Sunday, July 12, 2015

Soggy Sunday

Soggy...with a capital S!  Today was a constant rain day.  More for tomorrow and Tuesday I believe.  Our roof is suppose to be replaced tomorrow but I'm having some doubts that it will actually happen.  Since the roofer is Amish I have no way of contacting him to see what the plan is.  I guess we just wait to see if horses show up!  Friday I did manage to mow the lawn.  I'm on call so I was happy to get it done because you never know when the work phone will ring...and it did of course.  I worked on Saturday morning.  The Doc I worked with was the same one as I worked with on July 4th and all he did was laugh his head off when he saw me again.  "Starkey! Are you working again? Hahahaha!"  Then he hugged me and asked in all seriousness.."Did you get to the parade last week?"  I think he was going to feel guilty if I had missed it.  But so far that's been my only call in and hopefully I'll get through this night with some decent sleep.  Tomorrow is a busy ortho day and it usually kicks my butt by the end of  the day!  So after I got home from church it was a quiet, soggy, read a book/take a nap kind of day.
See the splashes in the bird bath.
See the splashes in the lonely pool with it's sad floatie.
See the happy flowers that line my front walk...they like the rain I guess!  I shouldn't complain about all the wet since many parts of the country are in a drought.
My raspberries are doing very well and I have enough in the fridge for another batch of jam that I'll make tomorrow night.  My neighbor came over and gave us a few pints of her berries so I'll have to send over some jam for her!  It's good to share!
You can't tell by this pic but the rain was coming down and dripping off the gazebo...notice the many empty sad.
It was a good day to bake so I made this apple caramel cake for dessert...not too bad!
This pic made me smile and brightened up a dreary Sunday.  Summer's finished project must have been in her school newspaper and it was all over Facebook this weekend...good job sweetie! She is a sunny day all in herself and her talent amazes us! 


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa! More dreary weather up your way? I'm sorry to hear it. I hope you and the grandkiddos are getting some use out of your pool this season. It'll soon be over! Your flowers look lovely. Just wait until the sun breaks through the clouds next time - they'll explode with growth and color. I remember you showing us that painting project of Summer's a few months ago. I am astonished by its beauty and her talent as an artist.

Thanks for the update, dear friend YaYa. I hope you don't have to work too hard and I wish you a safe and happy week ahead!

betty said...

Sounded like a nice day, even if it was a bit soggy :) What you baked looked delicious and what a project of Summer's! I have to agree with you; I don't think much work is going to be done on the roof if rain is in the forecast.


Julia said...

You are a hard working woman. Even on a rainy day you don't nap for long. That cake and jam are both looking good.
Hope the sun shines up you way soon. Napping is a good thing when your body needs it.
What a talented artist your granddaughter is. That painting is beautiful.

Laurie said...

We need rainy days sometimes to help us slow down. Wow! Your Summer is very talented! Hope the Amish show up. I would love to see pictures, but I'm sure they wouldn't like that. Hope your week cooperates with your schedule. Tootles!

rosaria williams said...

You have so much going on! Perhaps the rain is the omen you need to take it easy and let mother nature do its wonders.

Becky Jerdee said...

Soggy days are for reclining, becoming a recluse, and enjoying the contrasts of's been hot, hot, hot. But the roof is in need of repair?...Rain is NOT good for that!
This was a cozy-feeling post...I'm hiding indoors today because of the super-heat. 96, feels like 101.

Rick Watson said...

Wish you could send some of the wet stuff our way. It's toasty here. Heat index of 110. I need to try growing raspberries. If I can find some zoned to grow in Hades they might make it here:)

Nonnie said...

I enjoyed all the rainy days we had, and now they are only a pleasant memory. It's HOT!! Your place looks so pretty, but I know you enjoy it more when there are people sitting in the chairs, splashing in the pool, and cooking out. That cake looks delicious and moist. Glad you had a day to read and rest.

John Edwards said...

Summer's painting is brilliant. I hope she continues to use her talent throughout life.
As for the rain, few of us are ever satisfied are we. If it's hot and dry we want it cooler and wetter and if it's wet we want it sunny and dry. Falling back on the excuse 'It's good for the plants' is always helpful, though!

selvageedge said...

I hope you had a fresh roof for today's downpour and that you weren't caught in the middle of a replacement! Summer's work is beautiful. She's very talented.

Stacy Crawford said...

So much rain. In Mn, they need rain, it sprinkled once in our 11 days there. Wish we could share. Summer's painting is beautiful.

Munir said...

That artwork is beautiful ! Summer certainly is talented.

Amish contractors ? I think you are kidding about the horses. Right?

Can you send some rain to California please? They say that if it does not rain there pretty soon California will not be able to send their produce to us folks on the East Coast where we cannot grow much in winter time.

Thanks for stopping by. Work is crazy and I hardly write. I try to read whenever I can.

Kerri said...

Your grandaughter does amazing work!! So talented!

I was in Mansfield to visit my mom last month and it rained 4 out of the 5 days I was there! Makes for green grass...but that's about all! Looks like you've been keeping busy...your cake and jam are making me hungry this morning!