Saturday, December 10, 2011


Last night we had our traditional Church Christmas social. The theme this year was..yes, you guessed it...Christmas family traditions. We had members give us pictures of their family get togethers or anything they wanted to share about what they traditionally do to celebrate this season. Stacy (Crawford Family blog) put together a really nice video of all the pics and added many beautiful Temple Christmas scenes along with music. Thanks Stacy for all your hard work in a short period of time! Jack's High Priest group was in charge and I think it all came out great. The food was good, the entertainment was a nice mix of many of the season's fun and spiritual activities that many families do this time of year.I found this pic of my Dad and Mom celebrating their first Christmas together....I laughed at all the tinsel on the tree. My Dad really loved Christmas and I guess tinsel! That was a tradition growing up. We always had to put tons of tinsel on our trees and Dad used to say.."One stran at a time..but when we couldn't stand it any more we threw it on in clumps! He never minded because I think he believed as I do..all trees look beautiful after the lights are turned on! What are some of your traditions? >a onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">When these cuties were wheeled in I knew I needed a quick pic of our newest members...Twins,Tommy and Ellie. They came decked out in Santa attire. It's hard to believe that just a few months ago I blogged about their baby shower!
Families started filing in, taking time to chit chat. Something we are really good at!
We put the food in the Relief Society room. We had a nice variety. Jack asked one of our members who usually does the meat portion to prepare something good for us and boy he out did himself again this year. He did a delish pork roast and this amazingly good pecan crusted chicken number that I need the recipe for! Thanks Sean! It helps to have a chef in the Branch!
This year I suggested that we have a dessert contest. It was something we traditionally did years back. This cute entry was done by two cute sibling kiddos...It won 2 awards! Show offs!
Now, don't let this disgusting looking photo ruin your appetite for dessert. This was taken after the judges were done...and those were my contributions! They were very good too. The raspberry, chocolate cheese cake truffle tasted better than this looks!
After dinner we gave out the awards for the desserts and the winners picked them out of my Grinch's bag. I even won for best tasting. However, since I bought the gifts I gave mine away! Sorry the Grinch came out blurry, but then he is the Grinch after all...I wasn't going to let him spoil my post!
We got Santa ready for his big reveal...Thanks Rick for helping out. He and wife just moved here this Summer when he took a position at the University...After this he may not feel so bad about having to move again next Summer!
The kiddos, old and young, made a quick visit to get a candy cane and quick reminder of what was on their list. Thanks again to our North Pole helper!
Well, as Santa would say: "Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night".


acorn hollow said...

It sounds like a wonderful time. Your dad looks like he is just laying back enjoying his beautiful tree. Love your mom's hair. the last picture is such an ahhhh moment.
happy christmas to you too.

Stacy Crawford said...

I'm loving that picture of Tommy and Santa! Vic will probably want a copy.

It was a good time. I wished the after the social happenings were as fun and traditional.

Varsity lost in overtime by 7 points. Kota swerved to miss a deer and totaled the Trail Blazer...

Merry Christmas anyhow!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

YaYa honey what a beautiful way for me to start my day! Loved reading about your Christmas social at your church.
Your Mom and Dad's first Christmas together is so wonderful and that you have the pic is amazing. I would love to have one like this of my mom and dad.
Thank you honey for coming by and entering my giveaway. Good luck on winning.
I am leaving sometime this evening for Georgetown and then from there we leave for the Iowa debates. Wish me luck honey that Ms Pearl stays home in Brenham. lol My landlady can get pretty crazy when driving

Sue said...

Some of my favorite wardChristmas dinner entertainments have been slide shows of families in the ward, and interspersed with temple scenes it must have been great! That one of your parents was so much fun. My dad always made us put the tinsel on one strand at a time, too! (Clumps were absolutely forbidden at our house.)


PS. I'm glad that Stacy's boy is okay. Scary!!

selvageedge said...

Love, love, love the tinsel tree! Our family used to be equally generous with the silvery stuff. Even when the tree itself was one of those silver ones with the rotating light that turned it colors. :)

Love, love, love those cute kiddos too! And one of these years I will get my dessert in the building early enough to be judged. Yeah right, if I couldn't manage that before the babies I'm not likely to after. :)

Donna said...

