Saturday, January 9, 2021

Is It A Bird? Or A Plane? Nope, Just Blue Skies!

 We had lovely blue skies today...the sun was even visible!

Blue skies above the pines.  The temps were mild in the 30's.  Phil did come over and split wood. Jack and I did lend a hand.

Our son Phil loading the gator with wood to split.  He's been such a wonderful help to us these past months while Jack recoups.  Jack and I helped stack and run the splitter while Phil did the heavy lifting. It was so nice out that he didn't even need a coat and worked up a sweat in the 37de heat! Just being outdoors was a pleasure today.

Our neighbor's chickens enjoyed the sunshine too. They visit daily and enjoy the various selections of up guys and gals!
Wait! One thing is not like the others...but do they care? Do they fight with him? Do they get upset over his different color? Hair style? Big ears? Nope. We could learn a few things here folks. Just sayin'. Plus Jack concluded that that's where we get Cadbury eggs. Hmmm.
Here's a pic of my attempt at homemade bagels. They are good! I'm going to make cinnamon raison next.  Just my way of bringing joy to the world...and it keeps me off the streets.

So as the sunsets slowly in west here at Whispering Pines I do hope next week is calmer in our country. I don't post political stuff but it's not because I have my head in the sand or don't care.  It's because I choose to keep my blog full of peace...quiet...and of course....HOPE.  Night all!


Susan Zarzycki said...

It's so nice to have helpful children! I love the chicken photos! That rabbit looks big! Have a great week.💖

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

I was lucky to return to blogging in time to read your previous post letting us know Jack is doing better by the day and that your ticker checked out AOK. I thoroughly enjoyed this latest post revealing that your gray skies have turned blue prompting you, Jack and Phil to get outdoors and "make hay while the sun shines," that is to say "log" some quality time "lumbering" around and doing "woodwork" at The Pines. Did the Yeti lend a paw?

I well remember working up a sweat outdoors when the temp was in the 30s. When I was in my teens, my cousin and I used to play basketball with other boys on winter nights. The teams were divided into "shirts and skins," meaning one team played in shirtsleeves and the other team was bare chested. We played so hard that the steam was flying off of us, and I don't remember ever feeling cold.

Heavens to Betsy! I think I could eat every one of your homemade bagels right here and now in the next few seconds. I keep trying to reach for them but my monitor screen won't let my hands through. :)

Looks like the Easter Bunny made an early appearance at The Pines. Thanks for conveying the subtle message about tolerance and for the tone of your last paragraph. Now more than ever our country needs peace, quiet, calm and hope.

Thank you, dear friend YaYa, and have a wonderful week ahead!

acorn hollow said...

I hope your neighbor comes over with some fresh eggs now and then. So nice your son can help you with the wood and very glad to hear Jack is on the mend.
Your bagels look good nothing tastes better than fresh Homemade!
We haven't seen the sun much this year either even if it's cold the sun makes it bearable.

jack69 said...

Oh yes, we could learn a lot from fowl and fauna. I did smile at the Cadbury Egg comment.
The best sent your way
Sherry & jack in a cool Florida

joeh said...

Just looking at someone splitting wood and I can feel my testosterone rise.

TheCrankyCrow said...

LOL about the bunny! He is obviously a pet of someone's??? I could watch chickens all day I think. I've thought of getting a few here, but I would not enjoy walking through mountains of snow in the winter to lock them up for the night....and they likely wouldn't last long around here with all the "wild things." A few weeks back, we had a cougar trolling our front and side yard. And the coyotes are so bold and numerous that sometimes I just have to scream at them so they will back off. Glad you have such a caring and helpful son. It makes the load lighter. And yes, yes, and yes about the politics, state of our country and the need for peace, quiet, calm and hope. Hmmm....have never tried making bagels. I might have to give them a whirl. I think they are a lot "healthier" than cinnamon rolls. ;-) Sunday Blessings ~Robin~

Julia said...

Yay for the blue sky and for the chicken and the bunny. Hahaha... Bunny has put his order in early for the Easter eggs. Will there be an Easter Egg Hunt this spring? Only Bunny knows for sure.

How nice that your strong son came to help split the wood. Some of the pieces look quite big.

Oh, I would love one of those homemade bagels. I have a recipe but never tried it.

It would be nice if the politicians would ask for God's help because without it we are heading for a rough time, not only in the USA but globally.

Enjoy the nice temperature. We are also enjoying some warm temperatures.
Hugs, Julia

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

I hear you on the political front YaYa. We get enough of it everywhere else, and it's nice to have places to visit on the web that are just about our everyday lives.
Horray for this mild January weather so far!


Prims By The Water said...

I laughed about the Cadbury eggs with that bunny and chickens. So glad your son is able to pitch in. Janice

Kay G. said...

We don't usually have such grey days in Georgia but this January, I am begging for blue skies! Finally got one today, so happy to see the sun! I know just what you mean! Like you, I like peace on my blog. Glad to know Jack is doing better and happy you have help with the hard chores. Take care!