Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ghost Of Christmas Past

Christmas is fast approaching and I love to look at old photos and remember those special days when the boys were little and it was a magical time.  So I hope Mr. Dickens doesn't mind that I stole his idea of the Ghost Of Christmas Past....
1979 had me posing with my oldest kiddos but I know I was preggo with Phil who came along in May of '80.
Nothing written on the back of this one but Jordan looks around 4. Happy with his Santa present and candy cane!
Trying to get a decent pic for a Christmas card was always a challenge with these 4 silly guys. I'm not sure what the heck Phil was up too and I remember that Jordan was playing with a puppet although it looks like he has a crucifix in his hands! Nice collar Craig, and Jackie is playing it cool.
Ok, so this was the year of matching sweaters I guess.  Obviously there wasn't one in Jordan's size so he had to suffer with the Santa hat!

The back of this photo says "Christmas 1997".  This was taken at my in-laws place we lovingly called "The Farm".   Craig was on his mission in Taiwan and Jackie was married and on his own.  So only 2 boys at home.  Time goes on and now we only have Jack and I...a complete circle I guess.  But this post is about Christmas past so I'll leave the other ghosts, "Present and Future" alone for now.  We're heading out tomorrow for some family time in Chicago and many more opportunities for pics that one day will be "Ghosts of Christmas Past" for somebody else.


gin said...

I love the pictures from the past! They're a lot like mine from the 80's and 90's. Enjoy your Christmas visit back home. I'll be excited to hear about and see a picture of your mom from the trip.

rosaria williams said...

Yes, indeed, those pictures are so treasured! I wish I had taken more. Have a great Christmas, and thanks for all your sweet notes; truly appreciated.

Shady Del Knight said...

Very nice, YaYa!

As far as I know these vintage photos are all making their debut on your blog in this post. At least I don't remember seeing any of them before. Thank you very much for sharing them with us. You have a such a great family and many happy memories of holidays past to revisit. Your boys all grew into fine men. I'm sure you wonder where the years have gone as do I.

I wish you a safe journey over to Chicago. I hope you find your mother and sister in good health and good spirits. I'll be thinking about you and eager for you to play show and tell when you return. Take care, dear friend YaYa!

betty said...

Safe travels and I hope you enjoy your time with your family as you visit with them and celebrate Christmas together. Loved the pictures! We didn't do the Santa myth at our home with the kids, but every year I would take them to get their pictures taken with Santa at the mall. It was fun to see how they had grown from year to year; kind of how your boys were in their pictures from one Christmas to another!


Rick Watson said...

I heard that it's COLD up that way. Y'all stay safe and warm. Love visiting your Christmas past photos.

Julia said...

It's always fun seeing a blast from the past and I love the three matching sweaters. I guess Boys will be boys. We had the same problem taking the grandkids photos. Always one making faces. Something about putting a camera in someone's face. Now kids are getting used to have their pictures taken.

I wish you a safe and fun trip and back from visiting your mom,