Thursday, November 28, 2013


This has been a crazy week!  Work goes from super busy, to "go home early" mode.  Monday turned out to be a go home early day and I was excited and thankful to get time to run errands and some house stuff ready for Thanksgiving. But the best plans often don't work out...for me anyway... I came out of work and found a flat tire.  Jack picked me up on his way home for lunch and then my son Jordan came back to the hospital lot to change the tire...he was on vacation this week and I was thankful for that!  Unfortunately, the spare was flat we had to load the tire up, take it to get repaired and then we decided to go pick up wood so Jack wouldn't have to later in the day.  So my early home day was filled with waiting for the tire, loading and unloading wood, and not much errand running! I did take a pic of the flat tire, but it didn't turn out very good so I deleted it.  Jordan just looked at me when I pulled out the camera for the shot and said.."Seriously Mom?"  Hey Jord, seriously, you know I'm a blogger!  Monday was also my son Jack's 38th birthday and he invited us for dinner.  38!! How did that happen? I mean, I'm only 29. (oops, my nose is growing). 
He needed a little help from his youngest son, Cameron, to blow out the candles.  It must be hard to get old! Just kidding Jackie!  Love you! We are super thankful for him.  The rest of the week was filled with grocery shopping for today and praying the big snow storm predicted wouldn't  hit our area.  Thankfully, it didn't happen.  We did get a little snow but we can handle that!  Last night I put the finishing touches on dinner prep and also set the table. Alexis and Addy wanted to help.  They wanted to know who was coming and where everyone would we decided to make place cards with names so they could find their spot.  Using something that we have plenty of here at the Pines...pinecones of course...the girls decorated the cards and put them on the plates.
My Grandmother's old dishes look cool! I'm thankful for them!
I'm thankful for my spot around the family table!  Today the kids were able to do a little sledding in the backyard and they had a blast...I was thankful for that!

Just enough snow for a nice ride.  Then we took a little hike up to the Creepy Woods to work off some of that dinner.  I spied a bear! OK, so it's only a burned tree but from my angle it sort of looks like a bear! My animal identification skills are a bit lacking..just ask Jack!
What do you think?  It's not called the "Creepy" woods for nothing!
Eddy was ready to save us if it was a bear...thankfully he's smarter than that and can't be fooled by an old tree!
So we took the path that leads to home and have snuggled in for the night. The kitchen is back to normal and the leftovers are awaiting the late night snacking (And tomorrow's turkey sandwich lunch!)  I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and are in a good turkey and pumpkin pie coma by now....I have much to be thankful and friends and good blogging buddies are just a few on my list! Happy Thanksgiving!


Kim said...

Don't feel bad. I would have probably screamed and ran away from the "bear". Yes, it's called the creepy woods for a reason.
If you have lots of leftovers you won't have to cook tomorrow :)

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa, and happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Our big shebang just ended a few minutes ago. Some 20 people gathered here at Shady Pines and a good time was had by all. I feel a turkey and pumpkin pie coma coming on but first I wanted to write to you.

It must be a law of the universe that extra time always gets filled with extra hassles and delays. I'm sorry you had to deal with both earlier this week and even more sorry that I didn't get to see a picture of your flat tire. I was SO looking forward to it! (Maybe next year? :)

Happy birthday to young Jack! 38 is a wonderful age to be. Those pine cone place cards were a splendid idea for Thanksgiving dinner. I see YaYa's, but Eddy's must have been out of camera range.

Along with a sled and a toboggan I used to enjoy sliding down snowy hills on those saucers. The road behind my house in Pennsylvania was quite steep and when it snowed all the kids in the neighborhood used it for sledding until the cinder truck came along and ruined our fun.

You showed us the mysterious footprints in the snow a couple of weeks ago. Now there's proof that the legendary Abominable Snowman actually exists! The very next picture shows my buddy Eddy (who is 1/2 Pointer) drawing a bead on the elusive Yeti. :)

Thanks for inviting me to join your family's celebration by means of your wonderful blog, dear friend YaYa! Good night and sleep tight!

Julia said...

Happy Thanksgiving Yaya.

I love the pinecone place card holders. Very creative. Having family around on Thanksgiving is awesome and dinner served on Grandma's vintage dishes very special. I bet the food was to die for.

A flat tire after work just isn't in anybody's plan. That's why I have the CAA road assistance insurance and I've used it often enough to pay the low premiums. Twice, I accidentally locked the keys in the car and they come rescue me free of charge, I've had several flat tires and they come to put my spare on. It's pretty quick service too. I also get discounts at lots of places. It gives me peace of mind when travelling alone.

I would have probably gotten shaken knees seeing what looks like a bear but with the sniffer dog by your side, you probably felt pretty confident.

Take care and get some rest. I'll get some if you get some, he,he.
Thanks for the birthday wished.


Enjoyed reading this, lifted my spirits to see your grandkiddies having so much fun and yes the place cards are such a good idea. I love to make things with the grandkids - it shows how much we care for them and helps them learn that everything does not have to be store bought. Enjoy your holidays. Hugs.

Donna said...

I'm thankful for a friend like you!

The dining table is so cute! The girls look like they are having a ball. And Happy birthday to Jack ...yes, time flies.

selvageedge said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I love the place cards, very cute - and so were the girls on sleds. :)

Munir said...

It is so nice to see such wholesome pics of your family.God bless them all.
I know how it feels to have an early day off wasted on a flat tire or even a day off for that matter. I just feel lucky though to have good health and a healthy family to be thankful for.
I have come across some blogs where the bloggers just do not want to have any thing to do with Thanksgiving or even postpone Thanksgiving. I pray for them. I almost feel guilty for enjoying.

Looking at your blog I feel a little less guilty.
If you have time off today take rest if you can. I plan to go find some good deals.LOL

Stacy Crawford said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Look like you had fun.

Becky Jerdee said...

It all sounds so delightful! We all have so many blessings, don't we?
Adorable pine-cone card holders :)

Sandi said...

What a clever idea to use pinecones for place card holders!

I had to chuckle about your hoped for errand day, going amuck. Seems like that always happens around here, too. The best laid plans have a way of being derailed!

gin said...

i loved your whole story---the snow and the girls sledding, Eddy and the "bear", the bday boy. You are blessed, a lot to be thankful for. Even with a flat tire you can be thankful for your son's help.

Nonnie said...

What a joy to read! (Except, of course, the flat tires.) Your Thanksgiving looked picture perfect to me, and the birthday celebration, too. What a cute pic of your son with Cameron, and your granddaughters in the snow.
I thought it was a bear!
Glad your day turned out so wonderful. I remember when I was a kid how my Granny would direct everyone to their seats and I would impatiently wait because the food was getting cold. The name cards were a great idea.

Kay G. said...

Oh, what a delightful post!
I love the bear in the woods, that's what it looks like!
Oh, and before I forget...I liked that selfie beat out twerking too!
(And goofy shot instead of selfie, you're funny!)

gin said...

PS: WOW your blog header picture is beautiful! I love it.