Thursday, June 11, 2015

Is Anybody Home?

Oh, I'm home alright....It's Jack that's MIA right now.  He's in Michigan on a Boy Scout high adventure trip.  He's taken a few of those in the past....remember the raft trip down the Ohio river 3yrs ago?  Then there was a  "Hike the Appalachian Trail and then take a white water raft trip and not get killed" high adventure.  Then there was the 40 mile canoe trip that I'd forgotten about.  There was a white water raft trip in Pennsylvania when the kids (some of whom were even our own kiddos at the time) were on Spring break and it snowed on the river and everyone froze, fell out of the raft, almost drowned, but  had a good time once their toes could be felt again trip.  Yes, over 25yrs in scouting he's had a few "high adventures"....(probably wishing he was "high" on some of them...just kidding!)  This trip involves canoeing and camping on a river and eating dehydrated food or perhaps fish they will catch and then clean and then fry up...I'd say "yum" but I don't even order fish in a restaurant so don't get my opinion on this!  When I asked him where they were going he held up his hand and said "In the middle of the mitten" know, Michigan is shaped like a mitten.  So if you need Jack, just follow your life line to the middle of your palm and there he'll be!  He should be home on Saturday...God willing and the creek...or river in this case...don't rise.  I'm sure he'll have plenty of pics and stories.  I on the other hand have nothing.  It's been a dry blogging time for me.  Just working and trying to finish up my yard work and other projects that aren't really blog worthy.  I did have a tiny virus thing going on. Monday and Tuesday were not great days...but I still went to work because they would have killed me if I had called in sick...a bit short staffed lately.   Today it was hot and I even went into our little pool for a bit.  It's been too rainy or cool before now so I enjoyed that this afternoon.   Since today is what social media calls "Throwback Thursday",  I thought I would post an old photo of my little brother Rick who turned 55 today.  I haven't mentioned him much in my blog. It's not that I'm ashamed of him or anything..he's an awesome guy!   He lives way up in northern Wisconsin on a lake with his sweet wife Jan.  He works in my older brother's communication business.  He's the help desk guy and a genius when it comes to computers.  He's also a fabulous want-to-be chef.  He even had a small hotdog place in his little town.  This weekend his step-son Steve is getting married and for the rehearsal dinner he's made some super wonderful cheesecakes.  Believe me when I say...This boy can cook!  His niece getting married this year too.  So he and his wallet are very busy this year!  So in honor of his bday today....Happy Birthday Ricky....Love you:
That's me and Rick...yep, 55 years goes fast!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa! That's a super throwback picture, dear friend! What great lives those two kids have had so far, and there's much more to come, God willing. Your Jack is more of an adventurer than Crocodile Dundee! I remember you writing about his scouting expeditions every year around this time. I hope the weather in that part of Michigan cooperates and that everybody returns safe and sound with a ton of happy memories and stories to tell. I'm glad the weather at Whispering Pines has improved enough to allow you to use your pool. June's almost half over. Can winter be far behind? :)

Enjoy the coming weekend, dear friend YaYa!

Shady Del Knight said...

...and happy 55th birthday to Rick!

Kay G. said...

Oh I bet you were a sweet big sister! Love the photo!
Happy Birthday to your little brother! He will always be your little brother no matter what age! xx

betty said...

Happy birthday to your brother! What a sweet picture of the two of you from years past!! You are right, where do the years go?

Glad you got a bit of pool time :)

I bet it will be fun to hear the stories from your hubby's adventures, but I'm sure you are looking forward eagerly to his return home!


gin said...

Sweet picture of you and baby brother. I sure could have used Jack's instruction on a s'mores making camp Fire night a few weeks ago!!

Weekend-Windup said...

Bleated birthday wishes for your brother! Cute picture of you and your brother. Sweet memories!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Reading this post made me realize how lucky I am that I've retired. The problem is..when you get to this point..time seems to fly and then you are OLD! Who wants maybe working is good after all. I now wonder how I ever found time to work. Especially when you are not feeling in top form. I hope you feel better now.
The picture is so cute. Yes..the years have flown by.

Rick Watson said...

I love that picture of you and little Ricky. I did a story a few years about triplets all of whom were Eagle Scouts. They had some remarkable High Adventure stories.

Julia said...

You are a generous girl to work sick instead of curling under a blanket. I hope that your staff was grateful for your presence.
I go to work sick myself but it's usually only for a few hours and I can come home and go to bed.

Happy Birthday to Rick. I love that photo of you and Rick and dig that pitcher skirt. You haven't lost that beautiful smile.

I'm like you or even worst about blogging. I never seem to have spare time and my days all seems so trivial to me.

I have followers emailing me telling me they miss my blog so I should really dig in my heels and post today.
Lately I've had my knees to the ground and my hands to the weeds till dark. What a foolish me, life is too short for that.
Have a great weekend and i hope Jack comes home safe, sound and happy to see you.

Laurie said...

Well, I could be your baby sister. Rick and I are the same age. As far as your hubby's high adventures.....sounds like they are right up my alley. Except I don't like sleeping in tents! I feel vulnerable to snakes and such. Anyway, hope you have a great weekend, Sis.

rosaria williams said...

Let's imagine this, your hubby gone, you still getting to and from work everyday. I say, go party with your neighbors and friends, a girls only type of event, at a place that serves your kind of food. Just don't volunteer to clean up or organize for anyone. After all, what fun is there for you?

Stay cool.

dakota crawford said...

it has been a hard blog time for me too. Keeping up with two is hard. I do have a couple of things to post, just need to get a few free minutes.

Looks like the guys got rained out and are on the way home tonight.