Friday, December 2, 2011

Put A Fork In Me, I'm Done

It's over..yes, my work day is over. I know everyone is always thrilled when Friday comes. I've mentioned that work has been less than ideal these past few weeks. We have been warned that December will be a killer month in surgery. It usually is. People want to get any surgery done before the end of the year. I get it. But today was one crazy, busy, never ending day. The call team is still there I'm sure. They will be there tomorrow morning to finish up what we couldn't get done today. The previous call team had been there almost all night Thursday into Friday morning. Ever worked 24hrs? Ever had to work 24hrs and then continue to do your regular shift? I know we signed up for this when we chose this profession. I get that too. I've been a bit whiney lately so just let me vent and I'll be better tomorrow...Just for a recap of today: First thing this morning one of our new operating rooms flooded and we had to move everything to another room that we had closed down and that delayed the surgeries scheduled in that room...All the other rooms were booked solid and then we added the usual emergency relief people..lunch grabbed when it could be grabbed...cranky surgeons...cranky nurses...our supervisor had the day off...the RN in my room stabbed herself in the abdomen with a hypo needle...don't ask...frankly that was the best part of my day. I actually laughed. Ok, I'm done...I'm walking on my bloody stumps to the couch. Oh, I did ask the RN in my room to reenact the "stabbing" incident for the blog. Trust me, it was blog worthy....maybe next week I'll have a picture to prove it! Ok, now I'm really done. The End...P.S..I'd better qualify my stabbing comments to say the RN was not injured and she laughed too...and I forgot about the fire alarms going off in the break room when some toast in the toaster burned...Ok, all done now.


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OH my Gosh you really are done. hahahaha
Sorry I should not be laughing at this post because I know your exhausted and need a week off.
You really deserve a medal for all that you do and put up with in your profession. I thank you for your dedication to saving lives.
Not sure if your friend that stabbed herself is speaking to you after you laughed. lol But I am positive I would have done the same thing.
I would hate to have surgery in December but I know that a lot of people do it for insurance reasons.
Thanks honey for entering the giveaway and placing it on your sidebar. I appreciate you and am sending you restful wishes for the weekend

Sweet Tea said...

I feel like fainting at the mere thought of a needle - but even I laughed as you told the story of the needle in the stomach. GOOD GRIEF!!!! That's awful!!

I don't know how you can work for 24+ hrs. God bless you, Girl, Get some rest!

Munir said...

Are you OK? Wow some day huh ? I hope that the stabbing was an accident.
Surgery in December reminds me of my husband's cardiac bypass surgery three years ago. It was a decision based on the fear that if he did not get the surgery he had the chances of an MI. I am sure you are as much caring of a professional ( and a person) as the ones who helped my husband. I hope you get a good foot massage from some one or a home spa and have a chocolate face mask and afterwards a good bath. You need to treat yourself as well:)

karen said...

Terrible, terrible day! Hospital days are brutal at best. I attended a pacemaker implant once because I wanted to see how they were done. What should have taken an hour took all day because the case kept getting bumped. I don't know how people keep their tempers - I really don't. Kudos to you and to all health professionals! Now go put your feet up and have a Diet Coke.

selvageedge said...

I hope your weekend feels as long as your work week did. In a good way. :)

I have been guilty of scheduling medical procedures in December for the past three years, each time hoping it would save us money by avoiding the next year's deductible. And each time I have maxed out the next year's co-insurance anyway. Maybe next year will be my lucky year.

acorn hollow said...

how could there not be a accident with a needle when you are tied and over worked. should be some kind of law I do not believe it is that safe. Glad you have the weekend to recoup. I saw on facebook my sister in law who is an operating room nurse say it's friday and I am not on call. So it must be most hospitals.

Linda Hoye said...

Oh my. I hope you have a restful weekend.

Amy and Craig said...

I'm glad I know the whole hypodermic needle story or this post could be a bit concerning! :> Sorry stuff is challenging at work. Maybe what you need is to come visit us in MI and get away from it all for a bit! :>

Sue said...

Someone needs to tell you how much you are needed and appreciated, just like all nurses. It is truly a noble profession, and I thank you for doing it!


Donna said...

Well if it's any consolation I'm on vaca and here at an ophthal seminar in our fav city. Got up at 3 a to catch a 6 am flight. Now on break. Home about 10 tonight if all goes well with time diff. Feel awful about your day and seeing what's ahead w call for us. Ugh! Just deep breathe! Maybe we should ask to do call together. Misery loves company. -Or not for the sake of our friendship!

Kim said...

Holy cow! After 24 hours that nurse is lucky all she did was stab herself - she could have accidentally amputated something (and needed stitches) ewww. Lol
Hope you are resting now and the coming week improves :)

Donna said... your new header and page design!!!

Sandi said...

Oh YaYa, what a day (and sounds like night) you had! You nurses are saints as far as I'm concerned. You hold everything together, and make the doctors look good!

I hope things settle down a little and you manage to enjoy this month (at least while you're at home!)

Oh, love the snowy picture on your blog!

Darlene said...

I don't know how you gals do it, I really don't. Yes indeed, being a nurse IS a noble profession. I am sure I would still enjoy being in the medical field. I had a scholarship to Stanford and all I wanted to be was a doctor. Oh yes, I had good plans, but got talked out of it and instead got married a week after my 18th birthday. There are so many times when I wished I had followed my dream, but I least I got five great children out of this marriage before my first husband left me for another woman. I'm so sorry though that you had such a hard hard few days.