Sunday, December 25, 2016

Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come

I've taken Mr. Scrooge's adventure into my own life these past couple of weeks.  I blogged with photos of past Christmases and then told the story about our present day Christmas, also with photos.  I know that things that happen in our past can influence who we turn out to be in our future.  I had a wonderful childhood filled with good memories of past Christmas celebrations.  As a young adult with small children I also feel blessed that we had many fun Christmases filled with family.  Some of those family members aren't here now.  My Dad, Jack's parents, my nephew Jono.  Many Aunts and Uncles that were part of our celebrations are also not here.  Their presence is felt at each gathering.  The empty chairs, the guitar that Dad would play carols on, the voice of my Uncle Dave as he said the word "Santa"..he always said "Sanie Clause".  Things that mean much more to  me today than they did back then.  Jack's Mom cooking her wonderful food and yelling at her boys to get out of the kitchen! (Usually they were causing mischief and getting in the way!)  Jack's Dad standing in front of their huge Christmas tree and handing out the gifts so carefully chosen.  Life speeding by and suddenly you realize that the future can hold many changes...many surprises both good and bad.  The spirit of love and giving this time of year is one that we wish we could hold in our hearts and carry on all through the year.  Like Mr. Scrooge reborn from a mean miser into a man who knew "how to keep Christmas" all year long, I would like to do the same. I would like to think that future Christmases would have all of us gathering together and when it's time for our chairs to be empty, those who are left will remember us fondly and all the times spent together remembered with love and laughter and warmth.   In Mr. Scrooge's story, the spirit that visited him to foretell the future was the one he most feared and was the darkest part to be faced.  What's encouraging from this story that I've watched way too much this season, (can you tell?) is the fact that it's never too late to change.  You can look at your life and see what needs improved and how we can be better friends, neighbors, employees, family members, and even better in loving ourselves.  Giving more of our time and talents and resources. Scrooge was desperate to change to make sure he could have things be better than what the spirits foretold.  I can't predict the future but I hope that "Christmases yet to come" for our family will be as wonderful as this year's has been. Filled with the remembrances of the past, the happiness of  today, and hope for the future.
Tree all ready for the gift giving.
Family gathering.
Future chef loving the new duds!
Future photographers capturing the moment...even while tired!
Brothers being silly posing for pics.
Chubbs enjoying his new blanket from Santa.
The old folks who were super happy to have everyone here.
 And knowing that these empty chairs were all filled at our home today.  Merry Christmas and "God Bless Us Every One"


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa!

You caught me at the end of my own long Christmas day and I appreciated your musings. As you shared memories of loved ones gone but not forgotten I couldn't help thinking of members of my own family who are no longer with us and how they made Christmas so special for me in my younger years. Foremost in my thoughts today was my father who died on Christmas day 15 years ago.

I am happy to see all the weary but happy faces in these pictures. You are blessed with a large and loving family that honors its members, young and old, living and dead, and values its traditions. I am also delighted to see that Santa brought Chubbsie a new blankie. I kid you not. You and Jack look like a young couple just starting out.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts along with the highlights of Christmas 2016, dear friend YaYa. Happy new year to you and your wonderful family!

John Edwards said...

God Bless you all. This is what Christmas is about!

Julia said...

You have the magical formula to take in the Christmas Spirit. Every year things change but some things stays the same.
Christmas is here to remind us to love and cherish each other, you never know when Jesus will call one of us home.
Happy New year dear Yaya.

Kay G. said...

God bless you EVERY ONE!
And please, let me know if you have a fountain of youth on your property, YAYA, I need to come and drink from it! :-)

Munir said...

I am so glad that you had a wonderful Christmas. I wish that all your wishes come true. Amein. I have not blogged in a long long time, but hopefully I shall write at least one post before the end of the year. I hope that you guys always stay as strong and as positive as you are now. I do get a lot of inspiration and good hope about America from your posts. Thanks.

acorn hollow said...

Sounds wonderful!

betty said...

I'm thinking your Christmases in years to come will be just as wonderful as this year's, even if there is an empty chair or an event that causes sadness and pain because you have the love of a family and the dedication to want to be together through "thick and thin." That is what carries us when times are tough or times are good. Its the laughter and the memories of being together and time well spent. I think you have that already and more to come in the days and years ahead!

Looked like such a wonderful day!


Spencer Rimer said...

I've missed reading these! I love your family!

Stacy Crawford said...

Oops guess I was logged in as one of the missionaries, LOL. that last one was from me.