Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Scout Pepper

Tonight I organized a little scout outing that gave recognition to some of our boys who were moving out of Cub Scouts and into Boy Scouts.  I'm the leader of our 11yr old scout patrol. I have one year to work with them and help them understand Boy Scouts, and advance in rank from Tenderfoot to Second class.   Our Church group hadn't had a crossing over ceremony in many years and I just felt we needed one.  It's the opportunity of getting the young boys out to get to know the older scouts and get the feeling of belonging to the troop.  Hey, any excuse to be outdoors in the Fall and smell a lovely campfire on a  beautiful evening is a good one!
Jack helped set up the area with me.  I wanted to show this pic because it was taken about a  half hour before we started.  By the time we got the ceremony underway it was dark....dark comes fast in the Fall.  One of our neighbors, who's son is joining our group, was kind enough to lend us his land that has a bridge over the creek and a fire pit. It was great!  Thanks Adam!
Down the steps and crossing over to the other side symbolized the crossing from Cubs to Boy Scouts. 
Beautiful fire!
Bo, the homeowner's dog is the sweetest thing!  They also have a Yorkie named Charlie but I didn't get a pic of him.  Both pups are really friendly but I think Bo was hoping for one of the hot dogs we were having around the fire!
Boys love fire! Boys love hot dogs and fire! Boys love s'mores and fire!
Scout buddies!
The adults love a good fire too!  I was very glad the weather cooperated and the winds didn't blow and the temps were cool but very comfy with the heat of the fire pit.  Thanks to all who helped, especially my favorite scouter...Jack!  Oh, maybe you don't know what "Scout pepper" is.  It's the ash that gets on the food being cooked over an open flame.  I saw one of my new, young scouts drop a marshmellow and a hunk of chocolate for his s'more on the ground.  He picked it up, blew off the dirt (scout pepper) and proceeded to make his treat.  Yep, he's on his way to Eagle Scout...a little pepper never hurt anyone!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa! Hey, I love those Jack-O-Lanterns in your header! Did your Jack O'Chiropractic have anything to do with carving them? :) As you recall from my previous blog post, the mother of one of my friends who recently died was my cub scout den mother. Your post reminded me of how much fun I had in cub and boy scouting. The crossing over metaphor is an excellent idea and it was nice of your neighbor to let you use his property for the ceremony. I well remember consuming liberal amounts of scout pepper in my day. Bo looks like a wonderful dog. I wish you had shown us the Yorkie because I used to own one back in the 70s named "Thomas's English Muffin." I'm so glad the weather was perfect for this occasion and that you gave those boys a fun and empowering experience they will long remember.

Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend YaYa!

Becky Jerdee said...

Oh, you must be a great, enthusiastic leader! And this is your favorite time of the year! I want to be one of your cub scouts making the crossover :)

Julia said...

What a generous couple you and Jack are for doing this for the little guys.
I know you are both having fun too but it takes a lot of commitment and a giving spirit to get involved in doing this....
Love the cross over symbolic bridge. It's perfect.
I've never heard of Scout Pepper but now I know. I've eaten Scout Pepper before and never knew it, haha.

The smores and hot dogs sound the perfect treat for the boys.
Enjoy October.

betty said...

So sweet for you to be involved like this! Seemed like a very moving ceremony.


Laurie said...

I knew Jack was in the scouts, but I didn't know you were involved. How fun for all. There's nothing like a good fire on a cool night with hot dogs and s'mores.

gin said...

You are such a giver. I know with all your boys and Jack this just comes natural to you. Great job!

selvageedge said...

Thank you so much for the great work you do with scouts. You are awesome!!! Looks like you had fun. :)

Munir said...

I love today's post, specially the title. The graduating cubs must have felt very special.
What you did with project Linus was amazing. You and your hubby are really doing great deeds specially for young kids. The society needs more people like you guys.

I was involved with cub scouts for only one year. It was fun but there were better den leaders than me so I moved over and let them do the great job. Also I was new in America and was kind of shy. I have learned a lot following blogger friends like you and some other awesome people.

Nonnie said...

What a memorable moment for those boys. I'm glad you did that. The bridge is a great visual for them. I like it. That Bo definitely has the "I want one of those hot dogs, too" looks. The whole evening looks like a perfect fall festivity, dirt and all!