, eat and also make medicinal uses.  Estelle is a Southern lady from Eastern Kentucky..Little Mud Creek.  Love that name! She still has that twang that says I'm from the south and I'm sassy! She's got beautiful red hair and always has her makeup on perfectly and dresses to the nines as they say. She grew up learning about nature and weeds and flowers that can be used for many purposes and decided to put all that knowledge into book form.  You can find it on  She sure doesn't look or act her age, although I'm not sure if there is a typical way anyone should act at 94. It's just our simple knowledge of what we think that age requires.  Estelle isn't sitting around letting the moss grow on her..she's out hiking trails looking for the moss to make into something delicious!  With the success of this first book she's now starting her second book.  I saw her at Wal-Mart today and begged her for her autograph..I got a big smile and a hug instead!  Age is a funny animal.  In surgery I see folks who are young but have neglected their health and look much older and frankly won't see old age.  Sometimes genetics and plain bad luck also have a role.  I guess my point is I hope I don't think that once I reach a certain time in life that choices and adventures and new experiences and even writing, or painting or creating has to stop.  God willing...and the creek don't rise...I hope I can be like Estelle.  I hope I can slide into those golden years with determination, good health, and my mascara in place! Maybe I'll blog about it! 


joeh said...

God bless her, and I say she is 94 years old. I tell people I've earned the "Old" thing. When they tell you you are "XX" years YOUNG, it is a sure sign that you are actually really old.

You are right about that acting your age thing, the best part of getting old is not worrying about what other people think...well within reason.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa!

I have no doubt that you will be just like Estelle, who reminds me of Margaret Schneider, "The Oldest Living Dell Rat," soon to be 104 years of age. At the age of 100, Margaret was still mowing her lawn with a walk-behind mower. She actually looked forward to it! Around the same time, she began dictating her memoirs to daughter Kathleen. As you know, the chapters of Margaret's life and stories of her youth at the Shady Dell early in the 20th century became Kathleen's guest blogger series In-Dell-ible Memories.

We all need a reason to get out of bed in the morning. I choose to have many reasons. I know you are the type of person who will remain curious about your world and eager to keep learning and growing. I selfishly hope that you will choose to keep blogging because I would miss you bitterly if I couldn't visit you and your family at the Pines every week.

Have a wonderful weekend and Valentine's Day, dear friend YaYa!

betty said...

That is so neat!!! I'm glad Estelle took the plunge and wrote a book and then was able to get it published in this season for her life! She seems like such a delightful woman too :)

I can't imagine myself ever retiring completely; I'm not sure how I would fill my days; still want to be a bit productive, but still thinking about what to do, but thankfully have at least 9 years to consider such ventures :)


gin said...

Wonderful role model Estelle! Though I'll never probably publish a book, I do covet her other activities at her age. I just hope and pray I make it to the 90's with as much energy as she.

Rick Watson said...

As someone who turned in their badge after 33 years I can tell you it's as a feeling like no other. After telling my friends and coworkers goodbye. That final walk to the parking lot was filled with emotion.
I thought I'd simply fly fish and work around the house until my toes turned up, but after 5 years, I longed to do something else...something meaningful.
I lucked out with this part time job with the college helping older folks get jobs. I love it and it gives me a chance to help people which is a lot of fun. I also wrote books too, but you already knew that.
Your friends' book sounds like one we'd enjoy.

Kerri said...

How neat that Estelle wrote a book at 94! And you're right....everyone needs a reason to get out of bed in them morning. I think the key is to find things you really love doing....which makes life all the more fun. And like the far far will not be "sitting around" either! :)

selvageedge said...

I bought Estelle's book, and it's amazing the number of weeds she knows about and uses. She's full of fun stories and sass.

As for you, when you retire some day, I hope that you also write a cookbook. You have lots of super things to share!

Julia said...

Estelle sounds like a wonderful lady and I bet her book sound interesting only you didn't mentioned what the name of the book was.

I have so many interests that I don't worry about what I will do if and when I retire. I might be sitting in a rocking chair but not for long unless it's for knitting or rocking a baby. lol.

I'm not worried about you either because whatever you do, I'm sure it will be as successful as what you're doing right now. You have many great talents.
Have a great weekend.

rosaria williams said...

You'll be just fine at your next stage, which can be a very long one. Planning is good; and jumping in is good too. Thirteen years into my retirement, I can tell you that some people, like myself, missed my work, found it hard to give it up, but the plunge had to occur for my husband. So, I followed his lead. Give yourself permission to pursue the things you love, the hobbies and passions you have had no time to pursue. Most important, take your time in making decisions; what's the rush?

Susan Anderson said...

Sounds like Estelle is one cool lady!


Laurie said...

Great story about Estelle! I'm sure you will be active well into your old age. The good thing about retirement is that you don't have to choose how to spend it now. Just let it take you.... Something tells me you'll have plenty to do.


I have several elderly neighbors. One, Dorothy, shocked me when she said she was 93. Amazing. Of course she has neither husband or children. WHich may be why she looks so young. She too keeps herself together. Some days more than I! We share stories and food. I cook and Dorothy doesn't. So I share. When she buys something special she shares. I believe Yaya that staying young is in our hearts. WE can do anything we choose to do. Yes, stay creative and continue to help people as you already do with your nursing. You'll have a new life when you retire. Maybe you'll do all you said. Travel, blog, write, paint. Who knows. But let's both keep our mascara always on. Until I can no longer hold that little brush!!!

Munir said...

Congratulations to Estelle and God Bless her. Like Barbara here says, we can do anything that we want to do.
My mom did not make more than a couple of months after her sixty fifth birthday. I am sixty five and from next year I say will be my bonus years. I am still working even though part time, I feel good about being active. How ever, I am ready for anything because I have multiple health issues. I refuse to let them slow me down and my doctor is great. She is very encouraging.
I know that your photography is very vivid and natural. I don't know what you would like to do, but definitely I enjoy some of the photos you post.
Whatever you do, I hope that you get pleasure out of it and I am sure you will enrich your family with it. The best thing I understand from this post of yours is that we can do any thing we want to regardless of age.