Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Hallelujah! April is here...just the name makes me smile.  I know we had a mini blizzard last weekend and  I know the days are still very chilly.  But today it was beautiful! Blue skies and the temps were in the 60's...I'll take it!   This afternoon Jack and I did a bit of yard work in the form of burning limbs from trees and junk that needed to be cleared out.
 The aftermath s'mores here!
 Don't you think these would make lovely stools or side tables?
This big boy had to come down this Winter and parts of it warmed our home nicely..and parts left over will warm us next Winter.
Now these are what's been under all that snow...mole hills. The other day Addy was outside with a big stick poking around these.  I asked her what she was doing and she said: "Just playing with a mole".  What? She told me not to worry about it because the mole was dead.  I removed said mole today..yuck. Maybe his buddies will get the picture and move out...hopefully.
Jack and I took a stroll down the lane and I had to click a pic of the moon in the blue was a lovely day....Spring is trying it's best to arrive.


Munir said...

Oh that moon in the blue skies is sooo promising.

I did have to come home from work early yesterday because of snow, if you can believe it. Today was a good day, not sixties but still good enough to go without a coat.

Yes, those stumps look like they can make good stools, but even if left outside with a little bit of varnish or stain covering they will make cute additions to outdoorsy picnics and cook outs.

betty said...

I am glad that spring is trying its best to come to your neck of the woods! You guys certainly deserve it!!


Shady Del Knight said...

Good morning, dear YaYa! I have a feeling there will be quite a few false starts in Ohio, Ashland, before spring actually settles in. Don't put away the scarf and mittens just yet. The two chief complaints I hear from friends and family in Pennsylvania are the wild fluctuation in temperature during this time of the year and the precious few nice spring days there are before the summer heat and humidity arrive.

I'm sure the Yeti that inhabits the Creepy Woods is thanking you and Jack for building him a couple of stools where he can sit and rest his weary feet-paws.

I hope Eddy is doing better day by day and that your knees are, too. I wish you and your family a very Happy Easter, dear friend YaYa!

Julia said...

Your Spring is so much more advanced than our this year. We'll have snow till may the way it looks but the slower it melts, the less chance of severe flooding.

After the clean up it will start to green up really fast.

Winter can be hard on trees and hedges. Our hedge were devastated by the heavy snow this winter. I don't know if they will spring up after being flattened down all winter.

Happy April.

dakota crawford said...

Exercise those knees. It has been beautiful.

Kim said...

April is looking promising. Spring is coming, we just need patience. Sorry about the mole hills. Yuck. But Addie made me laugh.

Kerri said...

Hoping April and May are gorgeous to make up for this loooooong winter!
How has your transition back to work been going?
Happy Easter!

CatieAn said...

yes doesn't april just conjure up all the spring warmth and new growth? glad you could get out and clean up the yard a bit. Playing with a dead mole! Love it ha kids see things just the way they are.