Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Sunday

You'll notice I didn't write "Superbowl Sunday" on the title of this post.  That's because I don't watch football...even for the commercials!  I know many will be glued to the TV, cheering on their teams and enjoying great snacks.  The snack part I can get behind but I'll hold out for Downton Abbey tonight.  I do love that show and will be very sad to see it end this year.   I have every confidence in PBS to find us another good show!  Anyway, it's been a Super Sunday and also we had a Super Saturday.  The weather has been so fabulous. I know it's ending tonight and snow and cold are coming our way this week...I will hold on to the memories of this weekend to get me through.  50 degree temps, sunshine, a fun Church gathering, and some family visitors to make it all good.  Saturday night we had our annual "Cheap Nite Out" at Church.  That used to involve a chili cook off and skit night.   Our friends and Ward Mission Leaders, Stacy and Kyle, changed it up this year.  It was bring a comfort food and game night instead.  Everyone brought some food and they brought the games.  I didn't take many pics but I did get a few of the cookie game. 
The contestants had to put a cookie on their foreheads and get the cookie into their mouths without using hands.
A few contortions and smooth moves...
A bit of cookie crumbs to the eyes and finally a winner...I just didn't get the wining move but I'm thinking it was this Missionary....(he's new and I can't remember his name..sorry!) It was a fun night.  Jack and I were contestants in the "Not so newly wed game"...and we won...yes, we know each other pretty well...yes, we may or may not have cheated...either way we would have won!  Anyway, it was fun time. Then  came Super Sunday.  Again a beautiful day and guess who came to visit.
Eddy!  He hadn't been over in a while and we've missed him.  I met up with him and Jordan on some walks so he could meet Chubbs but they never were together in our house until today.
Chubbs is looking like he's not sure they should be friends....but thankfully both dogs are super friendly towards humans and dogs alike.
They played outdoors and inside just fine.  Unfortunately, Eddy did a bit too much running outdoors and was hurting in his hip.  He's not used to flying around like the old days when he lived here.  In town he's on a leash for his walks.  I hope he's feeling Ok tonight.  Jack will go over and give him an adjustment and Jordan is doing some other things for his hip pain.  It's not pretty getting older...for man or beast!  Anyway, if you're cheering for a particular team...good luck...if  not, I hope you've had a Super Sunday anyway!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

Happy Super Sunday to you, dear friend! This is the post I've been waiting for - Eddy and Chubbs in the same room at the same time. I am very happy to know that they got along but sad to know that Eddy hurt his leg running around the Pines. I hope he gets some relief one way or another. He certainly is getting gray. It's sad to remember that a larger breed dog has a shorter life span. I hope his remaining years are happy and as comfortable as possible.

I am delighted to know that your nice weather is hitting on the weekends. What a break that is! The weather has been wild down here - windy and cold for days. I love it, though! It was nice to see pictures of the fun and wacky games at the Church.

Have a wonderful week ahead, dear friend YaYa!

Sweet Tea said...

Glad you've had some great weather to enjoy and hope the snowy blast doesn't last too very long. Enjoyed seeing the pooches together. It seems they did well...Fun times at your church. Congrat's on your win!

betty said...

How fun with the games played at church :) Always fun with gatherings like that :) Sweet that the dogs got along relatively well :) We did enjoy watching the Super Bowl but that's almost a tradition for us, so it was a Super Day :)


acorn hollow said...

I do love football but since our patriots didn't make it in we watched a bit and then to downton Abbey! I too will miss it so much. I am not liking that show they play after downton not even close.
we are in for snow later today, have a great week.

Rick Watson said...

I didn't watch the game either. I'm reading a book entitled The Life-changing magic of Tidying up. It's pretty interesting. We used to have parties when I was a kid when we played games like the cookie game. You guys seem to have a lot of fun with your church family.

Julia said...

Oh that cookie game sounds hilarious and so much fun for the crowd. You have a very fun church community.

I was wondering what happened to Eddy and I didn't dare ask. A of the sudden he was out of the picture. Sorry about his bad hip. He sound just like me. How about that, Jack is a chiropractor for the dog too.

I don't watch the Super Bowl either or even TV. Sorry your favourite show Downton Abbey is terminated. Many will miss it too.
Have a Super Week.

rosaria williams said...

Ah, another super bowl missed. Well, I didn't watch either, but I read about the entertainment and I wish I had seen it. You had plenty to do with all the visitors, men and beasts. As for us, a warm day demanded a walk on the beach. Yup, fresh air for us any time it stops raining. It's a game too. We start the day thinking of when we can walk; we bet; we argue; and then we wait for the rain to stop or not.

Nonnie said...

No Super Bowl here either. Just a good day and yes, Downton Abbey here too. I think PBS does have some good things coming, but DA has been one of my favorites, along with Poldark and Call the Midwife.
The party looks fun and we've played the cookie game before. It's much harder than you would think and much funnier to watch someone else. It's always nice when the dogs get along.

Karen Whittal said...

LOL love the photo's I bet they weren't to happy about how funny they looked, surprised they would even take part... must have been really awesome cookies

selvageedge said...

That cookie game looked tasty, guess we shouldn't have left early. It's not really cheating if the teacher gives you the test before hand, right? Just proactively doing your homework. ;) It wasn't surprising how well you and Jack did, but it was funny to see how few matching answers there were for the rest of our couples. Hairspray. I'm still chuckling!

Susan Anderson said...

I'm not a big football fan either, though all the members of my family are. I have really enjoyed Downtown Abbey, though, and will miss it greatly.

I like the idea of a comfort food potluck! Fun games, too.


Stacy Crawford said...

I love that pic of Elder Scoresby! It is awesome. I might copy those out if you don't mind.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

We didn't watch the Super Bowl. Everyone else in the family did. I bought the series of Downton Abby and watched it through to the end. I loved it but felt they rushed to the conclusions to quickly. And now that is that! I will miss it..but at least it will be at my fingertips when I want to revisit.
But of course you won the "not so newly wed" game. How could you not?