Saturday, September 12, 2020

Modern Day Weddings

 Weddings are so different these days than when Jack and I tied the knot. (or noose as Jack might joke...I think he's joking?...hmm) Anyway, my son's step-daughter, Samantha, got married yesterday afternoon. Yep, on a Friday and on 9/11.  It was a really beautiful afternoon and evening. The setting was great. It was outdoors and thankfully the event Gods knew it wasn't me planning the festivities or else it would have rained, or been 95de with 95% humidity, or maybe even a tornado...just ask my son Phil about his reception here at the Pines. ( a story for another time) The ceremony was lovely and the reception fun.  What's the difference from then to now?  When we got married we were really young..21yrs old.  We were poor as church mice but my parents paid for the wedding so it was really nice.  All the gifts we received were so needed since we hadn't set up housekeeping before we were married. I so loved my avocado green crock pot! Living together before hand would not have gone over good with our folks. Especially my Dad! Jack was still in school. I just finished my schooling so I could work while he finished his. We had help from his folks to afford the first and last month rent and some furniture.  We had a budget of $25 a week for groceries.  We did OK. Plus I wasn't expecting a baby.  I'm not judging here, just stating facts. Things were different back 46 years ago.  Samantha and her sweet hubby just bought a new house. They have lived together for a while and she's a  respiratory therapist and he's a police officer. They work hard and are an awesome couple. I'm very happy for them.  I'm thinking they were smarter than us. Not struggling in the same way we did with Jack in school and living with a small income and some of the other things that many people go through in life. I'm sure Sam and Ryan will have their own unique challenges since the world today, even with all it's conveniences and opportunities, is a different place than 46 years ago. Of course we knew couples in our day who did live together first. They did have outdoor weddings. I mean, we lived through the 60's and early 70's with flower children! And of course children came "prematurely" after the wedding.  So maybe things really aren't that much different. I just wish them a wonderful, loving and long life together.  I wish them to learn through trials and how to compromise. I wish them all the happiness Jack and I have had over these years.  I won't be here in 46 years to see how it goes but I'm putting my faith in them to make it a wonderful life. And congrats on their surprise announcement at the reception. They are expecting their first child! I guess that will make us step Great Yaya and Pawpaw...time marches on.  Congrats Samantha and Ryan!

Beautiful setting.  A small wedding. This was not the original plan but thanks to Covid they had to choose a different venue.  It was a good choice!
The happy couple, Samantha and Ryan.

My son Jack and my daughter-in-law and mother of the bride, Evelyn.
My Granddaughter Summer and her fiance, Brett. They're getting married next summer.
My Granddaughter, Driana, (Summer's sister) and her fiance, Jonathan. They are getting married next summer too! When did these kiddos grow up? I must have blinked!
Good luck to all the cute couples...I hope you have as much fun and as many years as we have!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

This is so sweet, dear friend! Congratulations to the happy couple, Samantha and Ryan, on their wedding. They picked a beautiful natural waterside setting for the ceremony and I'm glad the weatherman cooperated. I appreciate the great pics you posted of Jack Jr, Evelyn, Summer and Brett and Driana and Jonathan. It was interesting to read about how you and Jack started your life together. You guys are still going strong after 46 years of marriage. That's the equivalent of a hundred Hollywood marriages laid end to end! :)

Blessing to Sam and Ryan as they await the birth of their first child. I wish them all the happiness in the world and many wonderful years together!

joeh said...

Years ago couples married at a very young age with no money and no anything. THese days as you say are way different. What caused the change from young marriage to delayed weddings?


betty said...

Congrats to Samantha and Ryan and at least the baby is coming after they were married and not before. Wishing them much happiness!


acorn hollow said...

Happy life to your step grands! you are right in your description of life 46 years ago. It will be 45 for us this year and we were very young! and poor too and no living together before hand. We were married 8 years before we had children or child in my case. It was hard and lessons learned along the way but all worth it.

Julia said...

Congratulations on the newlywed. You are so right about weddings being different today as they once were. I'm glad the weather was so nice for the event. I wish them a successful marriage.

We have been married for 53 years and still haven't killed each other so I think we did pretty well so far. We too were poor and had nothing when we got married.
Stay well and safe.
Hugs, Julia

Prims By The Water said...

Yep times have changed for sure. Congrats to the newlyweds! Janice

CHERI said...

The wedding looks lovely, but YEP...things have certainly changed. My nephew and his fiance are very pregnant but the wedding hasn't happened yet! (Let's just say, my mother would have killed me or at least kept me in hiding!!!) Our marriage sounds a lot like yours. Got married end of our jr. year in in love and didn't want to wait...but we were poor as church mice too. Both in school and both working...totally on our own. How we made it I don't know, but if we had $20 at the end of the month we were thrilled!!!! Guess we lived on a lot of love cause it's last for 50 years now:) Our wedding was simple with a reception of cake, punch, and mints in the church social fancy $10,000 reception at the Country Club like so many these days!!! I am truly blessed to be married to my soul mate who I believe feels the same about me (although at times I imagine he has the noose idea too:)