Monday, November 2, 2015

One Extra Hour

It's November and I like to think of it as my quiet month.  A lull before the crazy hustle and bustle of December.  A month to think of our blessings.  A month to take a deep breath and enjoy the final warmth of Fall....warmth that can feel like September!  Today was that kind of day.  The weekend wasn't too shabby either!   Sunday we were given an extra hour. An extra hour to sleep, or work, or just enjoy the day.  I used mine to go to Church, to make some homemade soup, and to spend some time outdoors.  Phil and Addy stopped by to spend their extra hour with us.
They hopped on the gator that was recently fixed to take a test spin around the Pines.
Fun!  It works great!
Where's Addy?
Hiding in the back?   After her ride she wanted to take some pics of her own.  She loves to use my camera and she does a pretty good job of capturing her favorite things.  Here's how she used her extra hour.
Taking a shot of the owl wind chime.
A pic of her favorite doll.
Her shoes.
Some flowers.
Wind chimes.
The sky.
Her Daddy.  I guess those are the important things when your 7!  Well, the month of October flew by.  It was fast and furious and fun in many ways.  So I'll let my friend close this post and say bye-bye for this season.
Whew! He's exhausted.
But with the help of family and friends, all the celebrating was worth it!  Hope you spent your hour doing something you love or spending time with someone you love. 


Laurie said...

You spent your extra hour having fun! I actually used mine sleeping. Ha! I love Addy's pictures...especially the one of her doll.

betty said...

We don't get the extra hour here in Arizona (they don't change the time either way). Now I'm jealous of that extra hour you got :) Seems like it was well spent for you and yours :)


Nonnie said...

Awwww, gee, Addy. What sweet pictures you took. I think your Grandma thinks your pics are pretty special, too. Very good eye with your subjects, especially your doll and your Dad. I really like your cool shoes.

We spent our extra hour having lunch with our son and his family after church. Most enjoyable way to spend that hour. I wish it could last longer. I love this time of year and wish it didn't speed by so quickly.

Shady Del Knight said...

What a beautiful post, dear YaYa! Whenever I drop in here at the Pines I feel right at home, like I am among family. Thank you for creating that mood for me. Please tell Addy she did a marvelous job taking pictures and qualifies for an "Addy Award." These images captured by 7 year old Addy depicting the splendor of a fall day, a sunny sky laced with wispy clouds and a loved one, her Daddy, will be just as important to her when she is 70. I hope you can preserve them for her. I can practically hear your skeletal friend on the porch placing an order for a can of Pepsi..... and a mop. :) Maybe he'll elope with the Yeti in the Creepy Woods! :)

Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend YaYa!

acorn hollow said...

Addy is a doll. we have been warm and wonderful too. but the weekend is going to be cold. I am going to try and take my time through the holidays not book to much in but it always gets away from me.

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

No extra hour here! I do not miss the time change, although I didn't mind the extra hour. It was the loss of an hour that irritated me. I have a busy, but wonderful November lined up. I like to get everything done before the second week on December, and them I kick back through the holidays. I am very much looking forward to that. Happy November!

Kim said...

You all made the most of your extra hour. I started the day all gung-ho but by 7pm I was convinced it must be midnight. I like the light in the morning but not the dark at supper time so much

Julia said...

You used your extra hour wisely Yaya. I slept in because my body needed it after working 7 days a week and getting up early ever morning. It was bliss.... Next year I want 2 hours...
Addy took great pictures. She must be getting this skill from you. I see a camera in her stocking this Christmas.

Enjoy November.

selvageedge said...

Great pictures from Addy. She'll be blogging before you know it!

Munir said...

Love that Owl Wind Chime.
Yes today was much warmer than usual. It was a good thing as we were able to finish some chores, look into some displays and stay outside a little.
You are always doing a lot of detailed decorations for all special days. I agree with you about taking November off and taking some rest at least until Thanksgiving.

Christina said...

I love children's pictures. Stella and Grady do that a lot...except they take 100 pictures in one sitting! I was so grateful that the time change came on Halloween weekend, so that Sunday morning wasn't as hard for the kids. I'm glad you guys have been having nice weather, send some down to SC please!