Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Since I've been so "Chatty" this month, I thought a new post to honor a new word was in order.  The 2013 word of the year for the Oxford dictionary is "Selfie".  I was happy to see it beat out the word  "twerk".  Selfie is a photo taken with a digital device..like a phone or camera of ones self...selfie..get it?  I've been doing that for years but never knew it had a specific name.  I thought "goofy shot" was the it's real name! Who knew?   In honor of this word I turned to the highly educated women I work with and handed them my camera.  And this is the result..a  "selfie" fest!
Deranged looking pals...Steph and Becky
Sweet and innocent looking Chris (photo bombed by my arm!)
The happy housekeeper Donna
Blurry besties...Donna and Yaya
The "oops" selfie
The Shay redo selfie
The "do I have anything in my teeth? Shay and Kim selfie
The Yaya "I just had my hair cut by my Granddaughter" selfie.  Yep, I'm really glad "selfie" beat out "twerk"....if you don't know the meaning of twerk, look it up and then try and visualize a bunch of nutty operating room personnel celebrating that one!  I hope everyone takes a selfie and gets a good laugh..we sure did!


acorn hollow said...

very fun post.

Shady Del Knight said...

Shucks, YaYa, I was hoping you and the rest of the A Team would combine those two millennial words and take pics of yourselves twerking! (LOL)

Seriously, I salute you and your hard working cohorts in the medical field. I know from living with Mrs. Shady that it's a challenging career and we need more dedicated individuals like you guys to meet the growing need.

Your hair looks terrific and gee, I'll bet it smells terrific, too! :)

Good night and have a wonderful Wednesday, dear friend YaYa!

Kim said...

Cute post. Maybe next surgery you should play Blurred Lines in the OR Suite and see what happens. A few of you look like you could manage a twerk or two....Lol

Becky Jerdee said...

delightful post!

Julia said...

Yaya, you'll never grow old. Your are just too much full of fun. I enjoyed your tutorial on Selfies.

It's not as easy as it looks to take a good selfie but
you are a pro. Have a great rest of the week and never grow up. You're a hoot.
Big hugs,

rosaria williams said...

Ahhh! Now I know how you gals keep your sanity.

Nonnie said...

I love it! What a clever and fun post. We do selfies all the time here and I'm with you - I thought they were the goofies.
And I'm not sure what twerking is, but since first seeing the word alongside a pic of Miley Cyrus, I really don't want to think about it. Glad selfie won out.

Sush said...

Love the selfless…you look fabulous beyond! Looks like a lot of fun going on with your cohorts!

Stacy Crawford said...


Debby said...

Love your hair. Your selfies are too funny. I bet you have a lot of laughter at your job......not about the patients.

Sue said...

I was glad "selfie" beat "tweak," too.

And your hair is terrific!


selvageedge said...

Cute pictures. I never manage to get myself framed right, so I've never kept a selfie that I took. Looks like you've had lots of practice. Great haircut!

Vicki Boster said...

Oh how fun- a true selfie!! Love all the pictures-- I'm not that brave:)


Hilary said...

What a fun post.. and your hair looks lovely. I do think a twerk-selfie might have been fun too.