Saturday, November 7, 2015

Plan B

Jack and I were up before dawn this beautiful Saturday.  We jumped in the Jeep and headed down to Columbus to attend the Temple.  Our session was to start at 9am and we had clear roads, skies and plenty of time.  5 miles before our exit the traffic came to a screeching halt.  We creeped slowly along and made 1 mile in 30min.  We also weren't going to make our Temple assignment time.  I called while we sat in diesel heaven and they said there were many calls saying the same thing.  After another half hour and only going 1 more mile we had to exit as the rest of I71 was closed down.  We couldn't see any signs of an accident and wondered what had happened.  Anyway we decided to go to plan B....head for home.  I called my BFF Donna and told her we would be able to attend an art gallery Christmas open house much earlier than planned!  And that's just what we did.
The Creative Chateau had recently expanded and opened up the renovated barn for all kinds of events.  It was a beautiful venue and many nice vendors too.  Plus freebie food and drink..gotta love that!
Those beautiful doors led you into a fun experience.
Like sitting by the fire with a good friend!
Enjoying the designs of local businesses.  There was live performances going on also from local musicians.
Here's a view from the loft of the barnyard animals here!
However, a very docile, sweet cat that just loved being petted had every one's attention.
On the property there's this sweet bungalow on the pond where they hold many events like yoga and meditation sessions, and you can rent it for small personal parties like baby or wedding showers.  It sits on stilts...
Here's my good buddy Donna on the cute bridge and in the background you can see the party house on stilts!  We had a fun morning and even though we didn't buy tons of things I was pleased with some beautiful handmade clay ornaments for my family. Donna found a cute little outfit for her Grandbaby Jax.  Thanks for the fun morning Donna!   When I got home Jack and I headed over to our local animal shelter that was having an adoption day.   I've been kicking around the idea of getting a dog and have been looking on line for a small to medium breed.  It's so sad to see the dogs in the shelter looking like they have lost their best friend and all hope of happiness.  It's a shame so many of the dogs are pit bulls.  They get a really bad rap and unfortunately they are hard to place.  We found one cute little guy who was kind of strange looking.  His daddy was a dachshund and mom was a yellow lab. He had a little body and a big head!  But he also had a big heart that loved all the attention.   I played with him a bit and was contemplating about adopting him when a family approached with a couple of little kiddos.  Opie went right to the little boy and seemed to really like him.  Jack said he felt that Opie and the little boy could really be best buddies.  We backed off and decided to head back home with hopes that he found a "furever" home with them.  Next weekend is another adoption day at another location.  If Opie is still there we may think more seriously about him. I still feel bad for all the others hoping for some love and a good home.  If it's meant to be we'll find the perfect one for us one day.    The leaves are pretty much gone for this season but the other night the trees seemed to be on fire. I grabbed my camera and took a few shots.
Our Creepy Woods was looking more glorious than creepy!
My neighbor's trees looked pretty impressive too.  And the reason was this going on across the street:
The sun setting quietly in the West.  Within minutes it was dark...the time was 6pm...I do hate the time change!


Rick Watson said...

Some day plan B is what your spirit needs. We've owned all kinds of dogs here. There are a lot of Pit Bulls. Several of the throw aways were mixed with pits, bit none of ours were mean dogs.

I could not take Jilda to a shelter, I'm afraid we'd come home with a carload of dogs. You'll find the one for you.

It's still beautiful up there. We've had so much rain here, I'm afraid the peak foliage color has passed.

Julia said...

Sorry that Plan A was scraped but Plan B seems to go perfectly.
Your trees are still spectacular. Most of our trees are bare but there are still some with yellow and brown leaves on the streets.

When the right puppy comes along for you, it will be magic.
Have a nice week.

betty said...

I think Plan B turned out to be a pretty darn good day!! Looked like a lot of fun :)

I too agree about shelter animals; so sad to go and visit there. I know you'll find the right dog when the time is right :)


joeh said...

I'm guessing next week you will post on a new family member.

Laurie said...

What a gorgeous sunset! Looks like your plan B was a lot of fun. Hope you and Jack find your forever fur friend!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa! This is a Saturday post and I swear to you it just now appeared in my reader! Forgive me for being late, dear friend. Sometimes in football a "busted play" turns out surprisingly well. That's what happened when you switched to Plan B. (Mrs. Shady and I got so tired of getting stuck in gridlock on the interstate that we recently hunted for and found a delightful scenic route that takes only a few minutes longer and practically assures that you keep moving. In fact, mile after mile, we had the whole highway to ourselves. All the other cars were bumper to bumper on the interstate! :) Hello again to mutual friend Donna! I can't help thinking that friendly cat you encountered was channeling the spirit of Squeak. Shortly after Toto died, Mrs. Shady and I drove to Naples to clear our heads. In an art gallery, a little old dog that belongs to the shop owner spotted me from across the room and immediately came running to me, wanting affection. I couldn't help believing it was the spirit of Toto reaching out to me. It would be so nice of you and Jack to open your door and your hearts to a dog and give it a forever home at the Pines. I'm sure Eddy would like to have a canine companion to romp around with. The Creepy Woods certainly do look as though they are ablaze. What a beautiful sight!

Thank you, dear friend YaYa, and have a great week!

Kay G. said...

If you can't get that sweet Opie, then I hope y'all can get one equally as sweet!
Looking forward to seeing your and Jack with a happy dog who will be over the moon with you both! xx

Kerri said...

I hope Opie got to go with with that little boy's family! You were so kind to step back and give another family the chance to get to know him. Such a cute name-Opie! Your woods looks so pretty! It's pretty neat how your woods looks so different depending on the season.

My best friend growing up was Mormon (still is!) and every once in awhile she would take me to youth night...I don't remember what it was called...but I sure liked going to Bonnie's church. It was in Lexington. I don't remember there being a lot of Mormon families in our you know Cheryl and Jay Parr? Such a nice family.

selvageedge said...

The Pines looks beautiful in your pictures this week. The creepy woods are just waiting to be sniffed and peed on by a new dog. I hope you find the right one for you soon. And I agree with others that pit bulls have a really bad rap and can be very, very sweet dogs.

Nonnie said...

Plan B works out well sometimes. That barn is beautiful. The floor is so shiny you could almost see your face in it. I like the house on stilts and that is a cute pic of you, by he way. Now about the dog. Do you still have Eddie? Looking for a friend? The mix lab dach sound really cute. I feel so bad for those animals without homes. It is heartbreaking. Hopefully, you will find just the right one soon. I love dogs, but there is still a fear in me about some dogs, so a pit bull would be out of the question for me. Your pictures of your place are gorgeous.

acorn hollow said...

It stinks to get so stuck in traffic but nice to you got together with Donna. And it is good to see her. The problem with pit bulls is your home owners insurance goes crazy. they do not want to insure your home if there is one on the property.

Donna said...

Had such a great time with you Saturday. is just the best thing. Thanks for thinking of it! It gets harder and harder to get together outside of work and we only get to say hi there.
Deisel heaven, ...furever friend. You kill me. Thanks for all the giggles!

Stacy Crawford said...

glad you had a plan b. love the tree pics

Christina said...

Bummer you couldn't go to the temple! You sure did try, though. The art gallery looks awesome. Is that in Ashland? The tree pictures are beautiful. On the way home from church yesterday, I noticed that all our leaves were gone, too. When did that happen!? I can not go to the dog pound! It just kills me and I leave in tears. Both of our two dogs are pound puppies, though. Going with a pound puppy is the way to go!