Saturday, November 23, 2013

Just Wait A Minute

"If you don't like the weather, just wait a minute"...yep, I've heard that sentence said about many places and it's certainly true about Ohio.  Last Saturday we had a lovely day full of Fall fabulous leaf raking, jumping, and throwing!
Rake them up and then toss!
Hey, don't toss at each other!  Lexi and Addy had fun with the leaves and also fun in the Creepy Woods.
Tree climbing
Or just hanging around like the little monkeys they are!
Ed had fun exploring and also eating deer poop....don't let him give you a doggy kiss with that tongue...yucky!
The girls and I played outdoors and jackets weren't needed.  The winds came by during the week and blew all the leaves back into the woods. I always have to thank God for doing the raking when that happens! But this Saturday was a different story.  The winds blew and the temps fell into the 20's.  Jack started up the wood burning furnace and around noon the snow started falling in big, juicy flakes.
A little frosting on the yard.
Some white hair for the pumpkins!
The holly berries didn't mind a bit of snow and cold...that's their season! However my last rose bud about to open wasn 't as happy.
Frozen in time...I'm not worried, I'll just wait a minute and I'm sure the whole picture will be different!


Kay G. said...

All those leaves and then the snow, all of it beautiful!
Love that snow on the pumpkin.
I hope we get some snow this year and then, I hope it melts the same day! xx

Willow said...

Oh Eddy you are not alone in you canine love of deer poop ~ our doggies think it's tasty trail mix too lol

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa! I remember Pennsylvania's weather fluctuating wildly like yours does there in Ohio, Ashland. In spring and fall it made dressing for school a challenge. You started the day bundled up at the bus stop and by mid afternoon when you rode the bus home you were cursing the long sleeve shirt you were wearing because you were hot. On top of that, you forgot all about your coat and left it at school.

These pictures of Lexi and Addy playing with fallen leaves remind me of my boyhood. Assigned by my parents to rake leaves, bag them and carry them down to the curb for trash pick-up, I often found myself playing in them instead - tossing them to the wind, flopping on heaps of them and rolling in them.

Thanks for sharing pretty pics of the frosting on the yard, snow on the pumpkin, holly berries and the rose bud. Maybe by next weekend the rose will be in bloom. I hope it survives.

Hello to my good buddy Eddy! Don't worry Ed - Shady loves you and I'd kiss you on the mouth, poop breath and all!

Happy Sunday, dear friend YaYa, and have a super week ahead!

acorn hollow said...

we are very very cold the wind is blowing a gale. But we are tucked inside with the beast going.

Julia said...

What lovely time the girls had just being kids at grandma's place. We had the same type of weather here too. I never know what to wear until I check the weather.

Yucky dog lips. I don't think that he knows that your cooking taste much better than that yucky stuff. lol...

Today is real cold and windy.

Have a great week Yaya.

Sorry I get everyone so tired just reading my woeful blog. I do love your comments and I appreciate you so much.

Hilary said...

I envy the coatless weather but I share the snowy stuff with you. It's become quite wintry cold here with a bit of a dusting.

The kidlets playing in the leaves are just adorable. And my ex-neighbour's dog tries to have lunch at the kitty litter box buffet when she comes to visit. I'm sure she'd love to have a go at deer poop.

Kim said...

Sleeveless in mid November would be a treat. It's a deep freeze here today.

Munir said...

Sun fun pictures. God Bless your family.
we had little bit of snow last night, not enough to accumulate though which is good. A snow storm is expected Tuesday through Wednesday. Done with shopping so I don't have to be worried if we get stranded.

gin said...

a quick change of seasons for yall. those cute girls keep you busy!

Stacy Crawford said...

It's cold. Mission papers moved from bishop status to stake status today!

Sush said...

I love just wait a minute weather, that's what we grew up with in New Orleans. Usually, it referred to sunny or rainy weather! I love seeing your sweet grandkiddos enjoying your lovely place! Happy Thanksgiving, Cathy! Blessings to you and yours~

Donna said...

Kiss Ed on the lips Shady...REALLY?!? I'm with Julia, yucky dog lips!!! Lol

Nonnie said...

The weather is crazy here, too. One day we are lying on the grass enjoying sunshine and the next day explaining to the little ones they cannot play outside today. No tag, no baseball, no running around.
Your grandchildren always seem to have a blast at Yaya's house. So much fun and they are so cute.
Eddie?? Our little dog loves to eat the rabbit droppings. Guess you are into much bigger things!! Ewwwwww. No kisses from dogs. EVER!!


Beautiful photos. I must admit I'm not looking forward to winter and the cold months here in OH.
With Raymond gone I already feel the house empty so now sure what I'll fill my hours with other than writing and reading.

Sue said...

The weather is so strange these days, more changeable than ever before it seems.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!