Friday, December 16, 2011


Winter is almost here...Christmas is almost here...I'm almost done getting ready...well, that is pushing it a bit. We have to have some stuff done because this weekend we have my family get together in Chicago and I've been baking, shopping, wrapping and staying up late! But I will still have shopping to finish for family that will gather here on Christmas day. I will have more baking and cooking to do to get ready for the day also..but we always get it done and then I can go from "almost" to "all done"...Here is Jack doing what he's good at...gathering....chain sawing...stacking....cutting...firewood. We have had a warm start to December (unlike last year) but we had to finally get the wood burner up and running. Today the temps were "almost" 60..but by tomorrow it will be back to being "almost" winter with colder temps.
My decorations are me...but I love them and I love the stories and memories they bring. Here are just a few of my oldest ones. I painted my shelf in the kitchen this past year and I wanted to see how all my decorations would look. It does make them stand out. I know I keep saying I didn't decorate as much this year, but you'd never guess that from looking at this picture!
Meet "Psycho" Santa...I did a blog a few years ago about my Santa collection and I don't recall if I featured him. My kids named him. He's about 20yrs. old I think. I got him from an LTD catalog. Do you know LTD commodities? I didn't notice his green gloved hands when I purchased it, but I still like him and I love his little work table with a tiny bag of groceries on it. When the kids saw the green hands for some reason they thought he looked like a they named him "Psycho"..and it stuck! What can I say? 4 boys and their crazy imaginations!
I bought this wreath in 1982. I have always loved it. I love the colors, the patterns and how it looks hanging over our kitchen fireplace.
I hang this greeting in my kitchen. Jack's parents always had it hanging over their fireplace at the farm. When they passed we were able to take it to our home. I've always liked it and it fits nicely right here.
The Grinch hovers in the corner....just reminds me to not let any craziness of this time of year dampen the holiday's taken me a little longer this year to get into the swing of celebrating, but I can say I'm "almost" there! The Grinch was a gift from a dear friend..Bryn..I got her one the same year! (we actually bought them together when we went to a craft show)It's also about 20yrs. old.
This cross stitch holiday greeting was done by Jack's Mom. I always hang it up every year. She made one for each of her kids and I love the colors and the picture. It's atleast 25yrs old. I think of her every time I take it out of Christmas storage.
Last, but not least is the tree. We put it up on Saturday..thanks to my son Phil!..and I decorated it on Sunday. The ornaments on it are also old. My inlaws would always give us a dated ornament every year. The kids got special ones of their own and have taken them to their own homes now. When I hang ours I always think of what we were doing on each year. It's been 11yrs. since Jack's parents have passed and this was Mom's favorite time of year. I can't help thinking of her and Dad and all they put into making it a special time down on the farm every Christmas day. They had a 20ft. ceiling in their living room and their tree was almost as high. This one isn't any where near as tall, but I think it's as pretty.
We got this Nativity set about 3yrs. into our marriage. That makes it 34yrs. old. I like it's simplicity. It helps me remember that with all the hustle and bustle and the fun, I'm very grateful for the real reason for this season. Keeping everything in perspective, taking time to enjoy family and friends and most of all being grateful to my Savior for all He has done for me. Uplifting, sustaining and never giving up on me even when I have felt like giving up on myself. Merry Christmas!


Sush said...

Your home looks so inviting with all your decorations. I do love the stories to be told with 'treasured' decorations. I can just see those four boys calling Santa psycho! I've four of my own now grown and I know just how they can be.

You have lovely memories to go with your treasures.

Donna said...

I've always liked your Christmas decorations. The shelves in your kitchen look great with all the cubbies full of decorations! You are wonder woman the way you work and get everything else done too. I am amazed at all you do! Have a wonderful time in Chicago....I wish I could go with you!

acorn hollow said...

you decorated your home with memories. that is the nicest kind of decorations.

acorn hollow said...

you decorated your home with memories. that is the nicest kind of decorations.

Loretta said...

Wow, what a treat...there isn't anything wrong with works here! I love the wreath and the cab in the kitchen...All memories, and heirlooms from the past. Thanks for sharing your treasures!

Warm Wishes,
Loretta xoxo

rosaria said...

And these are the things that sustain us, give us hope, keep the memories bright!
Happy Holidays, dear friend.

Bonnie said...

These almost 60-degree temperatures are so weird at this time of year. We had that on Wednesday, and it was just ... awkward. It is back in the 30s today, so I am back to freezing my nads off. Hello, December.
It's so hard to get ready for the holidays! I mean, I love it because I love this time of year so very, very much, but it definitely keeps me busy!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Stacy Crawford said...

I love the decor. Beautiful!

Kim said...

I like your decorations and the stories behind them. I always get distracted when I decorate the tree - each old ornament has a memory.

Sandi said...

I also love the stories behind the decorations. It reminds me once again, that it isn't the "things" we hold dear, but the memories interwoven into the objects. I am the same way. My favorite things are out, because they are the ones I hold most dear. But there are half a dozen bins in the garage that aren't out yet! I'm going to get on that today!