Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sometime Last Week

A week ago today I had a pretty full day that I really had wanted to blog about sooner.  Work schedules, home schedules, holiday schedules, blah, blah, blah schedules all threw me off!  So here's a "throwback Thursday" post...throwback to last Thursday.  My day started off with my BFF Donna stopping to pick me up and take me on our annual  "Bath Home and Garden Tour".  Bath, Ohio is near Akron and it's chock full of lovely homes and gardens that open up for the public as a fund raiser.  Throw in a fashion show during the luncheon and you have a complete girly girl day!  Thanks Donna for a fun, fun day!  Most of the homes were super fabulous and I can't even imagine living in any of them.  A few were different....and one gave me the creeps...and a tour of a Bed and Breakfast was the historic home this year.  Photos are not permitted indoors so my shots were all outsiders.
Perhaps large and lovely with a pool is your taste.
I could live in the pool house!
This patio was made for outdoor entertaining! Looks like a Tuscan Villa!
Maybe a pond is more "You"?
Attach it too a garden and I'm all in!
Come and enjoy the historic "Whimsical Pig" B & B...tons of the one in pink on the front porch!
The backyard was charming!  When it was over Donna and I headed back to burn down our own homes and start over!  Nah, we both love where we live and frankly, most of those places were way too big.  I'll stick with the Pines!  That evening we were invited to Summer's 17th birthday party with family.  My son and her Mom are divorced but get along and Summer wanted everyone together so we all came and had nice evening.
She read every card and exclaimed over every gift...she's a fun kiddo! Happy Birthday cutie!
Anthony grabbing a piece of the cake Summer made herself!
Cameron made it home from soccer just in time!
We even got to see Driana.  She's a hard working, busy little adult!  She's decided to go to nursing school since working at a nursing home.  They need good nurses!  Good luck Dri!  So that's how my last week went...and now schools are out tomorrow and Monday for Summer vacation.  Snow is just a long ago memory...bring on the Summer Days!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear Yaya! I'm pretty sure I remember you showing us this Bath Home and Garden Tour other years. That first picture... the shot of the large house with the pool in the foreground? It reminds me of the out building on my property where our butlers and maids live. :) Hey, I think I found a mistake in your post. You called our attention to a pink antique on the porch. From where I sit it looks like a beautiful flamingo and it can't be more than 30 years old and therefore would not qualify as an antique. :) Happy 17th birthday to Summer! Gosh, it seems like she was 13 or something when I started following your blog. It is also great to see Anthony, Cam and Driana again. I have watched them all grow up here on The Pines blog. The only ones that never grew up are Shady, Eddy and the Sasquatch in the Woods.

I'm very happy to know that snow is a fading memory now. Enjoy your springy weekend, dear friend YaYa!

betty said...

How fun with the touring of the houses! I often tell hubby I would love to see the inside of houses we drive by; nice to peek around and then appreciate what you have at home!


Rick Watson said...

I love outside areas. I drooled over the Tuscan one.

rosaria williams said...

How fun! My husband and I would go out for breakfast on Saturdays, When the children were old enough to be on their own, and before they were up and about, and drop in at open houses and new developments' open houses, taking us up to noon most times. What a cheap thrill! By the time we got back home, we settled in to our weekend routines, me cleaning up and preparing for the week, hubby watching sports. By dinnertime, the dining room furniture might have been re-arranged, just because I had been inspired...

Kim said...

It would be so fun to tour those gorgeous homes. I wish I had that outdoor patio.

Deb Shucka said...

What a fun day! Gorgeous places for sure. It's nice to see your family and to read your words and to know all's well in your world.

acorn hollow said...

I am with you they can keep those big houses. But it is always nice to take a look.
happy birthday to Summer. our schools do not get out for a couple of weeks.

Nonnie said...

I would have loved to go on that tour with you. Looks like so much fun and I love seeing those beautiful homes. It would be fun to stay for a couple of weeks, but I'm very happy where I am, too.
All your grandchildren are good looking and smart. Happy Birthday wishes and hats off to Driana for what she is doing at the nursing home and wanting to following in YaYa's footsteps.

Sweet Tea said...

I envy you the home tour - love that sort of thing!
Gotta say I do love the Pines where you live, your photos are always beautiful.
Maybe I could come and live with you?
Just an idea...