Monday, February 1, 2016


Holy Guacamole! It's February! It's the shortest month of the year! It's full of hearts, flowers, and chocolate!  Ok, no more !!!! points...It's also full of Lincoln, and Washington....and me..(later this month)   I'm pretty sure Mother Nature thinks it's April.  This past weekend we had sunny skies and temps that almost hit 60de.  Wow.  Here's what last year looked like at this time:
Deck was covered and so was the yard.
These little dudes were nose deep looking for a snack.  This was today:
Sunny skies again and not a spot of a flake...except for me. 
Up toward the Creepy Woods the grass may be brownish and patchy but I'm OK with that.  It's been delightful, like a little gift.  February can be a stinker.  It may be short on days but sometimes it's long on bad weather.  We'll see how this goes and enjoy each nice day as it comes.  It's getting closer to Spring.  Daylight is hanging on a bit longer.  This month marks 8 years of blogging for me.  It's a leap year and I posted my first post on February 29, 2008.  I'll be working on getting my blog book for 2015 done and published.  I'm hanging in there with my blog for this year. I probably won't post as much as in the past but then again it could turn out to be the busiest and most exciting year ever....let's just wait and see and welcome the groundhog tomorrow as he tells us if we're in for 6 more weeks of Winter. If the next 6 weeks are anything like the past 6 weeks I may use many more !!!!!  Welcome February!
Chubbs doesn't care if it's sunny or snowy...he just loves being outdoors!


Munir said...

In some parts of the East coast people still lots of snow left from the blizzard of last week. We just lucked out in upstate NY. Those photos that you posted look. Very professional. Thanks for Sharing.

acorn hollow said...

We were in the 50's so spring like I love it and that little dog is just darling.

Kay G. said...

This past weekend, it was beautiful here but last weekend, it was cold and the winds made it like it was in the teens!
I bet you are happy to not see the snow! Happy February to you, if this is your birthday month, it makes me love the month all the more! :-)

Stacy Crawford said...

I went to work with no coat today...loving the weather.

betty said...

We had snow today; started out last night with rain and a thunder and lightening storm; then somewhere in the night it turned to snow, so roads were icy this morning. Kids had a snow day :)

Good that you guys are having a mild winter so far; I knew in years past it was brutal, so nice this year is giving you a bit of a break.

How fun that you started blogging on Leap Year Day back then!


Sweet Tea said...

So far it seem to be a mild winter for most (not all) but we know
that winter's not over. Looks like Chubbs is doing well in his new
digs. Congrat's for 8 yrs of blogging. So fun to look back and
see all the happenings.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa!

Hooray for Chubbs and hooray for an Ohio winter that's been gentle as a lamb so far. Did the Yeti in the Creepy Woods ask to use your pool? :) Did he ask you to rub sunscreen on his back? :) I hope your mild weather lucky streak continues all the way to spring. I too am eager to hear what the whistle pig has to say tomorrow. Here in Florida a prognostication of six more weeks of winter means six more weeks of perfect beach days. You started your blog five months before I started mine. Congratulations on reaching the eight year mark. That's longer than most marriages! Please let us know when your birthday comes around so that we can make our wishes.

Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Yaya!

Julia said...

Congratulations on your blog anniversary. I'm glad you're staying with blogger. I don't blog as much either but it's still a time consuming hobby. I'm having fun printing mine as it bring back so many memories. The comments are really uplifting and they energize me.

It's great comparing the winter photos from one year to the next. We still have snow but we're in a thaw right now.

Oh I forgot all about Mr Groundhog. We're supposed to have a sunny day tomorrow so were supposed to get 6 more weeks of winter. Oh well it's been a very mild winter so far. ^ weeks will go fast.


Rick Watson said...

Eight years! Wow! Time flies when you're having fun! I see what you mean about the exclamation points. I'm pretty shire I have your birthday on my calendar.
It was warm and blustery yesterday and 70degrees today with thunderstorms:(
Happy ground hog day.

Laurie said...

What a difference in last year and this one... I know you guys get sick of the cold and snow, but don't you think it's sad not to have any at all? It makes you wonder, with the climate changes and all, if this trend is here to stay. I hope not.

If I remember correctly, you share my mama's birthday. Happy Birthday, a bit early!

Susan Anderson said...

I started my blog around the same time as you. Mine was the summer of 2008. Of course, I don't post as much, but I'm not a bit ready to quit, either. Glad you are one of those who has stayed around!

February is a big birthday month for us now. Karin's twins turn 1 on the 12th, and her own birthday is the 27th. Lots to celebrate!


rosaria williams said...

Happy 8th! Way to go, almost a decade, and counting. I keep saying the same thing, that it is time to move on, but then, here I am, happy and cozy in the knowledge that with a click of a mouse I can reach more people in one sitting than all the times I went dancing...
I have appreciated meeting so many interesting folks via blogging. I bet you feel the same way.Here is to many more!

Kerri said...

8 years of! You can't quit must keep going!

My birthday is February too! What a boring month February is! I feel like I should be a summer birthday! :)

Kim said...

I can see my lawn too. Unlike last year on this date when we had it covered by almost 4 feet of snow!

Becky Jerdee said...

Congrats on your great Ohio weather and eight years of blogging! I get the urge to close my blog every now and then...I think I've been at it about the same amount of time as you have but feel myself flagging, posting less and less, feeling as if I have nothing more to say...but, then, like Rosaria, I come back with some small idea because I don't exactly want to leave this part of the world behind...
Mr. Groundhog says we'll have a shorter winter this time. :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Yep..Phil says we can expect an early Springtime..
Thank you for stopping by and nudging me out of my reverie. I have been a terrible blogger, I know. Not even visiting and when I was sparatic. Anyway, I'm here and it was so nice to see once again the beautiful area you live in.
You have been a wonderful blogger friend..and I appreciate you. Just wanted to tell you that. Big hugs..
Yes..this could be one heck of a year! :):)

selvageedge said...

You are my blogging inspiration, so I'm glad you're not giving it up. I haven't been very good about updating this year; I need to get going with it.

I'm loving this winter. 50 degrees and windy right now--I'm tempted to pull out the kites!