Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Long And Winding Road

This morning the day started out with a lovely sunrise across the fresh mowed grass here at the Pines. It's always a kick to get that first mow of the season done.  Everything looks so smooth and fresh and pretty...not to mention the smell of fresh mowed grass! I was happy I did that little chore last night and my knees didn't even complain!
 With the mowing out of the way Jack and I were able to jump in the jeep this morning for a little road trip.
It was going to be about an hour and a half down the twisting, turning and very winding road to a place close to Jack's heart.
The skies were blue, the temps warm in the 70's and the Amish farms looked pretty.
But the real reason for this trip was to help dedicate this place. There was a ribbon cutting ceremony to welcome the new lodge/dining hall at the Boy Scout reservation that Jack has spent a week every July for the past 25....well 26 years, come this July.
The building is about twice the size of the old one.
It was nice to see that they kept a covered front porch. A great place to hang out and visit with your buddies at camp.
The inside also kept some of the charm and history of the camp.  They will put up the wall hangings that were here as soon as all the inside work is complete.
This young man, a new scout, was asked to cut the ribbon.  He represented the new generation of scouts who will occupy this facility and make many new memories and perhaps come back as adult leaders in the future. 
Scouting does prepare boys for life if they adhere to the standards and the things learned over the years....just like Jack has!
The camp looked beautiful this morning.  Can you see the pool way off in the distance?
These two young scouters were doing something that made me smile.  They were out cleaning up the camp.  Giving service is one of the backbones of the scouting experience.
After the ceremony Jack and I walked over to the campsite they always stay in.  Zane is it's name and it's under the pine trees.  How ironic!
Feeling at home with the pine cones and needles Jack?  Strange to see the camp with no tents or leaves on the trees!
I had to take a picture of this knot display. Mainly because I'm horrible at tying knots.  I noticed that out of the 40 knots I can tie only 2...a square knot and a surgeon's knot.  I teach the 11yr old scouts in our troop and that's the only reason I can tie a square knot...the surgeon's knot is a given considering what I do for a living!
I snapped a pic of the scout oath...the wood burning was beautiful but it's words are what the boys pledge each week in scouts.  Good words to live by.  We  hit the long and winding road back to Ashland.  I was glad I went with Jack this morning and I know he's looking forward to helping break in the new building.  There will be other changes at the camp this year with a new camp director,  but I know he'll come back with funny stories of all the adventures the kids and the adults will have.   Sometimes I'm not sure who enjoys camp more...our scouts or our grown up leaders!  I'll end with the scout slogan to "Do a good turn daily".  I dare you...I double dog dare you!


betty said...

Nothing better than a freshly mowed lawn :) A job well done.

How neat with the day trip you took to dedicate the new at Scout camp! Honorable organization for your hubby to be part of for such a many year!


John Edwards said...

That looks a lovely camping area. And the new building is great. Like you, I think the porch looks a wonderul place to hang out.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, YaYa! I'm very happy to know that your grass is green and growing and that you are enjoying your fair share of fine weather up there.

That's a magnificent new facility, one that will be appreciated and used for many years to come by generations of the scouts and scout leaders like Jack. I'm glad you mentioned seeing the scouts cleaning up the camp. Giving service is key. Scouting, and life in general, is not about how many shiny badges decorate your uniform or how many fancy cars you have in your garage. It's about how much you give of yourself and help others.

Thank you very much, dear YaYa, for caring about Margaret Schneider and helping to make her 103rd birthday extra special with your kind comment. Keep checking back because daughter Kathleen will be writing a personalized reply for you when time permits. God bless!

Julia said...

Oh what a nice big building for the scouts and the leaders. I love the long covered varenda too. I like that the young boy scout cut the ribbon. What an honor it must have been for him.

Your green yard looks so darn nice. I'm green with envy cause our's is still brown... It was snowing when I got up this morning. Just a fine snow. I didn't cut grass but I cleaned some flowerbeds yesterday.
Have a relaxing day.

Rick Watson said...

I love this time of year. It looked like perfect weather for a road trip.
As far knots, I don't do well with those either. I have a book on knots but I get lost in the twists and turns:)

Kim said...

Oh my goodness, that camp is amazing. So many wonderful memories will be made there.
There isn't much better than the first smell of freshly mown grass in the Spring.

Munir said...

It must be a great feeling to go hand in hand and be there for your hubby. He must feel great being a team leader for scouts. There is a lot of pride in Boy Scouts. When the leaders take a long road there is always hope for the younger generation.

acorn hollow said...

what a wonderful new building for them. I bed Jack was in his glory.
there is no grass mowing yet here.

Sweet Tea said...

What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. The camp looks wonderful. Kudos to those like your husband who give generously of their time and resources...So glad your knees are feeling good!

Vicki Boster said...

Kay-- how wonderful that your husband has dedicated himself to be a role model for young boys in the Boy Scouts-- such an awesome new building and beautiful property for the group to enjoy. Congrats to everyone-- they are very lucky to have your husband as a leader and also this nice new building...

Stacy Crawford said...

It is funny how life works. We just took young men to the scout shop today to buy scout shirts and books. She said, maybe we will see you in Mansfield...I was thinking probably not. But who knows how things come along. We usually find ourselves coming back to what we know best.
New boys to make memories in this new place...
Zane, that place that our Eagle Scouts remember.