Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Typical Jack Is Gone Week

Jack is again at Boy Scout camp.  I don't mind that he goes, but usually something weird happens the week of camp.  Monday started out fine...except for the fact some crazed escaped from custody person assaulted a family a few miles from here and is on the run.  I had Tuesday off and every time I heard a bump or a squeak in the house I jumped a mile!  Plus I decided to stay out of the Creepy Woods.   Hope they get this dude.  We've had rain off and on for weeks so I was very surprised and happy to wake up to sunshine Tuesday morning.   Although it had rained on Monday I decided to do a quick mowing because it really needed it and I thought I could mow again on Friday and put me back on my weekend schedule. It got a bit off when my family was here last weekend.  By the time I got on the mower the sky looked like this:
The temps were only in the 60's.  A bit chilly for around these parts.  But that didn't stop this mow crazy gal.  I got my mow clothes on.
Mowing jeans.
Mowing hat with lovely ear plugs...and no makeup...I did brush my teeth though! I finished that task and then hit the pine trees out front for a trimming.  I didn't get too far before I heard thunder and those clouds were now black.  We had a torrential downpour!  Of course it washed out my driveway and many roads were closed.  The employee lot at the hospital flooded and 4 cars that didn't get moved got ruined...water up past the doors!  That's been the way of the weather around here.  Jack had torrential rains too. That's never fun in a tent! Thankfully this afternoon it cleared up and was beautiful. I went out to pick raspberries that are coming on quickly.
We have a good crop this year but I'm not the only critter that loves them.
Japanese Beetles attack them too.  I had put "seven" bug killer on them earlier but all the rain washed it off.  So tonight I reapplied it and hopefully it will keep them away.
These are bugs I do want around the Pines..they eat mosquitoes! Plus they're pretty. His wings were a golden color but I couldn't catch it in the light.   So that's the way of the week so far.  I have to remember to do the tasks that Jack usually gets laundry and garbage detail.  I'm on call for the 4th of July but have Friday off.  I'm hoping to do a few more little projects before hubby gets back and I'm also hoping no weird things go on around here.  We're getting our new roof next week and that should make sure it doesn't rain again for bit.  If a drought happens you have us to thank. Can't believe it's July already.  Enjoy it!



Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa! You're right, dear friend. When July comes to Ohio, Ashland, the drifting snow can't be far behind! I'm sorry the spring weather has turned so nasty. Things were going great for a while there. At least you got the lawn spruced up before the gully washer. It seems like Jack and the scouts get caught in at least one deluge per outing. I love your attractive header picture featuring Uncle Sam, the American flag and lovely flower garden. Mrs. Shady works on the 4th so don't feel badly if you get called in.

Thanks for the update, dear friend YaYa. Enjoy the rest of your week and have a safe and happy Independence Day weekend!

gin said...

Good job holding down the fort!!

betty said...

No, I can't believe its July already :) I do hope they catch that person on the loose. I'd have every door and window locked and definitely be afraid to venture out far! Good luck with the new roof; good when it gets done but so loud when it is being done!


Rick Watson said...

You brush your teeth before that's what I call getting your mowin face on:)
Now raspberries, that's something I can get my teeth into. We plan to try our hand with them next year.

Nonnie said...

Growing your own raspberries! Wow! I totally relate to weird things happening when your Jack leaves. It seemed to happen that way for me, too. If something was going to go wrong, it would happen when Jay was on a shift he couldn't leave! You are certainly handy around the house. We have had so much rain here, it is incredible. You look just fine without make-up. Brushing teeth is a priority for me, too.

Nonnie said...

By the way, I hope they find the crazy person so you can relax.

selvageedge said...

Wow! That's a lot of water! I knew we got a bit in our basement, but I didn't realize that it was deep enough out there to flood cars. Yikes! Hope Jack is staying dry at camp.

Julia said...

I hope that they catch that escapee. This is not a good situation. I would be nervous too and I would make sure the dog was near me the whole time. And I hope that you don't end up having to work on that dangerous dude once they catch him.

I must be getting old because I can't wear busted pant knees. My work pants would make you laugh because I have big patches on the knees. lol...

Stay safe Yaya. I'll be thinking of you.


Love the hat! I have to mention I think you look like a cowgirl in it! Proud of you for mowing and using a Cub Cadet, my husband's favorite mower.
Enjoy seeing your decorations for the 4th. Have a great one! Hugs, Barb

Laurie said...

Well, I just love your mowing jeans! Great job getting all those things done while Jack's away. Just keep your eyes and ears open. Hope they catch the crazy man on the loose. And, I hope you have a great 4th! I have a house full and loving it!

Kim said...

I hope they catch that guy quickly, and that he's long gone from your area by now. But stay away from the creepy woods. Crazy weather. I hope July is all sunshine and gentle breezes!