Thursday, November 19, 2015

Something In The Universe Has Shifted

It was pretty easy to guess my little secret on my last post.  For posterities sake I'll have to give some background info on this little scroll down to pics if you'd like to skip my narrative!  Here goes...A few months ago I had a dream.  In the dream Jack and I were retired, driving an RV, and we had a dog with us named "Ralph".  You'd think after this dream I'd be looking to do atleast 2 things from this dream...namely, to retire, and then to find an RV! Nope..I'm not anywhere near retirement and we look at RV's on the road and say either  "yay!" or "nay" when it comes to what we would want. But we're not anywhere near ready to buy one.  So that left "Ralph".  When I bought the Halloween skeleton dog I named him Ralph.  I'm not sure Jack was realizing that I was also scouring the internet about dogs that needed a home.  I wanted a dog that was small enough for travel, not shedding or having any reason to make my Grandson's allergies go crazy, friendly, a good walker.  He was surprised when I started showing him dogs in shelters around our area and even ones in other states.  When I actually put in adoption papers for one he was really surprised. Yep, the universe had shifted and I was looking for a dog!  In the mean time we went to Ashland's dog pound to see what was available..we went twice.  Although our hearts went out to the many dogs that were there, we didn't find a good fit for us.  I hadn't heard anything from the agency I sent inquiries to about a dog I saw there....a dog named "Chubbs".   I called the director and still didn't hear back. I was ready to just forget the whole thing when she suddenly called.  I sent her the adoption form and waited...and waited.  Then I called her again to make sure she actually received them.  She apologized because she hadn't had time to look at them since her rescue shelter was moving.  Long story short.....we went on Sunday to check out old Chubbs.   He sure wasn't the prettiest pooch in the pound but he was small, friendly, a poodle mix so no shedding, and he loves to walk.  We decided to adopt him and Wednesday night we picked him up. It was a very rainy evening and we had 2 detours to get through and lots of Amish buggies to avoid hitting on our way to Oasis animal shelter.  All the way there I kept wondering if this was the right thing for us...was I nuts to get a dog?  Well, we took old Chubbs home and he's doing great.  He's housebroke, very mellow, and adjusting to us and hopefully getting the idea that he gets to stay here.  No more kennels and barking dog buddies all day...he might miss his friends but not his kennel! He needs some good grooming and I'll be making his spa day appointment soon.  He did tolerate us giving him a good bath though!  I think the name Chubbs will stick.  He was abandoned and they guess he's around 8yrs old...I sure wish we knew his real name but so far he's answering to Chubbs! 
He's like a curly, puffy pillow...He looks a bit shell shocked here!
He was excited to see the kids tonight! And they loved him!
He's found a couple of dog walkers!
This dog walker lost a front tooth!
Chubbs is settling in and of course he'll get some blog posts of his own.  I'll do some "after grooming" shots too! Welcome to the Pines Chubbs. Yes, the universe has shifted....we now have a dog and gas prices were $1.81 today...maybe it's time for that RV!


acorn hollow said...

Chubbs is a cutie! congrats on being a new dog mom

gin said...

Awww. Such a sweet story of Chubbs. So glad he has a forever home. He's one fortunate doggie to have you find him. The retirement and RV is going to be fun. We did it this year. Well my husband retired at his 60th bday 2 years ago, I still work some, and he bought us an RV this past spring. We've been on a few road trips, and had a few of the kids come along too at different times. It's different for sure.

Sweet Tea said...

Be still my heart!
My sweet dog, Kramer, who lived to be 15 1/2 yrs, was a Cockapoo
He was also a rescue dog and I loved him dearly.
I think Chubbs is gonna fit in nicely and he's fortunate to
Have found a wonderful home and "parents".
I'll be eager to see him after spa day.
I just love it when people choose a rescue dog!!

Kim said...

Welcome Chubbs! He looks like a great fit. The groomer will clean him all up and he will be even more handsome. Congratulations to you and also Chubbs for getting a wonderful new family.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa! I can hardly see the screen through my tears of joy, dear friend. The moment I saw Chubbs and clicked to enlarge the picture of him, I knew he was the right dog for you, the right dog for The Pines. God bless him and you for picking him and transforming his life. The children love him and he loves them. What a happy day this is. I hope the good Lord grants you many happy years with Chubbs. I look forward to seeing Chubbs all gussied up and having him appear in future posts.

God bless you for opening you heart and your home to this wonderful, grateful animal, dear Kathleen!

betty said...

Oh, this made me smile so much :) Chubbs is going to fit in really nicely I do believe with you and your family!! Soon he will be "ruling the roost" and having you guys wrapped around his paws :)


Cindy said...

Congratulations -- he's a cutie and lucky to have found such a great forever home!!

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

That is so great! Chubbs is wonderful, and he'll bring you so many smiles!

Julia said...

I hope that Chubb makes you all happy. The grand kids sure look happy to be with him. Having a dog who love kids is a plus.
He'll be very happy at the Pines. Part of your dream has come true. Now which one comes next, retirement or RV?

Becky Jerdee said...

That curly pooch looks like a dog we had called Smoky Joe.

Laurie said...

He looks all settled in and probably so happy to have you as his human. I'm sure he will get a good spoiling. And....I think he looks like a "Ralph".

Nonnie said...

Oh, I love the story of Ralph and Chubbs! Reminds me of our search for our Trudy. So sweet to find just the right dog. Chubbs is a very lucky dog to find you guys and be adopted into such a wonderful family. I can't wait to see the "after" pics of him. Good dog. Congratulations.

But why can't you call him Ralph?

selvageedge said...

What a cute curly dog. I wonder if the name Chubbs will still fit after a grooming, or if his new name will be slim! It's so great that you rescued a senior dog. They need good homes, and so often get passed over. Looks like a lot of puppy love will be coming from the grandkids too, and walks are always more interesting with a dog. :)

Christina said...

Aww he's so cute and fluffy! It's so great you got a pound puppy. Congratulations on your new addition!

LesleyAnn said...

He is adorable!! I'm so happy you adopted a senior dog. They never get the attention a frisky puppy gets. He's going to be very happy and bring such joy to your home. It's sweet your grandchildren love him and he, them. My 12-year-old dog crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 5 November. I'm still not over it. They really enter your heart and never leave.

Hilary said...

Awww sweet boy! And beautiful you for taking in an older pooch. He's adorable. I love that he took to the kidlets right away. You've got yourself a gem.. and so does he.

Sush said...

Love you and Chubbs are now forever friends! What a great place for him and you will be so happy with that sweet pup in your life! xoxo Happy Thanksgiving

John Edwards said...

We have found you never get the animal you set out to get but it always works out well. He looks so sweet.

Munir said...

I am so excited that you have a bundle of joy now. Little dogs (and big ones too) are very faithful. Don't get me wrong, cats are great pets too, but dogs are like your family. They hang on to you even if you yell at them. This Thanksgiving you will have an extra plate of Turkey ( no stuffing ) for the new friend.
I miss Indy (our German Shepherd /Husky) every Thanksgiving.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

Hopefully we will see a lovely Thanksgiving post from you any time now.