Monday, December 12, 2016

The Rush Is On!

Christmas is less than 2 weeks away and I'm in the rush mode...rush to finish up the last of the shopping, baking, and general Christmas doodads.  We'll be heading out Chicago to see the family this weekend and have our annual gathering.  The weather was forecast to be rather ugly but then today it seems to have changed and I just hope it will be good traveling.  This past weekend we did get snow and colder temps but not as much as was anticipated.  The Church had it's annual Christmas social on Saturday and the theme was "The Grinch".

I  wondered how they would put a spiritual spin on this tale.  They redid the story a bit and it turned out very cute. Even the Nativity fit in at the end!
Nice job guys!  Sunday rolled around and Phil and girls were coming over to decorate cookies.  Jack even made it back from his seminars in Columbus in time to enjoy lunch with us. Then Jackie and Evelyn came by with an announcement....they got engaged! Welcome to the family Evelyn! (Are you sure you want to be in this crazy group?)
While us gals were slathering frosting on cookies the guys were having fun in the kitchen. It was great to hear them laughing and telling stories.  I had made ribs for lunch and soon Jordan was over to grab a bite to eat too....somehow there was plenty to go around.  No one leaves our house hungry!
Good job girls!
Frosting made it on  the cookies and even on the kids when a little frosting war was had near the end.  Reminded me of something....oh yes, my boys when they were little.

That's Jordan reaching for something and Jackie is in front eating the goods! Some things never change and cookie making at Christmas is one of the traditions that I enjoy doing with the kiddos. Even though it's "Rush Time" around the Pines, I'm glad we took some time this weekend to enjoy the company of family.
Congrats Jack and Evelyn on this new step in your life with each other...blending of two families...twice the love and joy.
Addy's finished cookies...nice job!

Lexi is proud of hers too....You guys make good helpers!  Now back to the "RUSH"!


betty said...

Congrats to Jackie and Evelyn! Wishing them many wonderful years together! Those cookies look absolutely delicious! Well done to the cookie decorators! Always good to get together with family! Glad you were able to do so this past weekend!


gin said...

A lot of good stuff going on for you. Love the comparison of the table scene from back then to the table cookie frosting now, that is sweet memories. Congrats to the engaged couple, what a joy! Enjoy your trip to be with family. Keep up with the rush, cause it's almost to an end.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

Yessum, this is a crazy busy time of year, but it's a good kind of crazy, the fun kind. Congratulations to Jack and Evelyn on their engagement. They make a fine couple! Congratulations also to grandkiddos Addy and Lexi for whipping up two fine batches of holiday cookies. They should compete on one of those Junior Chef television programs. I enjoyed seeing the old picture of your boys munching cookies all those years ago.

I wish you favorable weather conditions and safe travels as you head to Chitown to visit your dear mother and sister. Thanks again for letting me peek through the window (my computer screen) and catch a glimpse of your large and happy clan at the Pines. As I am reminded by your picture posts many times throughout the year, if you have family... you have everything.

God bless!

acorn hollow said...

Have a safe trip to your family. It looks like lots of fun at your house.
I just need to wrap and pick up some homemade candy and I am done..

Julia said...

I love the cookie decorating tradition, some things never change. Our new tradition is decorating gingerbread house before Christmas with the grandkids.

Congratulations to Jackie and Evelyn on their engagement. This means wedding bells in the future. All looks well at the Pines. Have a safe and enjoyable visit with your Mom and sister.

Stay safe and warm. Seasons's greetings.

Kim said...

The rush is on here as well. I need to do another marathon cookie baking session. Personally I don't like frosting but I will probably frost the cookies I am giving away. Mine will just have sprinkles or cherries.

Rick Watson said...

My hat is off to the playwright that molded a Nativity Scene into the story about the Grinch:)
It looks like that was a fun time.