Sunday, December 25, 2011

Taking Time

Every year my Mother and Father in-law would give us a new ornament. I was playing around with my new camera and took a pic of an ornament on the tree. I didn't really look at which one I picked and when I saw this saying I thought it was very appropriate for today. We do need to take time for this special holiday. We took time this morning to attend Church and enjoyed a nice program with scripture readings and beautiful music by a tiny choir of adults and children with special numbers that brought tears to my eyes. I'm very grateful for the time we spent there this morning to remember the real reason for this season, our Savior Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for us. Then we went home and spent time with family. Our children that live here in Ashland came in the afternoon to open gifts, eat and share fun times with each other. I was grateful for a loving family and the beautiful day we had.
Even Eddy was excited to open gifts today.
The tables were set with the Christmas china. When I looked closely at this pic I was surprised to look at the outside from the dining room looks like snow! It's been a very mild December and we haven't had any snow...yet...but this pic makes it look like we are having a white Christmas.
We set up a Children's table for the first time. It's the first time we haven't had any kiddos that needed a highchair or had to sit on a parent's lap!
Lexi and Addy came a little earlier than the other kids so I had Lexi help me make some appetizers. She's a good helper!
When our son Jack arrived with his family the first thing Driana was excited to show off were her new boots! Of course PawPaw had to comment that he thought she just forgot to shave her legs....what a kidder he is! I thought they were really cute!
Lexi was excited to show off her "super cool" feather in the hair look. Cute Lexi!
Addy was more interested in seeing what was behind all the pretty wrappings! After everyone arrived we snacked a bit then opened gifts. We had fun and I think everyone liked what they got. Tomorrow is a shopping day for the teens and I think if anything needs returned, they can have fun doing that! Me? I try and avoid any and all malls at this time of year....actually I don't enjoy shopping that much and I think staying away from all the crowds keeps me healthier. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!
After gifts were opened, everyone was ready for the big feast. Ham and tons of fixings were put out on the island buffet style. Everything turned out great even if I did spill the green bean casserole all over the inside of the oven...
After the meal was over I took the kiddos that wanted to head outside for a nice walk. The weather was perfect...around 40de. and sunny. Felt like Easter instead of Christmas! It was also windy and I wished we had some kites to fly. Oh well, it was fun anyway.
The walk down our country road was perfect for "cousin follow the leader" game!
As the day ended, I thought I'd better snap a few shots before everyone left. Summer and Driana are the cutest sisters around! Well, all my Granddaughters are beautiful and I can't believe how fast everyone is growing up.
Then there's these two monkeys...I think they had a great Christmas day and now they're ready for a nice week off school to play with all the new video games they scored this year!
I made this little decoration years ago and I still like it even though it's got some very obvious flaws. But then, don't we all have very obvious flaws? And won't our Savior make them Ok if we just ask for His help and guidance? Merry Christmas everyone....


Donna said...

Your ornament says it all. Relecting today on all the little things that were said and done this year, the ones that stick are the most thoughtful things that we all did for each other. Help cleaning up was one that comes to mind. Another is that the Paw-Paw at my house had to go to the ER at 1:30 am Christmas eve for acute bronchitis. We got multiple calls from the kids throughout the day very concerned and then our Dr friend came from Cleveland to do a "housecall"! Extraordinary!
Your day looks extraordinary too by way of family. They all look great...that Driana and Summer sure look like twinners and the little kids are all so cute! It looks like a perfect day with even a walk!
See you Tuesday when it's back to work!!

Hilary said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day.. such lovely kidlets. :)

Amy and Craig said...

I'm sad we missed it! Looks like a great way to spend Christmas afternoon! I can't believe every time I see a pic of Summer and Driana how grown up they are. It kills me that we haven't been around enough to get to know them better (and I know the other kids would have so much fun playing together). Give them all hugs from us!

Stacy Crawford said...

Merry Christmas! I did get the ecard, but it won't open?!
Thanks for your support. I love singing, Kayla has a pretty voice too. I knew she'd share if I sang with her. I'm nervous about the heat she's packin' too, but Dad overruled my veto, they promised the up most safety. We bought a lock box for it today.

It looks like you had a great day with family. I'm glad you had time for a beautiful walk! I love your handmade decoration.

Camille said...

it looks like you had an awesome christmas with your family, and you didnt forget about Jesus, what's most important! thats awesome!

Kim said...

It sounds perfect and you celebrated in all the important ways. Your tree looks so nice. Sorry you didn't get snow. We had (still have) some on the ground. It can go away now though.

Sandi said...

I love your sweet ornament, too! What a wonderful jam-packed day you had with your loved ones. Happy Christmas week to you all!

Sue said...

I'll bet they all look forward to coming! Looks like so much fun...


vicki said...

Yaya - your grandchildren are all so beautiful - what a wonderful family you have. Holidays are such a special time for family to be together - you are certainly blessed. Your pictures are fabulous - all those smiles!