Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Forecast: Blog Fog

I realized this week that I hadn't posted since Thanksgiving.  I'm usually at least a once a weeker blogger!  Jack told me if I didn't blog he wouldn't know what I've been up too. I'm pretty sure he knows what I've been up too lately since he's usually my partner in crime!  I think he means he wonders what my brain thinks about what I've been up too and that's a dangerous place to be my friend.  So I dug up something to write about and I'm saying to Jack, "This blogs for you!"  I'll start with last week and how our surgical department decided to donate some food to our local food pantry.
Bags of goodies of all kinds were brought in and I took them to Associated Charities on Friday.  Work has been a beast lately and it felt good to do something nice away from the hospital. Thanks to all my coworkers for their generosity.  Next on the agenda for home was the decorating part of Christmas.  I've cut down on my decorating the last few years and thankfully my son Phil has taken up the torch,  He stopped over and helped us get the tree up and then he went through all the decorations I said he could have and went home with 2 Rubbermaid tubs filled with Santas!  I used to collect them so he had quite the selection. Thanks for making the storage room a bit roomier Phil!  However, that did not mean I was left with bare sirree!
Santa..just one of many.
Santa relaxing on the stairs.
Tree up and a Santa watching from the clock.
Living room mantle.

We even got one of those light show things you put in the ground and just turn on..easy peasy!  I'm going to show you the kitchen mantle..
See my wreath? Well here's a pic I found from 1983 when we lived in the apartment above my husband's office:
See the wreath? That makes it about 33yrs old...I bought it at a craft show and it's lasted very nicely and still ranks as one of my favorite decorations..very simple, very country, very fun.  And now, last but certainly not least, our youngest son came by today to show us his Christmas present to himself..a new vehicle...a pretty Christmas red truck!
Nice ride Jordan! I had a bit of a hard time climbing up into that thing!  He's excited to own it and I'm excited to have one I can borrow to haul "stuff".  Well, that's all that's happening you very well know! The Blog Fog has cleared for this week!


acorn hollow said...

Merry Christmas! Looks very festive and glad you have help

gin said...

Great post! This week I passed on my kids childhood ornaments to them as I decorated my tree and reminisced about the past. Your tree and house is lovely. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

I see you changed your header again. So cute!

Thanks for catching us (and Jack) up on what's been going on in your life and in your noggin. God bless you for participating in the food drive and for taking time to deliver the donations to the charities' drop-off location.

Your house looks very warm and inviting all decorated for Christmas. I have always favored those tiny pure white lights. They create a magical glow on your living room mantle. Your tree is wonderful as are the old wreath and your other decorations.

Jord looks mighty proud of his new wheels. Next time you comment on SDMM, let me know how he's doing w/o Eddy and if he is thinking about getting another dog. I know old Eddy would have loved to ride in that new truck with his face out the window and the cold air flapping his jowls. I miss my old buddy a lot, YaYa.

Thank you for another delightful post, dear friend, and enjoy the rest of your week!

Rick Watson said...

The decorations look beautiful. We'll be doing that here this weekend. I love those Santas. They look so realistic. We bought a Christmas Pig last night. It's one of those figures that goes outside and lights up. I plan to write an upcoming column about the quest to find it at local stores.

Julia said...

Your house looks very festive even though you gave a lot of your santas away to your son. I've gave a lot of my ornaments to my granddaughter for their tree last year as well this year I gave her a lot of Halloween decorations.
Good for you to participate in a food drive for the needy. Our church does this every year.

I used to have help to decorate my tree but now I have to do it myself. I even drag that old sucker of a tree from the garage into the livingroom. I use the same old ornaments and most of the have been given to me from the kids as I always said, all I want for Christmas is an ornament for my tree instead of them getting things that I didn't needed.

This year I'll be using some of Nicole's ornaments that are handmade. Somehow Christmas will be different but we will get through it because it's really Jesus's birthday.

Wishing you a wonderful Advent.

Munir said...

Wow .Such nice pictures of the decorations you have done. God bless your home.
I have not blogged for a very long time. Most of my time goes in commuting and it seems like as I am getting older every thing seems like an effort. Hopefully I will get some time and energy to write a post for wishing every one happy Holidays and New Year. I enjoy reading though. Thanks for lovely blogs.

betty said...

LOL, I had blog fog. I saw this yesterday in my feed to read, but skipped it somehow (blaming it on age). It is always good to help others, isn't it? Glad your department made the contribution to the food bank! Love the decorations. I have that same nativity set you pictures in your mantle from years ago :) Love the wreath; how neat it stood the test of time! I hadn't put up a tree in a few years; I was surprised at how little decorations I had. Over the years I have scaled down them I guess :) It was enough though to "get the job done."


Kim said...

I think it looks great. I have some of our old family decorations and they are my favorites. I'm sure your son feels the same way.

John Edwards said...

You put me to shame YaYa - I haven't even got the decorations out of the loft yet. Next year I'm going to begin planning for Christmas in April....

Kay G. said...

LOVE your 33 year old wreath, whatever you paid for it, just think, it was sure worth it! And love that red truck too, nice to think of your son helping you move WHATEVER!
Hope things will slow down for you soon, I know just what you mean, it is the same for me too, hard to blog these days!