Sunday, December 1, 2013

And We're Off!!

I think the bells I hear ringing are not Christmas bells,  but bells that ring when the gates at the track open and the horses take off.  Except I'm the one running through the month of December!  I always consider November my quiet month.  The month to think of my blessings, family, turkey dinner and no rushing.  Ha! I was fooled! November this year was a busy, busy time.  Work was up and down.  Co-workers seemed stressed out.  Trials and tribulations here and there.  The month flew by!  The last day of this month was also a road race.  Literally! Yesterday my good buddy Donna, and myself, took off for Columbus, Ohio.  That's about 1-1/2 hrs  from us. We piled into her cute little car and sped down I71. The weather was beautiful and the company was even better! Thanks so much Donna for driving and navigating the big city streets! The reason for this trip was to meet up with Vicki from 2 bags full so we could get all the beautiful pink scarves that were lovingly made by people all over the globe.  We were suppose to meet around 2pm for lunch.  We did some shopping before hand. 
Donna carrying a few packages and probably some shiny fun things! (She'll understand just what I'm talking about!) It was fun to see the decorations at Easton. Easton is a shopping can't call it a mall because it's all outdoors.  It's really like a city all to it's self...very fun!
The tree was ginormous.
The Nativity was lovely.  After a couple of other stops it was off to meet Vicki!
We had a nice time getting to know her better and meeting her really nice friends she had traveled with.  It's funny to meet someone you've only known through blogging.  Kind of like meeting a celebrity! Well, aren't all us bloggers famous in our own little worlds? Ha! We had  fun laughing and talking about her special work she does at her hospital and before long she needed to continue on her trip.  So we gathered at the car and received the most beautiful selections of pink scarves!
I know all the patients who'll receive these will love them.  Thanks so much Vicki for doing this wonderful project and letting us join in.  Donna and I headed for home where we each had things to do.  We see each other almost every day at work, yet getting time to just have a fun day is rare for us with our schedules.  I'm so glad we took this day out with each other.  When I got home it was time to get decorating for Christmas.  I knew tonight we were having our youth from Church over for a meeting and I wanted the house decorated.  Everything was done except the tree. I'm saving that for a few days when my Grandkiddos can help get it decorated. We  had about 24 gather in our living room! was a great group!

Everyone grab a chair!
Dining room ready!
My new kitchen light didn't have a chance to escape being decorated..poor thing!
Kitchen fireplace is good to go! I got most of the outside done, but still have lights that need to be put up.  I rushed and sweated and wondered why I go crazy like this. Oh well, it's done now and I like it and I'm ready to be off and running into the rest of  December!


rjerdee said...

Ah, it looks lovely :) I love decorating. I never do the same thing every year...I just let it unravel as it will. That's because I'm retired and have lots of time to take Christmas pleasures as they come. someday you will, too :)

Shady Del Knight said...

You have been super busy, dear YaYa, with more holiday madness yet to come.

I'm glad you and Donna safely made the trip to Columbus and back and that you enjoyed the blogger meet up there with Vicki. I applaud all of you for helping to make the Pink Scarf Project a rousing success. It all started with an idea, a way to raise Breast Cancer Awareness. It caught fire and produced a response from people around the world that exceeded all expectations. Again, I congratulate Vicki and all who supported her project.

I agree that all of us are celebrities here in Bloggerville. (Sarah Michelle Gellar has been stalking me for months and I might need to seek an injunction. :) I certainly view you and Eddy as superstars of my world, YaYa. I love your holiday decorations and hope to see Eddy's stocking hanging from the fireplace mantle in the very near future.

I wish you a safe, sane and happy week, dear friend!

acorn hollow said...

so glad you and donna got some time to get out together even if it was a errand.
great project I am sure the patients will love them.

Vicki Boster said...

Kathy- meeting you and Donna was a dream come true for me-- and the most perfect way to finish off this incredible project. We all (my friends and I) loved chatting with you both and think you ladies are awesome!!

Thank you for making the trip down to meet us-- and for all that you did to make the project so successful.

Love you-

selvageedge said...

Your house looks beautiful in the snow, and lovely inside as well. We decorated our tree yesterday, and I have been putting ornaments back on ever since. :)

Julia said...

This has to be a very exciting moment for You, Yaya, Donna and Vicki. It's so awesome that you all saw this project come together so well and I'm so peacock proud to have taken the time to knit my little imperfect pink scarf to be added in the mix.

You girls are all angels and you all ((( rock.))) I can almost see the angel dust flying off your wings. So many women will be receiving those pink scarves.

I'm glad that you took a day off to meet.
I hope that your week will slow down some.

Julia said...

In my rush I forgot to include Vicki's helpers. They are angels too.

Donna said...

What neat comments! It WAS an awesome day!

Ps. You house looks festive but I'm sure it was awfully busy!


I love Easton - it's a city unto itself, beautiful and a fun place to shop.
The scarves look lovely. Nothing like two friends going on a road trip!

CatieAn said...

sounds like a wonderful and fun outing. How nice to be able to meet new 'friends' and I can only imagine the lovely scarves from Vicki!!
We have had several 'hours' of snow here but it melts as fasts as it falls----so far. The rest of the week is supposed to be single digits--I'd rather have snow!!!!

Susan Anderson said...

This sounds like a fun day and a great project from Vicki. I love meeting blog friends, too. Glad you had fun and did some good while you were at it!


Canadian Chickadee said...

Sounds like a great outing! Enjoy your first holiday party.

Merry Christmas! xoxo

Anonymous said...

You have started your work for Christmas. Christmas tree looks superb....

In My Wild Eden said...

Wow, you have been busy! Most of it sounds fun though! I hope your December is great too!

Stacy said...

I always love your house.

karen said...

I know what you mean - this month is already out of control! What a nice project you and Donna got to participate in - and Donna looks great! I love how your house looks - so festive!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I thought all three of you were just beautiful! It sounds like you had a great time! I'm glad you like the trees all lit up. I was so pleased.

MunirGhiasuddin said...

Donna looks like she is better. My heart was thumping as I came across her picture. May God bless her and give her strength with the company of friends like you.

It must have been wonderful to meet up with a blogger friend. Some of our blog writers have published books too and I am hoping that if they come to the east coast for book signing I would go just to meet up with them.
Your pink scarves project is fabulous, both spiritually and fashion wise.
In spite of being so involved you did a magnificent job with the decorations.
In my culture we wish people like you to have even stronger bones and muscles. Amein.

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