Monday, June 1, 2015

Hello June!

Today is June 1st! Yeah!  Atleast I think it is.  You see,  this morning it was 47de when I went to work and when I came home my car thermometer said 53de.  The calendar says June 1st but Mother Nature isn't buying it.  Jack was quick to point out that if it was this temp in January we'd be jumping for joy.  OK....Well, this weekend we had a little pool drama going on.  It was warm and sticky on Saturday and the rain clouds were coming and going.   My little pool...has given me a few pains.  I'll include Jack having pain too because he has been helping me get it all up and running for weeks.  We cleaned it, bought a new vacuum for it, added the salt so the salt water filter would keep it sparkling clean.  That's when the trouble began.  The filter is great about telling you if there is trouble on the horizon.  Trouble like a high salt content.  Ooops.  The pool water still had salt from last year, then we added new salt and bam the filter alarm goes off.  Rooky mistake.  How do you fix it?  Well, salt doesn't evaporate (hence the problem in the first place!) so you have to take water out and add fresh.  So we drained about 20-30% of it and then called someone to come and top it off with fresh water.  The first guy wasn't too enthusiastic about coming with that small amount (1000 gals) and then when he arrived bright and early on Saturday morning he refused to come into the driveway because of our pine trees.  His expensive truck would get scratched and the amount of payment he was asking wasn't worth that to him. And we got that...soooooo.....enter the nice man down the street with a much smaller truck with a plastic tank.  He came in the evening after working his fulltime job and charged us much less and was done in a few minutes.  We sent him on his way with an added tip and fresh scones I had just taken out of the oven...a win/win I would say!  Then the rains came down, and down, and down, all weekend.  Then the temps came down too!
Hello little trouble swimming unless you love freezing water!  Oh well, it will warm up sometime this week...I hope.
The daylilies and ferns don't seem to mind this crazy weather.  They are ginormous this year!
Maybe it's because I added this guy for good luck.  My Granddaughter Lexi saw him and said, "What do you call those guys?" "Gnomes"....Lex: "Oh yeah, nice gnome".
The front entrance (where big water trucks fear to tread) is looking good.  However, this big guy isn't:
See the big tree out front? It's going to be coming down.  Hopefully not in a storm!  We have to get a tree man to take her down.  This tree has struggled since it was damaged in a tornado a few years ago.  Time to look for a fast growing shade tree to replace it.  Well, welcome June and in a few weeks Summer will officially be here.  Jack has some interesting travels ahead of him next week so I'll have to give him the spotlight when he gets back.  Finally something more interesting to blog about!


Laurie said...

Your plants are looking great! I think it's the gnome. Hey, what if you threw him in the pool?

betty said...

I always say this, but remember I live in a desert. Its so green there where you live!! I do hope the weather warms up for you all to enjoy the pool especially with the efforts it took to get it ready for the season!


Shady Del Knight said...

Good morning, dear YaYa! I'm making you my first stop of the day, dear friend, because I didn't get over here last night as I usually do. I had a long day yesterday. I traveled to another city to watch my granddaughter's high school gradutation ceremony at a major league baseball stadium. Next we drove to city #2 and had dinner with her at a nice restaurant. Third we drove to city #3 to visit my baby grandson. I didn't get home until late evening and was up till midnight replying to comments that piled up on my blog while I was away. Thank you for yours!

Well, you knew it had to happen. Ohio, Ashland, has enjoyed more fine weather weekends than normal this spring and the universe needed to make a correction. It won't last long. Soon you and the grandkiddos will be using that pool on a daily basis. I remember how great it was when my dad and I installed a large above ground pool in our back yard. The filter used diatomaceous earth and it wasn't cheap. Many happy family memories were created in that pool over the years.

I'm sorry that large tree must come down. I am eager to see a picture of the replacement tree. I also like your garden gnome. One can never have too many garden gnomes. Take good care of yourself, dear friend YaYa, and I'll be connecting with you again soon!

Rick Watson said...

Those first few days after the weather warms and you're lying in the sun by the pool sipping sweet tea, you will forget the troubles and trials.
I would like to have a pool.

Linda said...

Lovely photos. :)

Julia said...

I'm so glad that you got your pool working again. The hot weather is coming and you'll be ready. I bet the nice guy loved your scones. I know I would.
I'll be here sweating wishing I could go dip myself in your pool pretty soon.... I guess the shower will have to cool me off.

selvageedge said...

June has certainly been a bit odd. Hopefully you are enjoying the pool by now.