Sunday, February 28, 2016

Let's Celebrate!

It's been an incredible weekend.  I didn't go on any fancy trips, or win the lottery, but I was able to enjoy a fun, family and friend filled birthday celebration that started on Friday.  I'm on call this weekend and so far the surgery Gods have been kind and I was only called out's not over until Monday morning at 7am!  Friday I didn't have to be at the hospital but I had to take call from home starting at 7am.   My BFF, Miss Donna, decided to take the risk and treat me to a birthday lunch in hopes I'd be able to be there.  It all worked out and we had a lovely lunch at a wonderful spot here in Ashland called  "Bella Blue". 
It was a huge home in it's former life, but it's been renovated into a beautiful event center located on a small lake.  Please note the snow on the ground in this pic.  It will be a big contrast to the rest of the weekend! 
We don't often get the time to sit and chat and laugh and enjoy some one on one girl talk.  Donna is the sweetest thing going and I'm so glad we could spend lunch together. Thanks so much DJ for a fabulous time and her beautiful gift to me was such a surprise. However, the best part was the time we spent....priceless! Thanks so much!
The food was so yummy! Here's my desert...chocolate, sour cream cheese cake.  Wow.
I think Donna's cobbler was picture perfect and so was she!  Yes, I'm one of those nutty folks who will photograph food. Sorry!  Saturday came and so did warmer temps. Jack had seminars all day and I did errands, cleaning, some surgery work, dog walking, and prepared for a Sunday lesson I had to teach.  Thankfully one of my coworkers covered call on Sunday so I could teach that hour...Thanks Peg!  After Church I headed home to put on the ribs I had prepared along with some other goodies because my kids were coming around 3.  Jack got home from his seminar in Columbus around 2 and the weather really got super nice.  All sunny and in the 60's...perfect!
Flowers, gift card, jewelry, a Fitbit, and my favorite phone call from my Mom.  She always calls on our birthdays and tells us what the day was like when we were born. Today she said what she always says to me:  "Today is a day just like the day you were born!"  Love you Mom!  The weather was gorgeous and also very windy...perfect for kite flying. 
Anthony and Cameron getting them ready.
A little help from their Dad.
Oops....a big crash into the pines!
Oops...another crash into the trees.
The scary, silly Sponge Bob kite was the only one that made it back safe...figures!  Kites gave way to a ride to the woods.
Notice the short sleeves and lack of snow from the first pic?  What a glorious day! It ended with a phone call from my son in Oregon, and my Sister. Then our house guest for this week arrived....Eddy the Boxer!
Jordan has a business trip for the week and asked if we would dog sit. It's the first time they will be separated for that long.
Someone is a little sad.  Sharing us with Chubbs is confusing for them.  Luckily they are both good dogs and non aggressive.  I'm hoping by the end of the week they will be best buddies....Welcome back'll be OK!  I'm off tomorrow so I can be with them and make the transition a bit easier.  Also it's Leap Day...a freebie day....Spend it wisely!  Maybe I did win a lottery after all.  So many blessings in my life...Thanks everyone!


betty said...

Happy birthday! I love the custom of your mom calling you guys and telling about the day you were born:) Neat how the weather changed for the better too over the days and that you were able to enjoy a weekend on call without having too much to do to go into the hospital to take care of cases :)


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa!

I can finally wish you a happy birthday w/o jumping the gun by a full week. :) Just think, if your b-day was tomorrow you'd only be 15 or 16! I'll tell you this much. You could easily be mistaken for a teenager given how youthful and lovely you look in these pictures. You were indeed blessed to be able to celebrate over the weekend w/o having to run to the hospital every 5 minutes. You were doubly blessed to have nice weather and triply blessed to get a call from your dear mother and be surrounded by grandkiddos, your friend Donna (hi, Donna!) and to have Eddy back for a while. Did the Yeti take a seat around the family table?

Happy happy happy birthday, dear friend YaYa, and many many many more!

gin said...

Such a Happy Birthday filled with so much. You are blessed. It was my bday too. I'm thankful God gave me another year and fill blessed with a day filled with so much too. Chubbs and Eddy will probably give us a good story for this week.

acorn hollow said...

Happy Birthday sounds like a good one for sure those desserts look yummy

Kerri said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like your birthday weekend was perfect. My son has a fitbit and wears it everyday and is obsessed with it! Which, kind of confuses me because he is active and doesn't need to monitor all that. I, on the other hand could use one to get my butt moving! Let us know how you like it!

Rick Watson said...

I have your birthday programmed on my calendars or I knew it was your birthday. Sounds like you had a great time. I think you're going to enjoy the Fitbit. I got 12000 steps yesterday.
With your work, you probably get a lot of steps but on days you're off, is when it will come in handy.
Happy birthday and happy leap day today.

Julia said...

Happy Birthday Yaya, what a beautiful post filled to the brim with good things. I so love it when you include pictures of you and Donna. I really miss that girl...You are two very special ladies and you have enriched my lie so much and I'm sure everyone who comes into contact with the two of you would agree with me. You never seem to age. You got some very nice gifts.

Hugs for you and Donna.

Changes in the wind said...

Happy glad you were able to enjoy it!

Debby said...

Happy Birthday. Sounds like fun. Your hair looks really cute.

rosaria williams said...

Happy, happy day! Glad to see you two having a great lunch and a enviable dessert. That's what friends are for.

joanne said...

uh-oh did I miss it? Well, have a wonderful day filled with joy and another bite of that lovely cheesecake!

Susan Anderson said...

Looks like a great birthday, and it's so much fun hearing about Donna. I miss her blogging!

The pictures of you both are darling.

And my grandkids love flying a kite, especially at the beach where the trees don't get in the way.