Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013..You're Otta Here!

Well, it's finally here...my last post of 2013.  I actually look forward to this one.  Just like I look forward to my first post of 2014 tomorrow!  I took some time to go back over my blog from this past year, marveling at how fast it all went. So many moments caught...not on film...but on digital.  I didn't post all of them, believe it or not! I condensed my life down for the blog.  There were moments this year that left me sad, happy, amazed, thrilled, scared, sorry, hurting, sick, numb, satisfied, humbled, and most of all....thankful.  Thankful for family and friends and work and play. Thankful for my faith, my country, and for blogging about most of what goes on around me.  I will put this all in book form after tonight. I'll have the saved photos, memories, and prose of what took place in 2013.  I hope to heaven someone will appreciate it one day! I hope they laugh at the good stuff, cry at the right stuff, and find my ordinary life that mingled with theirs, just a bit extraordinary!  Last year I posted about coming out of work on the last day of the year in the middle of a winter storm.  I remember sliding all the way home!  We're expecting a big snow fall tomorrow and Thursday...sometimes life repeats itself!  Today I didn't have to work which was a blessing since I've been battling a bad head cold since Saturday.  Jack has been too...we're partners in illness! But I did manage to get a few things done.  I mentioned to a  blog buddy that my Mom always told us we had 3 days to get well...Jesus rose on the 3rd day and so can we!  So on my day after the 3rd day, I rose and put all the Christmas decorations away..except the tree.  I filled the dining room table up with all the "stuff" and then hauled it down to the storage area.
This did not include any outdoor décor.  I really didn't decorate as much as I usually do...and after getting it all packed away I was glad! I love this season...but I'm not fond of the "take down" part.  Jack closed down his office at noon and we decided to get some vittles for New Years Day. Before we left town we stopped at Donna's to give her my annual Greek New Years Bread I made over the weekend.
I made a couple of loaves.  Hidden inside each bread is a coin (wrapped in foil).  Whoever gets the coin in their piece will have good luck in the new year.  Donna, if you read this, please know we wish you all the best luck in 2014!  We returned home late in the afternoon.  We went out for a quick dinner.  The waitress said they were giving away poinsettia plants and would I like one.  Well, I'm really not a big fan of those or any indoor plants. I usually end up killing them eventually!  But when someone is giving a freebee, I'm a sucker!  I thanked her and took this home:
I took a photo because I'm sure it will never look this good after living with me! Tonight Jack and I will stay home and watch the ball drop in New York City (if I can stay awake that long!) We'll have a few snacks and some punch and I even made some homemade icecream! It's really for tomorrow but I just might have to taste test it!
Vanilla with chocolate chunks...I actually already taste tested it and it's sooo good!  I hope everyone has a wonderful evening...Happy New Year!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa! What a beautiful header! Is that what the Eskimos up your way call "snow"? Forgive my ignorance but it's been eons since I've seen the white stuff and I wasn't sure. :) I'm sorry you and Jack have come down with colds and hope you awake next year (tomorrow) feeling AOK. (Don't kiss Eddy on the lips at midnight 'cause we don't want him to get the sniffles!)

Mrs. Shady and I have all our decorations put away, too. She worked today and has to work tomorrow! No rest for the wicked.

That bread and homemade ice cream look so good I had to hang a drool bucket around my neck as I read your post!

Dear YaYa, it has been a real blessing having you in my circle of friends this past year. Thank you for reaching out to me like you did. I wouldn't have wanted to miss the opportunity of knowing you.

I wish you and your entire family all over the country a safe, healthy and happy new year!

gin said...

Happy new year!! wishing you and your family a happy new year filled with many blessings. my daughter alway brings me a poinsettia on Thanksgiving day. It's been on my dining table and still looks good. Some years I have been able to keep them thru spring, except the red leaves are dropped and all green leaves appear. That's one of the things the deep south is good about.

joanne said...

although there were some amazing high points this year for the most part it was a tough one, I won't complain much since I know it can be much worse and always I am thankful to have lived to see another year ring in. (there is still a few hours to go here so I better keep my fingers crossed!) May you have a wild and wonderful new year...;j

Donna said...

I'm echoing Joanne....not sorry to see 2013 go! Think that 13 was a bad number.
Thanks for the bread old sweetie! Delivery like a Ninja stealth. DON'T know HOW you get it all done-you are truly amazing. I'll share with you whatever fortune I get if I find the coin...ha!
That is the cutest little poinsettia plant I've ever seen! It ought to look gorgeous by next Christmas!
Happy New Year, dear, as Shady would say. Xo

Kay G. said...

Your Mom would not have liked me!
I would have said, "Yes, Jesus rose on the 3rd day, but I AM NOT GOD!!" HA!
Hope you are feeling better now.
Have a happy 2014!!

selvageedge said...

I love your mom's advice, and hope that it served you both well. Taking down the decorations usually makes me a bit sad. First, there's the work, then the rooms just seem plain and empty. I don't have to worry about the "empty" part any more. :)

Have a wonderful new year. I am working on a book too, although not directly from my blog. I know what you mean about hoping someone will enjoy it some day. I am sure they will! You were definitely my inspiration to blog. Thank you for that. :)

Munir said...

Take down part is always out. At work we simply put the tree on a wood pallet and tell the fork lift people to take it to the upper most floor and leave every decoration on. this way the following year all they have to do is bring it down. Take it easy. Things can wait. Don't over work, please.
Happy New Year.