Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hoops And Hope

Saturday we went to cheer on our Grandson Cameron who's playing basketball.  His football season was cut short due to a fractured wrist but he's healed and out on the court having fun.  He was a bit timid his first game so his Dad...our son Jack...told him to take off his glasses.  He went on to score 10 baskets and even dribbled with his left hand since he still had on his wrist brace.  He did great on Saturday too and we had such fun watching these little 8yr olds learn how to play hoops.
The gym has a ginormous screen that shows each kiddo individually and when the announcer shouts out their name the player runs out onto the court just like the pros do! With the music and crowd clapping for them it's pretty cool! Go Penguins!
Shoot the ball Cam-Man!
Looking less serious than the one guarding you!
Of course the after game the awards and snack aren't a bad deal!
Having an older brother there for support is great too! It was a really fun time and I Hope we can get to more games this season...and Hopefully no broken bones!  That's not the "Hope" I'm implying in my header however.  I'm going to show you a photo and you can guess what's going to be happening here at the Pines starting tomorrow....
Hmmm....Hope it all comes off OK and I'll post more about this mystery and show some pics of perhaps a new family member.....To Be Continued!! (Hopefully!)


gin said...

Yayyy Cam!! He's cute! I think a new puppy in your life?

Rick Watson said...

I love watching kids play sports. Our great niece competed this past weekend in a swim meet. She won some ribbons. I was feeling puny so we didn't get a chance to attend this one, but the pictures her dad took tell the tell.

Radar last night looked lik some bad weather could be heading your way. Keep an eye out.

Kim said...

That sounds like a really great youth program. I love it when the organizers go the extra mile. And no more broken bones!
Anxiously awaiting your next post........Yay!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa! Hooray for Grandkiddo Cam! I remember your post a while back telling us he was sidelined with a broken wrist. It's great to see that he bounced back, threw himself into roundball and scored 20 points in the game. It is very cool that today's technology enables each kid to be singled out on the big screen just like the pros. A shy kid trying to learn a sport needs all the encouragement he can get. Being introduced individually by an announcer and running out on the court with music playing and the crowd cheering surely gives him a boost of confidence.

Eddy's getting a little brother or sister (and so is the lonely Yeti in Creepy Woods)! I can't wait for you to play show and tell. Thank you, dear friend YaYa!

Julia said...

Yah for Cameron. He must be so glad to be back at playing basketball. Great kid program.

I'm looking forward to seeing the new pup.
I hope Eddy will welcome the new comer.

betty said...

Can't wait to see your new family member :)

How cute with Cameron and his team :) I always enjoy watching kids playing sports too, especially the young ones; sometimes when they get older it gets a bit more competitive and can be a bit more stressful.


Nonnie said...

Way to go, Cameron!!! I love all your pics and that you scored so many goals! High Five to you. And how cool is that big screen with you on it and your name??

It is so much fun to watch these kids play sports. I can't wait to see the surprise! Human? Canine? Too many possibilities!

Laurie said...

Nice job Cameron! And I agree, I think someone is getting a puppy.

Cindy said...

I love that your grandson's basketball team introduces them like the pros on the "jumbotron". I used to work for the for the former owner of the Detroit Pistons and love all that basketball hype! Also, looks like I'm just in time for an exciting new surprise!!!? Fingers crossed! Glad to see all is well!!

selvageedge said...

Cam sure looks like he is having fun out there. So glad that he's healed and playing. Looks like you are all ready for a new family member. Can't wait to meet the new doggy soon!

acorn hollow said...

Cutie grandsons and it looks like they will have a new playmate when they come to your house

rosaria williams said...

How fun to watch and encourage the grandkiddos on to activities and projects! You do have it good, Yaya. But then, you give so much of yourself to the family. Happy Thanksgiving.

Christina said...

Wow, I can't believe how big the grandkids are getting! Cameron is a good little athlete and I can't believe how much he looks like Jack! I think it's so great how much you support your grandkiddos.