Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Made In China

I know I've said this before, but I can't believe a whole week has gone by without a word from Whispering Pines..not even any whispering!  The week before, and this week so far,  has been a mix of crazy busy and just plain crazy at the hospital.  The end of the year spells "Let's get it done" for many folks who put off getting that surgery all year. However, the deductibles have been met and now is the time before the new year. (Not to mention "Obamacare" surprises that will hit soon) Hey, no political statements here...I'm trying to be good..Santa is watching!  But the weekend was fast and furious and also fun!  Saturday morning Jack and I went out for breakfast.  We don't do that very often and we went to a place I've never been before. When I mention this place to anyone from Ashland they are shocked. The conversation goes something like this: Me: "I went to the Lyn-Way restaurant for the very first time in all the years I've lived here".  Them: "ARE YOU KIDDING?!"  And so on.  No I'm not kidding.  I finally can check it off my bucket list...I went to the Lyn-Way...and it was really good! So I'm thinking I'll go back.  Am I sad I put it off this long? Nah...I always thought it was a place for only old folks to hang out.  And it is..and I am.  Did I take any great pics to share? Pics of my food atleast?  Nope.  Then we went to Sam's Club and other places to shop.  Did I take any pics? Nope.  I had a weird experience in a public restroom too. Did I take any pics?  Nope....thank God.  I'll spare you.  Much later in the day Jack and I went over to our friends, Derrick and Shan's to watch Ohio State get beat and to eat some pretty yummy food.  Shan (I'm sure I'm spelling her name wrong) is from China and she made us noodles and fried rice that was really good.  The hot sauce I tried burned my lips for 3 days, but it was good too! Did I take any pics?  YES!
I admired Shan's top she was wearing.  She's so sweet.  She said..in her little Chinese accent..."Oh, I bring one back from China for you! They make extra, extra, extra large sizes!"  Did I mention she's also very honest?  It did make me laugh! But now I understand why our relations with China is not the best!  Ha!
They had gotten new furniture since the last time I was there...it's very sparkly...and it's also from China.  Of course, almost everything in America is also from China, but this was shipped from there.
They bustled about the kitchen getting the food ready.
Yep, very good!  Shan is just learning how to cook.  She grew up with maids and a nanny and never had to learn.  She wants me to teach her how to make sweets.  Sure, I'd love too.  Then she can fit into the "extra, extra, extra large" sizes too! Ha!


Stacy Crawford said...

Hmmm, sounds like a fun night at the Kencsans!

selvageedge said...

Looks like that dining set puts a different spin on "Made in China". Shan is a sweet lady. :)

Julia said...

I love your humour.
The food looks good. It's always good when someone else cooks for me.

I hope you'll sport the Extra extra extra large top when you get it from China., lol. She sounds like a sweet girl just the same, lol.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa! Yessum, I've been missing my friend the Pines Whisperer. I'm happy to hear from you, but a bit disappointed that you didn't tell us about your weird experience in a public restroom and richly illustrate it with pictures. Please don't ever be shy about sharing stories like that. Your secrets are safe with us! :) Also, if you're ever short on pictures for a given post just stick a few closeups of Eddy's mug on here and I'll be tickled pink. :)

Mrs. Shady is slammed at her hospital at this time of year, too, and for the same reasons you outlined. It's madness.

Derrick and Shawn have a lovely home. I'm glad you had a nice feast but sorry your Buckeyes lost the game. I remember Penn State beating Ohio State at our Beaver Stadium in the mid 60s. Fans were so ecstatic over the upset victory that they went on a rampage thru the town of State College and threw a VW Beetle into a swimming pool.

Thanks for checking in, dear friend YaYa. Enjoy the rest of your week!


Thanks for sharing the evening with us. Love the pictures, especially of Shan/Shawn. Very pretty. Colorful top. Sometimes honestly should be avoided!!! Esp when discussing sizes.
Happy holidays Yaya.
Hugs Barb

joanne said...

Call me curious, or random or whatever but I'm wondering what happened in the restroom! Glad to see a post from you, even if it wasn't politically correct, hehe.

PoetessWug said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! That's all I'm I'm saying!!! ^_^

Willow said...

Ha Ha . I had to laugh. Have missed it here . LOL
How's the Eddster doing in the cold ??

Becky Jerdee said...

hahahaha, what a colorful life you lead! And you're funny :)

Hilary said...

Yeah, I want to know about the washroom incident too. ;)

That food looks so yummy. I could gain one of those sizes just looking.

Sue said...


If you're an extra extra large, it scares me to think how she would refer to me!!!


Donna said...

Thanks for the giggle...you always make me laugh. It's fun to see them after hearing you talk.
The FIRST time you've been to the Lyn Way...seriously?

Deb Shucka said...

This made me laugh out loud. You sound happy, which is something to be treasured during the stress of the holidays.

Munir said...

I know some of my Asian friends are open and honest too. Their description of friendship si being open I guess.