Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pop! Bang! Shout! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

This final post of 2011 features my final bread making attempts...actually I think it's the first attempt this year! I make a recipe handed down from Mom...Greek New Years Bread. Hidden inside those loaves is a coin (wrapped in foil)and when the bread is cut the person whose slice contains the coin will have good luck throughout the new year...if they don't swallow it of one ever has at my home anyway! I wish everyone a very healthy and happy new year and I can't believe I'm heading into my 5th blogging year! These sunset shots were taken a few seconds apart over the field across from our home...and I'm setting the sun on my blog for 2011...Happy New Year!


acorn hollow said...

What a festive looking blog! five years oh my. your bread looks so yummy I could live on just bread.
happy new year

Kim said...

I like homemade bread - and finding money would be a plus!
Happy New Year!

Stacy Crawford said...

Now that is a neat tradition. Much better than pork and sauerkraut. Yuck!

I love the sunset pics, I bet you are loving that camera. I really enjoy using ours too.

Happy New Year to you, we are heading to Michigan for the weekend, see you soon.

Kerri said...

Your bread looks like the kind you can hollow out and put spinach dip in! I've never heard of this tradition before...but how fun! I would be hoping the entire time that I got the lucky coin!
Happy New Year Yaya!

Sue said...

What a fun tradition, and some gorgeous shots of the sky.

Have a wonderful New Year, Kathy!


Munir said...

That bread looks mouth watering and not just because I love bread.
I did not realize that you are such a good photographer. We had gorgeous weather too, today for winter. We got lucky.
Happy New Year.
We will start baking at eleven forty five so the cake comes out of the oven at twelve fifteen. this way we can say that we started baking in one year and finished in the following year. Lame?


Beautiful photos. Love the coin in the bread idea.
I make bread too and love eating bread.
Not supposed to right now with my strict health diet.
Have a lovely safe happy healthy New Year. Barb

Donna said...

No! Is that what the bread was in my basket today???? What a pleasant surprise and how dumb I am!!! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!! I always LOVE it!!

Went to Jan's party tonight...the last one in the door. What a loser I am. Was just glad to wish her well. Sorry I missed you. Happy New Year!!!

Hope said...

what a great New Years tradition! I think I will try it for next year!

have a wonderful and richly blessed New Year as well yaya!

Deb Shucka said...

What a great way to start a new year. The photos are incredible. Wishing you the happiest of new years.

Sweet Tea said...

Who found the coin? I gotta know!!
Happy New Year! May the new year bring much happiness to all of us here in bloggyland!

CHERI said...

I love the coin in the bread idea:) If I knew how to make bread I'd try that with my grandkids. Of course, neither of them would probably eat the bread as they are both rather picky eaters. Wonder how I could stuff a toy surprise inside broccoli...maybe they'd eat it then! Happy New Year to you and yours...sure hope it's our best year yet.