Friday, May 15, 2015


Last week was National Nurses Week.  Our hospital is celebrating it this week to coincide with:
Happy National Hospital Week.  When you think of a hospital, automatically Doctors and Nurses come into mind.  They are a vital part of the idea of  "Hospital".  I work with a great group of both...especially the nurses!  Nurses like my BFF Donna:
The Eye Queen..not because of her beautiful eyes, but because she's the ophthalmology clinician.
Nicki who's fairly new to our group...if you haven't worked here for 30yrs that makes you the newbie!
Here' a motley crew! Melissa in front (who's 8mo. preggo!) The tall drink of water is Margaret and next to her is Carla (a fellow surgical of 3 who work here.)
Kim..surgical tech #2...then me who makes 3! (I should have taken a selfie I guess!)
This is Kris...she's not a nurse or a surgical tech. I'm really not sure what her official title is but I'll tell you this..she's there at 6am daily and runs here tail off transporting patients, getting the instrument sets up and ready for our cases.  She cleans, she stands tall (6ft!) on the operating table many days to wipe blood off the ceiling,  she helps set the rooms up for surgeries,  she helps with patient care where needed, and I could go on and on...I'm sure she can leap tall buildings with a single bound!  But hospitals are made up of many other players who must know their parts or else confusion and mistakes can happen.  From the moment a patient walks into our facility they meet and greet many who are instrumental in making their outcome positive and healthy.  I want to tell you about a few.
This is Donna, our housekeeper. But if you think all she does is clean, you would be mistaken big time.  She also comes in the OR and will pitch in to help move a patient even though she could say: "That's not my job".   But we're a team and we are very grateful for her skills and I'll tell you that she keeps our area shining and spotless. We really miss her when she's not here.  Thanks Donna!
This gal is Marita. She works in the cafeteria.."Sam's Café".  I've promised her all year I would feature her in my blog.  National Hospital Week was a good time to do that.  She always amazes me because she will remember people's names, department, what they normally eat for breakfast without even looking at their plate, and if they have a badge number to charge their food, she remembers that too!  I have a hard time remembering my pin numbers or passwords!  She has a smile and a great sense of humor.  Thanks for all you do and I know you know what's in my takeout container!
The other players are here discussing the menus I'm sure!  This week they had special freebies for staff.
Breakfast treats on Monday that we had no trouble grabbing.  Free desserts on Tuesday.  Yesterday they made a special picnic cookout for everyone that was also free! Steak and chicken and all kinds of greatness.  We couldn't survive our days without these special folks that you probably never see if you're in the hospital. I know hospital food can have a bad rap, but our little Samaritan Hospital has really good food made with love! The rest of this week had special events for staff. Things like raffles for free gifts and even another food extravaganza put on my the head of the departments.
I guess food is a really important thing around here! Thanks guys!  If you have to be in a hospital this week, stop and say hi and thanks to all who make it a place to get well. It can be scary and if it's huge it can be also impersonal...but I work in a small community hospital that gives great service,  good outcomes, and kind and caring attitudes to those we serve each day.  There should not be anyone who is more important than anyone else in a hospital...except for the patients who trust us to care for them and their families.  I hope we can always be worthy of that trust.
Happy Nurses Week and National Hospital Week!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa! Over the years I've been following you I have seen several tributes to your coworkers. As the spouse of a healthcare professional, I applaud you every time you do something like this. The rigors and responsibilities of working in a hospital are enormous. As you pointed out, those who are well suited for that type of work have an even temperament and a sense of humor. They are team players who typically go above and beyond the call of duty, work long hours and never utter the words, "That's not my job".

Thank you, dear friend YaYa, for saluting your wonderful coworkers in this special post. Have a safe and happy weekend!

Nonnie said...

I LOVE nurses! I have several relatives and friends who are nurses and I have to say that my experiences with nurses while I or any of my loved ones was in the hospital have always been positive! I appreciate GREATLY what nurses do and I know that I would not want to have that kind of responsibility! Thank you, thank you all!

betty said...

How cool you featured them all! All great workers I am sure with a compassion and a spirit to help others, especially those "stuck" in a hospital! Hubby works in a hospital (in management). Yesterday he stayed after work to help serve the employees, the hospital put on a meal for them (actually 3 meals depending on what shift you worked). He got to serve hamburgers or Bocca burgers :)

I actually think being a surgical tech would be fun :)


gin said...

Happy nurses week to you! And to all who make the hospital function. My daughter is a nurse with a Hemotology/oncology group in the physicians tower of a large hospital so I have special thoughts for all of you!

Munir said...

Happy Nurses week to you and all your friends at work. You guys really are angels.

Julia said...

Nurses are my heros. I've been under the knife so many times and they have taken care of me with kindness and attention to my needs.

I'm so glad that you work in such a special place. Happy Nurses Week. Say Hi to Donna for me since she isn't blogging anymore and I do miss her and wish her well. She's a special gal too.

Laurie said...

My daughter is a nurse, also. So, I know first hand how hard y'all work. I'm thankful for all of you. Happy Nurses Week!

Kim said...

Last year I gained a whole new appreciation for what the staff in hospitals really do. Spending a couple of months there can really open your eyes to how hard you all work everyday.
But the blood on the ceiling thing is a little disturbing. Lol

Susan Anderson said...

I always love it when you post about work. You seem like such a neat bunch.


Sush said...

What a wonderful career! Thank you thank you thank you and all your coworker friends for the wonderful service and sacrifice you give to so many. It was wonderful seeing Donna back in action!
Have a great summer with all your kiddos...and from another Mom of four grown sons I know what fun your life has been and continues to be!

Sush said...

Thank you thank you thank you to you and all your coworkers for the wonderful service and sacrifice you bring to everyone. It was great seeing Donna back in action.

Becky Jerdee said...

What would we ever do without our nurses and hospitals?!?!?!? So glad to hear of these celebration weeks. Ya'll deserve it!!!

Kay G. said...

I also love nurses! God bless them all! Thanks for showing us photos of your co-workers!

CatieAn said...

That was so sweet of you to feature all your co workers.......I thought of all my nurse friends during this week.....both retired like me and those who are still is such a special environment right?