Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tozy...I Mean COZY

It's funny how in blog land you can feel connected to people you've never met.  I have found some extraordinary artists and craftspeople during my 7yrs of blogging.  I've read really good books and articles written by authors I've met in blog land.  One of the craftspeople I've known for a few years is truly gifted with her crocheting.  I received a lovely gift in the mail yesterday and I just have to share with everyone how fun and cute my Granddaughter used to say when she was little..."Those are "tozy" YaYa"!  Of course she meant "cozy".  She would be totally correct in this case.  My blog buddy Deb from Poetesswug sent me these cuties.
First off,  I love the colors she picked!  The cute little buttons are really pretty and make them more than just "slippers". 
Even the soles are pretty! (like Deb's soul!)
Plus they fit perfectly! They will be worn and enjoyed with much gratitude.  Thanks so much Deb for your gift. I feel so unworthy! If you get a chance, go to her website and check out her many items she makes.  There's some really cute boutonnieres that she makes for groomsmen in any color you'd want (it is wedding season you know!) And her hats are adorable!  The weather turned from very soggy to beautiful.  Sun that made the cooler temps feel perfect was the order today.  Even though I did make it outdoors this afternoon for some garden cleanup, I was indoors doing a little spring cleanup.  I do love to clean carpets so the living room had it's Spring fling today. Also, I made a lovely key lime pie. (yes, I used real key limes!)
Notice that I didn't put limes all the way around? Well, I knew the pie needed to be taste tested to make sure it was as good as it looked.  Trust me here....Yum is the word! I also made a Texas sheet cake.  Tomorrow we're going to cook some ribs and have a little celebration for my son Phil who was promoted to manager at his work.  Good job Phil! The weather is going to be sunny and warmer and a good finish for a lovely weekend.  Hope your weekend was fun and "tozy"!


Kim said...

I love those slippers. Cozy tozzies for sure. The pie looks delish! Starting to miss having a working oven. The emergency toaster oven just isn't cutting it.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear YaYa! Congratulations to your son Phil on his promotion! I am also delighted to know that you're having fine spring weather up there this weekend. It hope it keeps coming. Most of all I am touched by the bloggy love exhibited by your friend Deb. It's very special that Deb invested her time and labor to make those handsome slippers and gifted them to you. They are nicely crafted, look comfy and will surely last a long time. Enjoy them, dear friend YaYa, and enjoy the rest of your weekend, too!

betty said...

Those are so cute and you are right, they do look tozy :) Congrats to your son on his promotion! Have fun celebrating it!


Rick Watson said...

Nice slippers. I too have met some really talented people in blog land. Our buddy Granpappy has sent us a number of watercolor stat he did for us. He does remarkable work.

I LOVE key lime pie. I could eat one by myself.
Happy Sunday.

PoetessWug said...

Awwwwww! What a sweet post, Yaya!! ♥ Thank you for all of your support through the years. That's what made the crocheting of these slippers for you a labor of love, and not just a chore! Enjoy them, and keep those 'Tozies' nice and comfortable! ^_^ ... By the way, I wish I lived next door to you right now. I'd be 'moseying' on over to confiscate a slice or two of that delicious-looking key lime pie!!!! ^_^

Julia said...

Lucky you to have such a generous blogger friend. You really deserve it though so Enjoy relaxing your tootsies in those nice slippers.

Spring has finally showed up and I saw some Red Breast Robins. Yay!!!

Julia said...

and... that pie looks so sinful but I'm a sinner so I want a piece.

gin said...

You have a sweet blog friend in Deb. You can enjoy a piece of pie while relaxing in your "tozy" slippers.

acorn hollow said...

Oh I love them! what a great gift.
how I love bloggers.

John Edwards said...

Congratulations to Phil. That pie looks delicious!

Vicki Boster said...

Kay--- love those slippers:)
That Deb has amazing talent-- she has a great blog too!!
Congrats to your son on his promotion-- that's awesome!! I love key lime pie-- that looked amazing!!

Kay G. said...

Your crocheted slippers look warm and TOZY, love that word!
That key lime pie, oh my, I am drooling!
Congratulations to Phil!

Munir said...

Those tozzies are cute. That pie looks yummy.