Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Ride To The Quaint Side Of Town

Saturday, Jack and I took a little ride to Amish country to visit a store that we hadn't been to in a few years.  It used to be a quaint hardware store that served the Amish in Kidron.  Well, the English also shopped there and soon it became a tourist stop. It held all kinds of unusual and old fashioned as well as modern conveniences.  I had heard that it had expanded and boy has it!  Probably about 3 times it's original size. So has it's prices and I never saw one Amish person inside. I'm sure they have found another spot to buy hardware!  It was very busy on Saturday and it still housed many of the items I was used to seeing.  If you can't find it at Lehman's Hardware folks, then you don't need it! Come and browse with me!
Look Lehman's up on line and read all about it's beginnings.
Big smile to greet you for the Fall season.
Even grumpy looking hand carved farmers.
Need a lantern? They also carry electric and gas lighting...oh, and candles!
Remember these? My older brother got his arm caught in one that my parents owned when he was a little kiddo.
Did you learn to type on one of these?  (Man you're old!)
You may not know what this is. Every town and city had some.
They housed this...a pay phone! No cells back in the day and a young lady always carried some change so if her date turned bad she could call Daddy. (Maybe that was just me...hmmm) Put in your dime and spin the dial...yep, you were connected. (Or your dime was returned!)
I love looking at the modern stoves that just look old..sweet!
This would look great in my kitchen.
There is every stove imaginable....from the plain to the fancy. 
Take your pick...I'm sure they deliver.
Don't forget to grab a sock monkey on the way out.  After finding a few treasures we took off to another place I wanted to check out. A few miles down the road we came to P. Graham Dunn.
This place has an interesting history that can also be looked up online.  It's located in Dalton, Ohio.  It's a Christian based store and factory that makes inspirational wood, laser cut decorative wall hangings and they carry all kinds of other gift items.  Everything from cards to Christmas decorations.  I can't even go into how many items they carry.  It was fun to browse there and I picked up a few things before we took off for home.  It's also an event center and I'm sure wedding receptions are held here.  I noticed this new looking pond and gazebo.
You can imagine all the beautiful photos taken here during events. The tree color was nice too.
As we were driving out the exit I snapped a pic of the cutest barn I've seen in a while.
Check out this piece of art....really pretty. The air was very crisp...well, cold is truly what it was.  With overcast skies and sprits of snow...yep, we had snow, I was ready to head home to warm and cozy.  Today was still cold but the sun shone brightly and the colors were still clinging to our trees....but going fast...just like this month.  October is more than half over.  I hope you get the chance to take time to enjoy the best that this month has to offer.  I know I did this weekend!


Julia said...

What a nice outing you had. All kind of neat stuff....
I would love to have one of those old washing machine if it was in working condition. Haven't seen one of those in years. I love the simplicity and they were built to last. I used one of those when I first got married. The clothes were hung outdoors and smelled so fresh and clean when brought in. You could get the clothes to agitate for as long or as little as you wanted. A little time consuming but then I had a lot more time on my hands.

We had some sun and snowflakes too today. It was cold.

Have a great week Yaya.

Nonnie said...

Snow??!!! Good grief! All right. So call me old because I remember all this stuff and I loved looking at your pics and reminiscing. Stores like this have so much really "good stuff" I always want to buy something. A really fun day.

I remember my cousin got his arm caught in one of those wringers, too

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear Yaya! I wish I could have tagged along with you guys to Kidron and Dalton. I Wikied Lehman's Hardware and got excited over their wares and their philosophy - providing goods for those who believe in "simple living." That would include me because I always try to do things the old fashioned, low tech/no tech way. There's great joy in it! I appreciate modern appliances with a nostalgic retro look, too. That barn is indeed one of the prettiest I have ever seen. I hope everybody clicks the picture to enlarge. Mrs. Shady and I visited an outdoor Sunshine Festival yesterday. It was a beautiful, sunny day with a light breeze. The only thing that kinda ruined it was the temperature which was still too warm for comfort - mid to upper 80s. Please pity me! :)

Have a wonderful week, dear friend YaYa!

Munir said...

What a nice fun outing you guys had. I remember the pay phone as late as the eighties even. Most of the stuff is unfamiliar for me as I must have been in India when people used those things over here. Still it is nice to be able to see every thing you shared with us. Thanks
We did have some flurries today but is it ever cold. I don't know where this weather is going to take us. I am confused.
Enjoy the rest of the Fall as much as you can get, at least until Halloween.

joeh said...

I could spend hours in a store like that.

I thought they put the CR Line Feed bar on the wrong side of the typewriter, but I Googled it and some were on the right.

betty said...

Looks like a wonderful store to explore!! I would enjoy many an hour there I fear :) We had a washer like that and my mom was always so afraid we would get our arms or fingers caught in it. We couldn't be within 10 feet of it when she was doing laundry :) And I did learn how to type on a typewriter very similar (and yes I am old :)

Looked like a fun outing!


selvageedge said...

Two of my favorite stores. :) Lots of inspirational words for your walls at P. Graham Dunn, and I too could spend hours browsing at Lehman's. It reminds me of my grandma's house. I especially love the old fashioned games and kids toys area.

Snow? I closed my eyes and didn't see it. That way it never happened!

Rick Watson said...

Wow! Pictures of those old stoves took me back.
We have an old family hardware store near here that carries things you rarely see except in old photographs.

Laurie said...

Lucky you....great hardware stores AND snow!

Becky Jerdee said...

Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane!

Sweet Tea said...

I love a day spent doing this sort of thing. Neat stores. You live in such a beautiful area!

Hilary said...

What fun finds. I love that first store... the fridge! I'm not a "red" person but give me that fridge in old fashioned turquoise and I'd be thrilled. Yeah, so I'm old too.. what of it? ;) Fun post, YaYa.

Kim said...

I love stores like that. There are not too many around but I could literally spends hours in there. Those old stoves and the old ringer washer bring back memories.

Deb Shucka said...

What a fun outing! Fall at its best. The only thing missing for me was a visit to an orchard for apples.

Munir said...

That barn is cute indeed.

I love small towns. They seem to be disappearing now that cities are taking over. Good thing that you are saving them in your posts and sharing with us.