Sunday, July 19, 2015

Time Is Not On My Side!

The weeks go by so fast and the weekends go even faster!  We try to cram as much as we can into 2 days that it's ridiculous!  I haven't blogged for a week but truthfully I've either been working at the hospital or in our yard between raindrops.  We hit 90de this weekend and humidity and passing thunderstorms are part of the weather package here.  First we complain that it's too cool and wet and then it's too wet and hot...never happy are we.   So what was cooking at the Pines these days?  Well, yesterday we had a church social to celebrate Pioneer Day.  It's a big deal out in Utah.  Out East we usually take a day to acknowledge the sacrifices of our Mormon pioneers who were driven out of many places before settling in Salt Lake.  Saturday our friends Greg and Gayle opened their home up to the Ward and put together an amazing event.  Greg got their 15 acres of woods all cleared out to reenact the "Trail of Hope".  The Mormon Saints were driven out of Nauvoo, Illinois by angry mobs and forced to cross the Mississippi River in horrible conditions in the 1800's.  Since Greg and Gayle had just served a mission in Nauvoo they chose to honor those who made that trek.  The paths were cleared out for the trail.
Here's Greg giving us instructions on what we were to do.  Jack and I and others told the stories of some of the people who were driven out.  Journal entries were used to tell these stories.
He did a great job of clearing it out for the trek!
Along the way you were met by a pioneer and listened to the stories. 
At the end of the trail you crossed the Mississippi..(or the creek in this case!)
The final stop was Salt Lake...or the garage and home where all the food was served! It was a good time of reflection and a good time to socialize with friends.
It was pretty hot and humid and fans were set up outside to keep the air moving! Jack and I sat in the woods at our stations and, although it was cooler, the air wasn't moving too much!  We sweat our hind ends off!  So that was how we spent Saturday afternoon.  Saturday morning though, we really had some fun.  To show you how boring my life is I made Jack stop on our usual Saturday errands to see the bridge that was taken down on Friday.  St. Rt. 42 is a busy highway and the bridge has been there forever.  However, with all the businesses that are now in that area something had to change to make traffic flow better.  So the bridge came down to make it a flat, 4 way stop light. It's suppose to be done by November....we'll see about that!
Just a pile of rubble and a memory of traveling over it on my way to work for the last 14yrs since living in the country.  The funny part is that it's actually quicker for me on my new route to the hospital through town.  I guess I should thank somebody for that discovery! As a final note I must acknowledge my sweet Granddaughter's birthday today.  Driana went from this little kiddo face:
To this 20yr old kiddo face today:
Happy Birthday Driana! We love you and really can't believe you're this age!  Time goes by way too fast...whether it's days, weeks or a blink of an eye it's gone. I'm thankful for wonderful memories!


Rick Watson said...

Hey Yaya, the pioneer festival sounded like fun. For a country who prides itself as being a Christian nation, we have behaved badly through the years.
You should come south for a few days to enjoy our heat. Yesterday evening at 7 pm it was still 94 with a heat index of 103. When the temps dropped a few degrees just before bedtime, I started to turn the gas logs on :)

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa! I'm sure that reenactment of the Mormon Saints trek was empowering as well as educational for all the participants. Seems like you got a taste of typical Florida weather up there over the weekend. In fact, it might have been a little cooler down here than it was in your neck of the woods. Grandkiddo Driana was one of the first people I met when I started following your blog and it has been a pleasure to watch her grow into a beautiful young woman over the years.

Happy Monday, dear friend YaYa!

selvageedge said...

We were planning to attend the festivities, but missed it because of a sick kiddo. Thank you for the pictures of those that did attend. Now I guess we can see who would be willing to cross the plains in any weather, just like the pioneers years ago. Looks like Greg put a ton of effort into clearing the trail. I've been to the trail of hope in Nauvoo, and it's definitely a somber, but hope filled reminder of the sacrifices made.

gin said...

It's so great that yall participate in your church and community. I like reading about your daily doings. Happy Birthday to your beautiful 20 year old. That's a good age!!

Nonnie said...

As I looked at the lady dressed in pioneer clothes, I wondered what the temps were there! Still, a beautiful woods to do the re-enactment of a momentous historical time. Last year we were in Salt Lake City and heard about that.
You taking your husband to check out the bridge sounds like something I would share with my DH. :-)
Your granddaughter was a pretty little girl. Now she's a beautiful young woman. 21! Sigh.

Julia said...

Wow, you have been busy and still you find energy to participate in church activities. You rock.
It sound something like they do at the Shrine of St Francis of Assisi every year. They re-enact the pilgrim pilgrimage on foot and it's a full days walk, they have an outdoor mass with people coming from across the US and Canada... We've been at the shrine many times and bring a lunch and stay all afternoon then go to my daughter and son in law's cottage with their family. We make it a fun day... but we didn't do the pilgrimage. My poor feet and hips just would give out for sure.

Happy Birthday to your granddaughter, she's so pretty.

Take good care of yourself my friend.

acorn hollow said...

Oh pioneer days sounds interesting. Your grand daughter is beautiful!
we are never happy either it is hot and muggy hard to get motivated to do much.

betty said...

Happy birthday to your grand daughter! Lovely young lady she is!! What fun with the pioneer days; lots of hard work I'm sure putting it on though.


John Edwards said...

Happy Birthday Driana. Funny how they go from cute to beautiful in a few easy birthdays - where does the time go?
If you send us just a little of your heat I'll send you a little of our 10 degrees C. (Nd this is summer!!!!)

Kerri said...

What a neat thing to reenact....and a lot of work! I remember growing up there was somewhere near us that had Pioneer Days.....I just don't remember where that was! Happy Birthday to your beautiful granddaughter....time does go by so quickly...I never really noticed it before having my son. Thanks for your kind comment on my are the nicest!!

Weekend-Windup said...

You are a hard worker. All things are going good. Have a nice day!

Becky Jerdee said...

Beautiful Driana! And what a fun trek through the Pines!