Thursday, October 29, 2015

No Tricks...Lots Of Treats

The week has flown by faster than a witch on her broom across a full moon.  I've been making food for various Halloween gatherings.  Yesterday our Church had it's "Truck or Treat" fun night for the kids and adults.  It was a  potluck and also a dessert contest.  I can't resist that challenge.
My gory looking cake won for  "The scariest"....what do you think? I also made a few other things to go along with the night but didn't take any pics of them.  But I did catch a few costumed revelers!
Everyone was getting judged in front of the haunted house.  We didn't dress up...I ran out of steam before I could put a few costumes together.  Between work and making food, I was bushed!
We did decorate our trunk...well, the back of the jeep anyway...and handed out candy. See our little boney pet friend named Ralph? He's a stinker!  The weather held up nicely for the event with the temps staying warm in the 50's and the rain holding off.   But the fun wasn't over yet. At work today we had our annual Halloween lunch pot luck.  So it was back to the stove to make more food.  (no pics this time!)  But look who made an appearance:
He just happened to be standing under one of our motivational signs.  He was a delight to all today!  Ashland always has "trick or treat" night the Thursday before Halloween. We stopped in around 5:45 to see Lexi and Addy in their costumes.
Addy and her PawPaw!
Phil and his Greek Goddess Lexi, and little kitty cat,  Addy....they were excited!  After they left, Jack and I took off to see how the rest of the town was doing.
The streets were crowded with ghosts, fairies, storm troopers and all kinds of ghouls! Again, the weather cooperated with no rain, but kind of windy and chilly.  We found 2 really scary characters handing out candy.
My BFF Donna! Her newest Grandkiddo Jax and her hubby Larry were handing out candy at her daughter's home while Chelsea and Bryden were trick or treating.  Across the street,  their neighbors had made a very elaborate haunted house for folks to enjoy.
It gets scarier after the little ones are done gathering candy but I took a quick peek inside before the real ghouls came out!
It was quite the maze.  This is just a tiny glimpse of the fun inside!  I'm sure it was really crazy after trick or treat was over.  I would have loved to stay for all the scary fun but it was time to get back to the Pines.  It's been a busy week and I'm ready for the weekend.  I have a few more projects in store and maybe even a few more costumed capers! We'll see.   For now I'll leave you with this pic.  That little Ralph...I told you he was a stinker...remember the pie?
Well, he finished it off! Booooo!


betty said...

How cute with all the Halloween festivities :) I think trunk and treats are always so fun to participate in (except like I said on someone else's blog just now one of the years we lived in Montana and it was 18 degrees on Halloween; that trunk and treat was just a bit cold :) Congrats on winning 1st place for the cake; that was so cool looking!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa! It looks like the spirit of Halloween is dead and well there in Ohio, Ashland! :) It's an unsolved mystery how you can make so much yummy holiday food and yet there are so many bony people and critters in your community! :) That skeletal scrub nurse will inspire great confidence in patients. :) Hooray and happy H-ween to Jack and grandkiddos Lexi and Addy and daddy Phil! It was also nice to see our friend Donna again. Hi, Donna! That haunted maze looks plenty creepy and I know it will be extra fun to enter and explore it at night.

I keep thinking about that picture of Squeak with her jaws wide open - the perfect spooky cat picture for Halloween. I miss her.

YaYa, I am very relieved to know that I didn't lose you as a friend. I was very worried. I thank you for coming to SDMM tonight and spreading goodwill and cheer. I deeply appreciate it!!! Happy Halloween to you and your family!

joeh said...

That cake looks scary good.

Rick Watson said...

What fun! It wore me out just listening to your week. We're in a wedding on Halloween - scary:)

Kim said...

I love Ralph! I can't blame him, that pie did look irresistible. Your town has a lot going on for Halloween. And nice to see Donna make a surprise appearance.

Laurie said...

Your cake definelty should have won for the scariest....when I saw it I nearly wet my pants! Lol!! My Miss Bones should meet your Ralph. She likes to dress up, too! Hmmmm, wonder what she should be for Halloween?

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

A ton of fun! How fantastic! Your cake is awesome, I love it! Happy Halloween!

Julia said...

Dear Yaya, you sure know how to have fun and to enjoy life to the full. Congratulation for winning again at the scariest desert contest. That cake is a killer and Ralph sure slurped up that pie in a hurry. So nice to see Donna even in disguise.
I hope that this coming week won't be a busy one for you.
Take care and keep having fun.


gin said...

Everything looks terrific!! I love Ralph with the pie and the cook in the apron

selvageedge said...

Your cake was awesome! Kinda surprised that Ralph didn't get it too, but he was probably full after the pie. That has to be the best Halloween picture I've ever seen anywhere! Happy Halloween!

Sweet Tea said...

Always a treat (intentional pun) to stop by and see what's happenin' at the Pines. So glad the weather cooperated for the holiday. LOVED that spooky cake and I bet it was yummy too!

Kay G. said...

That cake IS scary! No wonder you won! xx

Nonnie said...

Eeeeek!!! That cake is super scary, but so creative! Congratulations. You guys certainly get into the spookiness of Halloween. Lexi and Addy are so precious with that look full of excitement for all the treats in store for them. Ralph is somewhat of a mess, though. I think I might have been tempted to break a few bones. Great pic with the skeleton and Ralph in the kitchen.

Hilary said...

Life is so much fun in your world! Congrats on winning first place for that amazingly scary cake. I love all the activities, decorations and costumes but that last one really takes the cake.. errr pie!.

Cheltz said...

Looks like an awesome Halloween! I think I would've had a hard time eating that cake ... I hope the ward enjoyed it :). How nice that your grandkiddos live close enough to drop by on Halloween. We kind of miss that in our family. Glad to see you're doing great!