Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dear Mother (Nature)

Dear MN...You are such a crazy gal these days.  To usher in December you had temps dipping into the bitter chills and the snow flying and piling up.  However, to usher in the first day of Winter you sent torrential rain and temps in the 50's and 60's.  I just want to mention this..please don't take offense dear Mommo Nature...there's medication for your condition! Just sayin'....I hope everyone within eye shot of my blog is doing well and being safe.  We had so much rain some roads were closed and the rivers and creeks were up to the tippy top.  I had to run into town this morning and took a quick pic of  this "field"...I lovingly call it "Lake Middle Rowsburg".  It's really just a farmer's field.
A few more inches of rain and it would be over the road.  As you can see, the rain did stop and we had sunshine! I was amazed and so the temperature today was in the 60's...Sweet!
Ahhhhhhh........I'm not dumb enough to think, Dear MN, that it will last. Tomorrow the temps dip and the snow is coming back with Santa's sleigh. I'll take this as a gift from you to me! (It's not only the perfect color, it's the right size!) I was outdoors for part of the day but soon had to slip inside as the sun dipped low.  I must say this however...the days are going to start getting longer from here on out! Wait..they don't really get "longer"..just brighter...Duh! I found a good indoor activity that brought out some big smiles.
Addy helped me make some Christmas cookies.
Eddy was fascinated! He has a sweet tooth.
More sprinkles please!
Top notch job sweetie! She sure loves  her PawPaw!  Goodnight Mother wild & crazy gal!


Donna said...

Ah yes that Mother Nature....brought a tree down on our house last night!!!

Sweet pics of the cookie bunch...beautiful cookies, the pic of Pawpaw and Addy brings tears to my eyes.

P.S. The spanakopita was a huge hit and Chelsea/Whit wanted some of the leftovers...yum! thank you!!!

Julia said...

Mother Nature is beating on us too. My girls and family are stranded and waiting for the road conditions to improve to come home.

It looks like it will be a wonderful Christmas despite Mother Nature with those spectacular cookies.

Merry Christmas.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hello, dear YaYa! Looks like you had some serious flooding up there, but what a picture perfect day it was after the storm passed through! Now, don't you go hatin' on me, but I'm whining to Mother Nature because it's been too warm down here for too long! We had near record heat this weekend, in the 80s, and I'm soooooo over it! If I wanted summer all year long I'd move to.... (OOOPS, I'm already here!) Anyway, please tell MN to send some of your cool temperatures my way. We could also use the rain.

I'm so pleased to see these pics of Addy making a batch of Christmas cookies. Question: How many of them ended up in Eddy's tummy?

A. Between 5 and 10
B. Between 10 and 100
C. More than 100

I'm always happy to see that gray snout! it was also a joy to see Addy and her PawPaw enjoying a Kodak moment (along with a few cookies, I suppose).

Merry Christmas, dear friend YaYa! I wish you and your entire family a safe and happy one.

acorn hollow said...

So sorry you had so much rain:( the rain is falling here too but we are acquiring a coating of ice not fair as I had plans for the santa train with B today

Rick Watson said...

Your weather sounds almost like Alabama...except for the snow part.
We do get some snow, but not as much and frequently as you all.
Loved the photos.

selvageedge said...

We have indeed had some crazy weather this month! Hopefully it will settle into a better pattern soon. Those cookies look great. :)

Munir said...

Addy is adorable. It must have been fun to bake and decorate with her.
Those shots are amazing. You are obviously not afraid of mother nature huh?
I guess we all know the answer as to why mother nature is mad at us. A neighbor of ours was saying that it is global warming.
Have a very Merry Christmas with your family and loved ones. Stay safe and don't go taking pictures in the storm unless you are zooming from indoors.

karen said...

Yes, Mother Nature is particularly moody in MN! Love the pictures of Addy - she's really growing up!

gin said...

such a cute little cookie cook! i bet Eddy did get one or two.

Stacy Crawford said...

Definitely not a true winter day.

Sweet Tea said...

What fun!! I loved all your photos - beautiful. Is your sweet Addy named that because she is "Ad-orable"? She IS adorable! Have a Merry Christmas, dear Bloggy friend!

Hilary said...

Strange weather you're getting. But fun indoor activity and with lovely, and I'm sure, tasty results. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Vicki Boster said...

She's a doll and Christmas cookie making is the best!!!

Have a wonderful Christmas--