Saturday, November 16, 2013

Century Of Honor

Boy Scouts has been a player in our lives for about 25yrs.  Jack has served in many have I...for those years.  He, much more than me!  We always laughed when the organization says: "It's only 1hr. a week"...Ha!  However, it's been fun, busy, hard work and I believe, totally worth it.  Boy Scouts can shape the lives of young men in many positive ways.  Achieving "Eagle Scout" is something that will be a major impact in their future. I know men who received jobs over other candidates just because it has "Eagle" in the resume.  Even if a young man doesn't get his Eagle..he has still achieved many goals and learned valuable lessons.  In 1913 the LDS church became the first to charter Boy Scouts Of America.  Last night we celebrated that 100yr mark with the broadcast "Century Of Honor" and holding an open house for the community.  We really didn't think many would attend.  Here in Ohio and in our small town our Church isn't exactly welcomed and embraced!  We weren't even sure how we were going to approach this activity!  Salt Lake sent a wire to our newspaper telling them we were going to have an open house and the paper interviewed Jack and our Scout Master.  OK then, I guess we'd better come up with something since a photographer was also coming out to document this event!  I put together a few picture boards using 100 photos from the past few years showing what our little troup 555 had done.
Jack and our friend Kyle...his wife Stacy writes  the blog Crawford Clan, put some props up.
On the table we had some of our Klondike awards and Stacy's son's shadow box from his scout years...he received his Eagle a couple of years ago and Dakota is now getting ready to go on a mission for the Church!  We had a couple of old Scout manuals. One from 1946!
Reading them is fun and seeing the notes from the old..boy/man who once owned it showing his advancements and the dates is pretty cool!  The best part is seeing that not much has changed...values that were important back then are still important today.  Duty to God and country, being honest, trustworthy, loyal, kind, courteous, clean, reverent and all the other values that seem to be a bit blurred by society today.  Since we were inviting our own scouts and the public, refreshments must served! (That's my motto..gather and feed!) I made a few different cookies. When I say "different", I don't only mean different flavors.  I had a cookie cutter shaped like the Boy Scout "Fleur De Lis" but somewhere between the cutter, the dough, and the oven it lost it's impact...
We decided they looked more like (a)..flying fish with 100 on them, or (b) ears of corn. Well, they tasted good! My other attempt at creativity turned out a bit better:
I thought some Boy Scout cookies were needed...can you find me in the mix? Hint: Pink scarf! Ha!  As predicted, we didn't get a huge turnout...although the photographer did show up.  I'll be curious to see what she came up with and if it makes the paper. The broadcast was good...a bit long...but good.  We enjoyed the company of those that came and the important part is inspiring these kiddos to continue on and also to go on to be adult leaders some day.  Here's the real reason we do this...
These are a couple of our scouts and they are great kids.  I've enjoyed being back in Scouting this past year and I hope we can go on for another 100yrs.


Hope said...

well done yaya! I'm happy that it was a success! a great organization to be a part of and support. your cookies look awesome and i can almost taste them!
enjoyed your post. thank you :)

hope you and your family has been well.
take care!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hello, dear YaYa! Congratulations on 100 years of LDS sponsorship of scouting and your "Century of Honor" open house and media coverage.

I was in scouting and I remember it as a positive experience that taught me skills and self reliance along with teamwork. I'm happy to know scouting is alive and well in your community. It makes me sad to realize that, somewhere around the mid 60s, antiheros, bad boys, drinkers and druggies became more popular, more admired and more respected in pop culture and the media than those who were "physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight." It was around that time that the term "boy scout" began to be used as a put down, as if it was somehow uncool to behave yourself, work hard and get good grades. That mentality persists to this day in the mass media. I hope we can get it turned around.

You deserve a merit badge for creative cookie (and cake) baking! I hope you made at least one doggie shaped treat for Eddy.

Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend YaYa!

Hope said...

well done yaya! I'm happy that it was a success! a great organization to be a part of and support. your cookies look awesome and i can almost taste them!
enjoyed your post. thank you :)

hope you and your family has been well.
take care!

Nonnie said...

I am applauding you! You may not have had a big turnout, but the impact you are having on the lives of these young men will be felt for years.
The cookies look mahvelous, darling, and I especially like your creativity and the one with the pink scarf! The yellow ones remind me of my Santa Claus cookies at Christmas. :-)
One of my close friends' husband has been a Scout leader for years. The support of their scout troop was incredible around one of the boys who has suffered many tragedies and I saw how they rallied around for him. Amazing.

selvageedge said...

The cookies are all about the taste, YaYa, so I'm sure they were perfect! I love the pink scarf scout. :) Looks like you got in your hour of work for this week. :)

Hilary said...

Yay for you! Great job. You sure do know how to have fun and help a worthy cause.

Julia said...

You are a great ambassador for the Boy Scouts. You must both be so much appreciated for all those years of dedication to helping the Boy Scouts.
The cookies looks great.

Happy 100 Anniversary. That is quite remarkable all the volonteer work that you both do.

Melissa Chorba said...

Awesome!! Is there any chance I can 'steal' your photos for the stake newsletter??

Deb Shucka said...

What a wonderful tribute to scouting. The cookies made me laugh. I love your creativity and energy.

Sweet Tea said...

I hope this makes the paper! If it does please be sure to copy it or post a link to it. I love scouting and was a Brownie/Girl Scout for a long time. Mister works with 4 Eagle Scouts (grown men now). They are each smart and accomplished. I think you're cookies are very creative!

Willow said...

I bet those old boy scout books are fun to read.
Oh your funny ~ flying fish lol
Did Eddy have one ?

Becky Jerdee said...

Congrats to everyone!!!

Sue said...

Boy, you guys did boy scouts proud!


Haddock said...

Flying fish with 100 is the right description :-)