Sunday, June 28, 2015

Easy Come...Easy Go

We had a couple of fun visitors this week.  My Sister Midge and my sweet Mom hopped in my sis's new car and made the easy (but boring) ride from Chicago to Ashland. 
We hit the local sites that they wanted to see.  Midge had a list of things that her daughter wanted her to pick up and bring back for their July 4th celebration.  We went to this favorite spot:
Yep, they can now say that they "cut the cheese at Grandpa's"!  Lots of goodies were bought and we made some really yummy dips to enjoy from the mixes we found.
Mom had to check out the baskets from an Amish vendor.  Lovely handmade items but she didn't find anything she couldn't live without.  No visit would be good without a daily stop at the office for some good Chiropractic care.
After waiting a few minutes the Doctor was ready.
And what a good doctor he is! I may have to put this on facebook and gather some likes!  With her back up and running we made other stops that I didn't get any pics our cemetery. Yep, I know all the hot spots!  You have to understand that we all love a good cemetery walk!  Family came over on Friday for a little gathering.
Food is always involved!
There's always room for everyone who enters the Pines!
Even my good buddy Donna and her good buddy Judy made it over for some conversation on the deck.  It was nice of them to take the time to stop and chat. Love those gals!
Mom's Great-Grands were on hand to enjoy seeing her again. Like Anthony..
And Summer.
Cameron on his way in from the pool!
Cousins wearing Dad's shirts while the clothes were in the dryer!
More food being dished out.
Dessert anyone?  Ashland was having it's Bicentennial celebration this weekend and we did  head downtown to check it out....however, I took no pics.  The weather wasn't pleasant...rained off and on all day..and it's was very noisy with all the food vendors using generators.  We walked around and visited some stores, but then headed for home and some peace and quiet!  All too soon it was Sunday and time to head out.  That's the hard part...saying goodbye.  I was glad Mom was up to the challenge of a long drive. I think at 89 she's doing amazing!  Midge and I always have a blast....we laugh and talk constantly...just ask Jack! 
Bye, Bye!  See you in October if not before....God willing and the creek don't rise...and I mean that because we've had more rain than we can hold! I hope your ride home is an easy go!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa! It was wonderful to see that your mother and sister paid you guys a visit. Your mother looks absolutely remarkable for her age. She doesn't look 89. She doesn't even look 59! At first I thought the doctor in that picture was Marcus Welby, MD, but no... it's doctor Jack, DC. I'm sorry it kinda rained on your parade up there this weekend as Ohio, Ashland, celebrated its Bicentennial. It was nice to see my blog follower Donna again along with the grandkiddos (greatgrandkiddos) gathered there at The Pines. As usual you pleased the crowd with a taste tempting assortment of food.

I am always thrilled to see pics of your lovely mother, dear friend YaYa, and very happy that she came out from Chicago for a visit. Enjoy the week ahead and God bless!

gin said...

Great entertainment as always!!

Julia said...

This post is a treat. I always love seeing your mom and her smily face. She still love to visit family and her age doesn't show. I feel old today with arthritis in my shoulder and left hand. It's been bad the last two weeks and today it's damp and cold and it doesn't help.

Your grandkids looks cute in their dad's shirts. The family fun and food is always special at your house. The deserts all looks plentiful and yummy. So nice seeing Donna. I do miss seeing her blogging but understand that life is busy.
Saying goodbye is bittersweet. Everything returns to normal. Hope your mom had a good trip back home.

Kim said...

Your Mom looks amazing, as usual. There's always food, family and fun at your Pines. Glad you had a nice visit and nice to see Donna here too

Cindy said...

Looks busy and fun!! Lots of good friends and family!! Your mom is amazing and looks terrific!! Happy Summer!

acorn hollow said...

your mom is amazing! you always have a good time and good food.
we too are having all that rain. It can stop now.

Nonnie said...

As always, I enjoy the pics of friends and family at your home. The people are always looking happy and the food looks so good. Your mom is amazing. What a blessing for you and your sister. Your grand kids are all growing up and what a cute pic of them in the t-shirts. We have had an incredibly rainy year this year. Unbelievable that some of us are getting more than our share and others are suffering with the drought.

betty said...

Looked like a wonderful visit with family! Your mom looks so spry for 89!! Glad she was able to make the trip and spend some time with you and her great-grands!


selvageedge said...

Glad you got to have a nice family visit. What a treat for your mom to get to come and see all of those great grands. And what a handsome doc she found here in town!

Rick Watson said...

That looks like a fun weekend. Those are my favorite times when we have company and enjoy a meal together. Your mom looks amazing.
We got rain too -- WooHoo!!!

Laurie said...

Ahhh, so glad your mom was able to visit. She looks great for 89! And I bet she had a ball at your get together. Who wouldn't?

Susan Anderson said...

Love how all the kids made a point of hurrying over to see your mom. She is clearly well loved.
And I wish I could find a good chiropractor around here. It's not that easy! You are lucky to have one in your back pocket.