Sunday, February 21, 2016

Oh To Be 14

Do you remember what it was like to be 14?  Thinking back to that time I remember 14 as being such an in-between stage.  Finally a teen the year before but now it's that time before driving and, in my parents home, the time before dating.   Today is my Grandson, Anthony's, birthday.  He's that ripe old age of 14.  We gathered yesterday at a recreation center to help him celebrate.  Many of his friends were there and they played basketball and were able to go swimming.  There was a nice room to gather for pizza and snacks and also birthday cake and're never too old for that are you?
Nope, it's all good! Anthony is such a sweet kiddo..he probably wouldn't like those terms used to describe him, but I was impressed how he immediately came up to Jack and I as we entered the room and gave us a hug...right in front of all his buddies.  He also did the same after opening his gifts..came over to thank us and give us another hug...right in front of his buddies.  Many 14yr olds would be embarrassed to do that.
The kids spent the last hours in the pool. 
One side was for little ones....also bigger ones like Cameron who stayed on that side to toss a ball over to the guys in the other pool...
They had a great time and I heard the whistle blow from the life guard a few times too! I know how rambunctious boys can get after raising 4!  Made me think that wouldn't it be nice if we had a life guard who followed our kids around and could blow a whistle every time they got in over their heads or needed some help?  But then they wouldn't learn to navigate this world on their own and learn from those mistakes.  Hopefully Anthony won't need any whistles but he'll always have a super loving family to cheer him on and wish him only the best.  We love you! Happy 14th Birthday Buddy!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

Happy birthday to grandkiddo Anthony! When I was 14 in 1964, the Beatles were the big story, changing Western civilization forever. I wonder what Anthony would say if somebody asked him to name the biggest headline of his life at this point in time. I do know this. We need more young men like Anthony who are willing to show love and devotion to family and hug their grandparents in front of their buddies. It's a wonderful thing when the tide turns and peers pressure each other to do the right thing instead of the wrong thing.

Once again happy birthday, Anthony. 14 is a great age to be. Enjoy your year!

betty said...

Happy Birthday to Anthony! A handsome young man! Sounded like a fun party; I do like the concept of a lifeguard following the kids around, but you are right, they do need to learn a few life lessons on their own :)


gin said...

Happy Birthday Anthony!! He's a sweetheart to give you those hugs.

Julia said...

Happy Birthday Anthony. I love love the cake. That looks like a great place of those young boys to get rid of excess energy in the pool.
I remember when I was 14 and was trying to find my identity but didn't follow the crowd and did things my way. I thought that my friends were a bit immature.

Hope spring found you in Ohio.

Sweet Tea said...

Anthony is blessed to have the support from such a loving family.
I remember when I was 14 I colored my own hair and it turned out
atrocious. I had to wear it that way until it grew out.
I still wince when I see the ocassional old photo of me
during that time.

Kay G. said...

Happy 14th birthday to Anthony!
Do I remember 14? Yes, so much so, I need to do a post about it. My parents divorced and we moved to a very isolated spot in Georgia and suddenly it became my job to cook the meals. I am STILL not a very good cook. Oh well, with the Lord's help, I got through it.

selvageedge said...

Awesome party! Happy birthday, Anthony!

Susan Anderson said...

My grandson is fourteen, and it's a fun age. Still, my son and I were talking about this being the point where they really get exposed to a lot and start making some very important decisions. It's an exciting time of life, but there are some risks, too. A good time for lots of love and prayer!


Munir said...

Happy Birthday to Anthony. May his teen age years be easy and full of good events. May he get all the support he can get and get to enjoy life May God Bless him Amen.