Looks like it was a great night of fun and festivites!! The cakes and babes look terrific!
My fav picture was the first shot of your parents and the tinsel tree. My mom too used to say the "one strand at a time" thing. Love seeing your mom with heels on after decorating the tree! She has great gams by the way!! Must take after you, huh?


How fun. I love church socials, esp at Christmas. Our church had their children's program last week and we loved every minute. Of course I love the carols.
I have to say your social took "the cake."
Thanks for sharing. Blessings on this busy season.

vicki said...

Yaya - Holiday gatherings with family and friends are such a wonderful blessing - made even more special for the holidays. These pictures show a great evening of fun - I think all the food looked delicious - your entries looked fabulous!

You are blessed to be able to enjoy these special times. Thanks for sharing -


Bonnie said...

DId you say "chocolate cheesecake truffle"??? OMG, that sounds like heaven! I would have destroyed it. I'm such a cheesecake fanatic.
I think this kind of event sounds absolutely lovely. :) I wish we had something like this around here that we could participate in!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Julia said...

I think that it's about time I come over to check up on your blog. I've seen your picture on many of my friend's blogs but time is always a factor for me and I steal a minute here and there to comment.

I love the old picture of your mom and dad and that tree with the silver tinsels brought back a flood of old memories. At our house it was one tinsel at a time too and we loaded it but not as much. We probably couldn't afford it, lol... I love Christmas traditions and your Traditional Church Christmas Social is heart warming.

What a great idea to have a desert contest and congratulations for winning the best tasting desert.

The last picture is just too sweet, sleeping in Santa's arms. Have a great week and stay safe and warm. JB

Nezzy said...

Don't ya just love Christmas Traditions???

I loved seein' the old pic of your little girl Christmas. Oh that tinsel. Mom would make me put it on a string at a time and baby...she used packages upon packages of the stuff! Heeehehehe!

Oh those babies are just precious girl. I do remember the shower post.

God bless ya and have a most beautiful day sweetie!!

Thanks for enterin' my giveaway...I always look forward to your comments! :o)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I loved that old photo! I was just talking to a girlfriend this morning about the old silver ice cycles we to hang all over the tree..and then they got cheaper and cheaper..and finally you couldn't get them apart. so stopped buying them and the fad faded.
The babes are just so cute. I'm telling you first... :) I am going to be a great grandma again this coming July 4th. (The hopeful due date, of course!) I am so happy. The entire HUGE family of us is beside ourselves. I have one tiny grandson that is going to be a year old and I have not seen him. None of us have and we are hoping they all come out this coming summer..
Loved this post... :)
Merry Christmas. Oh..forgot..traditons. We have so many! one. We leave the tree lights on all night long and Christmas music playing softly..
Now my children do this...and probably their children will. :)
I miss those days of early Christmas mornings..I try not to remember too much. It's hard.

Darlene said...

Oh my gosh, I clicked on "Publish your Comment" and it all went away and put me on some crazy page. I can see now that there is a sign in after submitting my comment. I may not be able to comment on your blog anymore. I have three that this happens with me that I have to go on as anonymous and it states here that you do not allow anonymous comments. I'll be surprised if this even shows up.

Darlene said...

Well thank goodness it did show up. I will try to recapture my comments as best I can:

I did mention how fun Branch parties can be because for the most part there aren't too many people there. It does sound like you had a great party. Years ago when I lived in this desert, I used to go to Palm Springs Branch and let me tell you, it was small. That was in the days when we used to have to pay for our own Chapels. We had a wonderful chef in our Branch too!! He used to make a prime rib dinner every Saturday night and we took turns helping in the kitchen. We made an awful lot of money for our building fund. We also had a butcher in our Ward, so he could get us beautiful meat wholesale. This was in the 60's and we charged $5.00 per person!! I would love to have one of those dinners now. The whole town used to come. In those days, not many people were there in the summer.

I can remember trimming our tree and my dad used to admonish me to only put one piece of tinsel on the tree at a time. We did have a beautiful tree though and I wish I had a picture of one of them now. What a great treasure your picture is!

The desserts look wonderful and I love that part of the meal the best. You had a great job of being a taster. I would have loved that job. The winners really outdid themselves.

Can't remember the rest....oh well. Did you change something on your blog now that we have to do this?

Loretta said...

What a beautiful fun-filled social!
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Warmest Regards,